about: public domain

... whereof we cannot speak, thereof we must remain silent ...

public domain, inc. (PD) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization formed in 1985 to explore the intersection of art, theory, technology and community. We are involved in on-going art projects and educational programs that are made possible only by financial and in-kind donations. We exist to:

  • stimulate an artistic and cultural dialogue between artists, performers, and
  • promote interaction, exchange of ideas and perspective between different creative
  • promote awareness of the diversity and richness of modern culture.
  • promote new art and culture by providing forums for its presentation and public
  • create an atmosphere of intellectual and physical cooperation between artists.
  • establish concrete “support mechanisms” for projects of members and the group
    as a whole.

Please donate now to join us in our mission.

When making your donation via PayPal, please be sure to specify in the Comments field what you would like the donation to fund.
Your choices are:

General Fund – to support the daily operations of the organization.
Specific Project – to provide logistics and materials for the project participants and the community.

Over the past four decades, Public Domain has received financial support, as well as donations of time, energy, space, and equipment, from a number of corporations, organizations, foundations, and institutions. We would like to thank these organizations for their generosity. Without their assistance our projects and programs would not be possible.

We would like to recognize and to express our sincere appreciation to the following:

Apple Computer, Inc.
Ascend Communications, Inc.
City of Atlanta Bureau of Cultural Affairs
Creative Systems Group
Georgia Institute of Technology
High Museum of Art, Twentieth Century Art Society
IMAGE Film and Video Center
John Carey & Associates
Lubo Fund, Inc.
King Plow Arts Center
Oracle and Sun Microsystems, Inc.
TULA Foundation
Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery

Affiliated with each of these organizations are individuals to whom we owe a special thanks. Perry Minyard (Georgia Institute of Technology), Mike Owen (BroadRiver Communication Corporation), Laura Lierberman (formerly with the Atlanta Bureau of Cultural Affairs), Bill Tolar (Creative Systems Group), Lil Friedlander (the TULA Foundation), Lucinda Bunnen (the LUBO Fund), Mike Sinclair (formerly with Georgia Tech’s Interactive Media Technology Center), Noel Cross and Maria Rueda (McFarland, Dewey & Co.), Bill Thompson (Crawford Communications), Anabel Jordan (formerly with the Human Arts Gallery), and Glenn Barry, Dan Doyle, and Charles Stephens (Sun Microsystems).  Also, we would like to thank our principals: Chea Prince, Jim Demmers, and Robert Cheatham (1948 -2022).