‘mine, all mine…but oddly yours too’

Posted on March 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

As we all grow more similar under the auspices/terror/trauma/transfigurations/the confessings  of the modern machine teleology, the differences have to be kept more undercover, unlike, say flowers, which boldly display their sameness within generic, species differences. It’s hard to say whether small towns hold their differences closer, like dreams untold or whether it is something else. …flying, transforming, fucking (depends on whether you are a Freudian at heart or a Jungian) It has been thought to be the case since industrialism and the first tinges of modern modernism flushed the country side into the great density gradients of the cities, flattening out; it has been the dogma, the country in favor of the great differences which those same cities espouse,e.g., the old saying ‘you can breathe more freely in the city, that is , one can display one’s differences, one’s dream private dream state more boldly; I guess the differences between ‘flowers’ and ‘weeds’ become simply adventitious and hence less important it would seem.

Anyway, questions regarding the Universal vs. the Particular—

O: “I knew it, I knew it! You just can’t keep away can you?” huffing indignantly he began to pace…

Well, are conclusions reached in the city different from that reached in the village? it would seem—

O : “yeah yeah I know–the conclusions are present even before the question has formally been raised …the flower is recognized for what it is even before it blooms..”

Let me finish please. As I was saying, or about to say, there is a whole boat load of questions that arise regarding these hoary distinctions which never seem to go away but only are exacerbated. perhaps because we can’t fully state them–

O: “–and once they get stated, a methodology, an epistemology, a language set, an approach, etc has already determined the answer. This is not new you know, hermeneutic circle, blah blah; fly tapped in the fly bottle, prison house of language–ARE conclusions reached in the language different from those in the void? “

Please stop interrupting me your interruptions are all too known also. Let me finish just a bit here. Mostly, maybe the ONLY thing we can do is dance that mess around, writing writing and more writing… And it would be a mistake not to realize that writing, part of the material instantiation of thought, a deep relationship to the tool, and as such it, language in a broad sense of signifying, is filled with voids, lacunae, abysses. In fact that may be it’s main virtue, the differences it observes (creates?) creating a world which then forks into an almost-separate world…
See what you’ve done now??! you’ve got us off on a tangent…

O: “But here’s the thing, we are NEVER off tangent since our purpose, assuming we have one, is always slippery and confounding… but as you were s[(pl)ay]ing —“

*sign* anyway…next time maybe: the generic, genre, the particular, individuation,, the subsequen(alwaya a prequel too and the confounding of time lines, past present future) cut made in the world/law (the necessity of that fracture and the difference between ‘made by hand’ and the profundity of that, and that not made by human hand, the acheiropoietos, the astonishing fright we now have of that and doubt whether it can even exist (well the certainty that it can NOT exist for many.)