(From the liner notes for the Eyedrum Improv session called "Rules of the Future: WIGS!)

Halonic/Medusal Variants: "Put on your wig hat baby 'cause we going out tonight."
Fehta Murghana
[extract from uncollated notes on the concept of 'halo' and the project called Great and Final and Unfinished]

The Romans

[surya 30, ayat 54]
Allah is He Who created you from a state of weakness then He gave strength after weakness, then ordained weakness and hoary hair after strength; He creates what He pleases, and He is the Knowing, the Powerful

The Light

[surah 24, ayat 31]
And say to the believing women......that they should draw their head-coverings over the neck opening (of their dresses) , and not display their ornaments except to their husbands, their fathers.....(etc)

The Bee
[surya 16, ayat 80]
And Allah has given you a place to abide in your houses, and He has given you tents.of the skins of cattle which you find light to carry on the day of your march and on the day of your halting, and of their wool and their fur and their hair (He has given you) household stuff and a provision for a time.

It used to be the case that not everyone wanted to go out on the town (and we take this as metonymic for a whole host of activities that give one leave fro

m the home and induce a certain diasporic homelessness -- it is the symptom of the age and a certain -- as in sure thing -- modernity).
This leave taking, while finding its paradoxical 'home' in modernity nevertheless has its ur-moment with the head, the hair, and the most nostalgic moment of all, the wig. That is, loss and then a perennial recouping of losses and even technical augmentation of losses which act to carry us beyond certain liminal constraints of thing-apart (wig, falseness, supplement, pharmakon) and thing-itself (hair, the 'real', perhaps even the auratic glow minus its technical extensions, whether early fantasied medusa-stoned or only extensions added just before stolling outa the crib. From Agamben:
"The halo is this supplement added to perfection--something like the vibration of that which is perfect, the glow at its edges.
"One can think of the halo ...as a zone in which possibility and reality, potentiality and actuality, become indistinguishable. The being that reached its end, that has consumed all of its possibilities, thus receives as a gift a supplemental possibility. [....] This imperceptible trembling of the finite that makes its limits indeterminable and allows it to blend, to make itself whatever, is the tiny displacement that every thing must accomplish in the messianic world. Its beatitude is that of a potentiality that comes only after the act, of matter that does not remain beneath the form, but surrounds it with a halo.")

The wig shelters the ur-moment of technical facilitation of the aura as Walter Benjamin had it; the perception of distance in the that which is most close, a moment of lucid 'homesickness' even, in that most primary sense of the early Romantics of philosophy as the prime sector of home loss; nevertheless always a loose fit between hearth and home, wig and head, hammer and hand, here in that loose grip a quantum infinity of liminal potentialities , homecomings, and uncanny homes carried on our backs (or heads), everything carrying within itself everything else, all in the looseness of fit.

Here, at this thin interface resides the numinosities of aura, halo, crowns, head coverings, wigs, and any number of other cover-ups in the history of the head, the whole history of epistemology and metaphysics residing in the wig hat, there in the thin rim between the done and the un-done, the energetic haze of possibilities which trip beyond all the temporal heccaeties. Ii is the almost non-existent (in fact in some cases we might as well go ahead and call it Imaginal, after henry corbin, i.e., real but non-existent strictly speaking---but fortunately we speaking of nothing but he improvized looseness of fit here, always and forever) energetic haze of fidelity to possibility, nothingness whirled into some sort of being-ness, everything 'on the verge.'

There is a section in 'The Persistence of Memory: myth, organism, text' apropo of the halo concept, or the thin gap between wig and head, between here and home. It is not called such, but is elegantly stated and seems to prefigure Agamben's section9partially quoted above) called 'Halo' in 'The Coming Community':
"The space between worlds, variables, and constants, the gap upon which all truth depends, is like a fulcrum which allows two opposing weights and forces to cooperate, with the aid of nothing more than the touch of a finger, in overcoming gravity. The truths of correspondence are a little like this: ponderous weights (Energy, Mass; I think, I am) are lifted and lowered only because they find their center in absence. As Lao Tzu reminds us, the cartwright's art is most focused not on the rim, the spokes, the hub, or the axle, but on the space he must leave between the hub, or the axle: it is there that the wheel turns and the cart moves.
What this means is that the essential, the irreducible, or the fundamental point in the world, in discourse, and in machines is very like something which is not there: an opening, a space, a gap which joins. If the wheel and axle were to fall into the background, one could see this space where the movement is a ring of light."