note from Benjamin, St. Paul etc [Einstein, Podolsky, Rosen]

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“Belief waits for the spectacular,
and then invents it when needed.”
Jean Luc Nancy, Noli Me Tangere 

“In theory, there exists a perfect possibility for happiness, 
to believe in the indestructable within us and not to aspire to obtain it”.
Kafka 69th Zurau aphorism

Definitive ambiguity: the tombstone, stroke, margin, between life/death, judgement/redemption.
The formal face known but one-way solo, enclosed (hence liberated) by name, Adamic insurance
of eternity, held together with law,while backside of the stone (or is it frontside) rolls around with anonymity, neutral devoid of human poesis (or is it ageless form of acheiropoietis, the other than huuman) sliding from the handtooled mirrored front into the back palimsest of stars weeping, upon milky galaxies constellated faces peering out from the jungle of geoabrasion: rain, sun, black and white montage of all ages blooming with a bit if calciferous color, enfolded lichen life. The tour of the seven cities walking into infinity and redemption from the human, by the human, through the human, pass the portal of stone, every second untold numbers of angels dehiscing into existence to sing hosannas, praising and passing instantly: rage between eternity and bad infinity: monument as staple holding together stars, names, visions seemingly the entire earth held together with staples