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... murmurs, reverberations, frequencies, decaying into the void ...

The Naked Prince Touches Down

Colleen Payton is somewhat new to the scene in Atlanta (well, to us anyway). She is currently a board member of eyedrum art and music gallery and is a long suffering poet with many small magazine publications under her belt. It appears that “The Naked Prince” is her first chapbook, certainly the first one for FORT!/da?.

Where the North Sea Touches Alabama

Edge City is BACK! Join us as we chat with Allen Shelton. Allen teaches in New York State, in Buffalo to be exact, and has produced amarvelous book, both learned and down to earth. Very southern in many ways but with a theoretical edge that southern writingis not really acquainted with. He stopped in Atlanta for a bit and graciously appeared at a FORT!/da? Effects/PD book reading event designed around his work. At any rate, a grand evening was had and the Orb himself had a chance to do a short interview.

An Artist in Mississippi

Join Edge City as we chat with David Howell about being an artist in Mississippi. Philadelphia Mississippi that is where our intrepid artist in non-residence, Robert Cheatham, has gone into self-imposed semi-exile. Notes from the field so to speak.

New Kid In Town

Join Edge City as we chat with Flora Maria Garcia, the new head of the Metropolitan Atlanta Arts and Culture Coalition. Speaking with Flora Maria actually brought on a few pangs of optimism. Too early to tell? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. She has some ideas though.

Hanging in the Back Forty

OK, that title is not really fair. The Coleman Center in York Alabama DOES seem kinda out of pocket for a contemporary arts center. But Shana Berger, Executive Director and Nathan Purath, Artistic Director, seem to make it work in a town of a little over 2000 souls. They were in town recently, and we took the opportunity to talk to them after they looked over the current eyedrum shows.

Sweet Home Alabama

Where artists are treated fine, especially if they are hanging out around Space One Eleven. Y’know, it’s rough trying to keep a creative space open ANYwhere, but maybe more so in Birmingham. Join the Edge City road crew as we trek to Birmingham and talk to the great folks of Space One Eleven, Anne Arrasmith and Peter Prince. Then things pick up again as artist David Sandlin, by way of Ireland and New York and now teaching in Athens Ga., takes a break from taking down his show and joins the conversation in the latter half of the show.

Creation from the Streets: Joseph Reese

The third part of this thrilling Monday-see-who-shows-up mini-series from Public Domain’s Delayed: Live From Edge City features Joseph Reese and Robert Cheatham in conversation about what it’s like to live on the street and try to maintain some aspirations toward creativity. Joseph is a musician, makes his own instruments, and has appeared at Eyedrum’s Improv nights.

The View from Above

Join us as we talk with David Hamilton about development in Atlanta, architectural styles, the possibility of vernacular architectures, what might be in your back yard, as well as what might be looming overhead.

HEY!!? How’d You Get There, Anyways??!!

Katy Logue Thompson, the vice president of the Athica gallery board in Athens Georgia, asked to talk to the oRb about being the executive director of Eyedrum and how Eyedrum operates. I’m afraid he gave her totally inadequate answers; but then I understand he’s never been big on answers — probably did poorly on tests too.

What Condition My (art) Condition is in

Join Kay Kallos, new director of the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, and Ben Roosevelt, studio artist at the Contemporary, as they discuss with Uncle oRb about living in a global world, being in Atlanta and…where’d they put my Southern aesthetic?! —and maybe a few other things.

Show us the Money

In this special edition of Delayed: Live from Edge City we “celebrate” the 30th anniversary of the city of Atlanta’s percent for arts ordinance. On November 5, 2007 we joined a group of Atlanta artists and other interested citizens in a meeting at the Eyedrum gallery and performance space to discuss the possibility of bringing a lawsuit against the city of Atlanta for their failure to collect the money mandated by the ordinance. Listen up city hall.

Creation from the Streets: Kevin Dunn

The second part of this thrilling mini-series from Public Domain’s Delayed: Live From Edge City features Kevin Dunn and Robert Cheatham in conversation about…well, everything: starting with Atlanta music, seventeenth century musical instruments, The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, George Bush, people who don’t know what the hell they’re talking about, the virtue of the burbs, Saturn returns, and ending with science fiction, the end of time, and out of the cosmos.

Creation from the Streets: Paul Boshears

The first of a series of open invitations for folks to come and give their views on items diverse, usual and unusual: ..wherein Robert C. and Paul Boshears have a conversation about artnews, the economy, credit and debt, hangnails, eyedrum, psychogeography, being in Atlanta, etc.

Re-imagining Atlanta

Please join Karen Tauches, Carlos Tardios, David Hamilton, and Robert Cheatham as they discuss matters of structural integrity.. or no:. that is, architecture and ‘the beach beneath the street’ as the Situationists had it. After all, ya gotta live SOMEwhere!!

Global Portals

Danielle Roney is an Atlanta-based artist who is beginning to network the world in pursuit of her art. Join us as we discuss her international adventures as well as the local scene in Atlanta.

Thinking Beltline

Ryan Gravel was the first to come up with the idea of an inner city Beltline in Atlanta – a light rail corridor of green space connecting all areas of the city. Ryan talks with Robert C. about the project and his involvement with it, while Jim D. gets the signal out to you. What’s the frequency, Ryan?

State of Alternative Music/Noise/Free Jazz in Atlanta

Justin Waters and Milton Jones, two promoters of VERY alternative music (noise and free jazz, among others), met with Robert Cheatham following a concert at the Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery to discuss the situation in Atlanta. Hey, where YOU been?! there’s a lot of stuff going on here!

Eyedrum Noiz Parade

Aaron Ruscetta recorded the sonic envelope that accompanied the Eyedrum contingent as they made their way in this year’s Inman Park Parade. Feel the heat.

Duchamp and the Post-modern Art World

Host Robert Cheatham and professor Dalia Judovitz explore the uncanny intricacies of Marcel Duchamp and the the postmodern art world. No matter where you are Duchamp seems to have been there first.

Instant Composition

Wilbert De Joode, currently living in Amsterdam but on tour in the USA, played solo bass recently at Eyedrum art and Music Gallery and as those know who were there, it was an incredible experience. Wilbert talks with the Orb about the vagaries, pitfalls, confusions, and pleasures of playing in the field of instant composition

Inaccessible Places

Join Atlanta Composer and performer Brian Parks in a discussion with Robert Cheatham in the Eyedrum gallery as Brian talks about the Music in the Inaccessible Places project as well as assorted ramblings about current creative life and thought.

Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir and Mark Wilson

Artists Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir and Mark Wilson were recently invited to visit Georgia Tech by Tech professor Ron Broglio. Delayed is pleased to present a conversation with Bryndís, Mark and Ron from a little hut in the woods where they just happened to run into Robert Cheatham. The conversation begins with a short snippet from the movie ‘Edmond’ featuring William Macy and Bokeem Woodbine.

Bio: Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir and Mark Wilson have been collaborating since 2001. Their work, characteristically rooted in the north, explores issues of history, culture and the environment in relation to the individual and his/her sense of belonging or detachment. Recent projects use the relationship between humans and selected animals, as a springboard to posit questions on cultural and individual location between ‘domesticity’ and ‘wilderness’. Their work is installation and process-based, utilizing photography and video.

E.K. Huckaby

Tune in as we sit down with renowned Atlanta artist E.K. Huckaby to discuss three-headed dogs, the gothic, and the nature of paint.