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  Once There Was A House  

Most of the work below deals with the coming and ongoing effects of technology on society. My belief is that we are entering a new type of society, one quite different from that which developed after world war two, but which bears resemblance as chick to yolk. The speed of this change is so rapid that almost nothing prepares us for the magnitude of this movement. Artists themselves were once considered the 'antennae of the race', as Ezra Pound once put it but are hard put to stay abreast of events much less precede them. Perhaps artists are becoming the new 'canaries in the mine', fortelling events only moments before their actuality (and actually I'm not even sure that's true now ... maybe as a result of artists' displacement from the centers of power -- as it has alwasy been -- they are able to feel its calamitous results in ways that attempt to transmogrify that power and make it visible -- after the fact.) At any rate, a governing thesis behind much of what follows is that this society will bear more relationship to what might be thought of as the processes of a horrific dismembering uncanny than of the sublime, monstrous effects seen on the horizon of perception that was so characteristic of the ninetenth century. While there might be disarming similarities and overlaps between them, the overweaning pressures are becoming immanent and not transcendent. What that may mean is explored below.

Robert R. Cheatham

3366 Woodview Drive
Smyrna GA 30082



2003-08, executive director, eyedrum art and music gallery
1990-08 co-director, Public Domain, Inc.
1990-08 senior editor, Perforations
1989-03 co-ordinator/moderator, Working Papers
2005 adjunct professor, Atlanta College of Art



October 2008 ... start of FORT!/da? book publishing

December 2007.....Release of 'Bad Infinity: The Halo Project' in Perforations 31, The Inhuman, and as video with Chea Prince here.

January 2006....'The Boxing Glove of Time,' outdoor installation project for eyedrum sculpture show.

October 2005.........Invited panelist, Downtown Art Summit, Jacksonville Florida MOMA, session on 'Cooperative Galleries/Alternative Art Spaces'

October 2005.........'The DIscovery of People in the Invivible Part of the Universe,' installation at the Reincarnation of Switch, eyedrum gallery

July 2005..................featured guest musican, The Mikel K Show, public access television

June 2005 ------------Host, ARTWAVES, a video program by Bill Brown, public access television

April 2005 ------------- Seeing Through, from Mechanical Occult, a Word & Praxis event

January 2005 - SHELTER show at eyedrum - statement

October 2004 - The Leap, part of Animality event at eyedrum

July 2004 - Hesitation , text by Fehta Murhgana, Improv Live At Eyedrum

June 2004 - 'Benthic Identities' installation at eyedrum art and music gallery, curated by richard gess

April, 2004 - 'Unreadable', performance/text at eyedrum

May 2004 - BORDERS AND EXILES performed in Belgium, by Andy Ditzler at the OFFO4 Festival, Matrix Art Project

March 2004 - panel participant for ALTERNATIVE SPACES, at The Contemporary, atlanta GA

March 2004 - UNREADABLE call for perforations 26

March 2004 -BORDERS AND EXILES performed by Blake Beckham as dance event

March 2004 - Liner notes from Fehta Murghana for 'The Politics of the [un]Usual'

February 2004 - Liner notes from Fehta Murghana for 'Rules of the Future: Wig Night!' found

April 2003 - The Tearing -- at Emergency Room: Artists Respond to War

March 2003 - Video Visionaries at the Faye Gold Galery

December 2002 - Friendly Forces: Robert Cheatham and Friends CD-- REVIEW

perforations 24 call for projects: The Delirium of the X-treme

October 2002- Meet the Artist presentation for The Electric Arts Alliance of Atlanta. Slide retrospective of the past 12 years installations plus premiere of Harpazo (rapture) for saxophone and two live electronicists

June-August 2002 APOCATASTASIS, installation at the Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus Georgia

May 2002 release of KONX double cd, Wholy Ghost, with guest artists Joseph Zitt and Arthur Doyle.

April 2002 release of texts in association with Live at Eyedrum Improv compilation, Spontaneous Combustion (all texts located here)

----------- The Ecstasy of the Extreme (w/ Fehta Murghana)

----------- Repeating Freedom (w/ Asja Lacis)

----------- The Inventory of Fixtures

----------- Primal Improv


Febuary 2002 invited to present at panel sponsored by The Southern Online Art Initiative in Birmingham and Gadsden, hosted by Gallery One Eleven, Birmingham , Ala. and The Speed Museum, Louisville, Ky.

January 2002 KENOSIS: The False Meet of Empty : installation for BREADTH scupture show at EyeDrum TEXT

March 2000 DROMOS, installation at the <connect> show

June 1999 Ph factor: The Post-Human Condition, at the Contemporary, with John Johnston, emory University

1999-2002 Movie Essays

January 2001 Co-curator, The Panoptic Mind, Eyedrum gallery
curator statement

January 2001 ROAD KILL video in The Panoptic Mind show (reprised on march 2003 at Faye Gold)

September 2001 Installation at Eyedrum: Green Lion Won't Come; Elvis Appears

February 2001 invited panel discussant, Speed: Life in an Accelerated Culture
in conjunction with show held at georgia Perimeter College


Perforations, a journal of technology, theory, community, and art,
which evolved out of the Public Domain newsletter, Noise (1990).


Working Papers, a series of presentations and
performances by artists and scholars on work in
progress, concerning the crises of postmodern thought,
art, and life as they are filtered through the strains of
technology. Presenters have included scholars, artists,
writers, performance artists, architects, writers, and

most recent and here

PUBLICATIONS (note that many of these early pieces were originally formatted for print publication and most of the idiosyncratic formatting did not survive the move to the net; I've been too lazy to go back and re-do them)


1999-2002---series of recordings under name KONX and Brahvar large Ensemble on ED Recordings

2000 September, October, November. Moderator and Curator for three part series held at Railroad Earth Studios: UNCANNY TECHNILOGIES, VISIONARY ARTS

2000 June, Invited panelist at lagrange Museum for 'Cyberarts and the Artist in the New Millennium."
2000 Adjunct professor, Atlanta College of Art, spring sem.
2000 Organized/moderated presentation series at Eyedrum:
"Identity in the THird Millennium"
1999 Organized/moderated presentation series at Eyedrum:
"On the Blink", and "Crossing the Stroke"
1998 Course at Atlanta College of Art: Contemporary Art
Issues, phenomenology of technology.
1998 Panelist for symposium, Emory University, "Real Estate:
transactions in culture and space"
1998 Jury member, Georgia Institute of Technology, School of
Architecture annual student competition
1995 Internet instruction for The Arts Clearinghouse, Atlanta.
1995 Workshop on art, technology, and institutions at Atlanta
College of Art.
1991-98 Working Papers, a series of quarterly presentations held
at different venues.
1994 Workshop on art, technology, and institutions at Atlanta
College of Art.
1994 "Inventing the Electronic Community," a week long
series of workshops given at the University of Florida on
the nature of the new electronic environment and its
impact on local/global communities.
1992 Solicited jurist for graduate class projects in
architecture at Georgia Institute of Technology.
1992 Solicited respondent for a graduate symposium, "Deep,
Dark, Secrets," at the Clemson School of Architecture.

1999 Eyedrum
Working with alternative arts space to develop programs
and scheduling.


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