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He could catch the wisp out of the corner of the eye, where the boojums lived when he smoked herb.

O: “O brother, when are thou?”
Him: “I hear the fiendish machines all night long, clanging banging dropping material from the railing onto other platforms, sawing grinding. The Law of the machine firms up under the detritus of noise, noise is the straight gate…or is that gait, could as well be, making the gesture of walking less pliable. The Law is both exoskeleton and endoskeleton. We can only endure in the animal mash between the two — folded — control surfaces…from even far away environments—–those damn nocturnal machines—-maybe we are becoming like coral, constructing our external supports in very clever way, maybe that is the Way of the Extro-Law, disguising itself as support, making way for the ultimate supportive colony, bee-hive like.”

O: Are they like that gentle humming many uears ago, you in bed, summer evening wind drifting in, lie space ships communicating you thought I bet.

Him: Lousy rotten shroud of memory. here, Henry Miller the shoe fits exactly.:

One passes imperceptibly from one scene, one age, one life to another. Suddenly, walking down a street, be it real or be it a dream, one realizes for the first time that the years have flown, that all this has passed forever and will live on only in memory; and then the memory turns inward with a strange, clutching brilliance and one goes over these scenes and incidents perpetually, in dream and reverie, while walking a street, while lying with a woman, while reading a book, while talking to a stranger . . . suddenly, but always with terrific insistence and always with terrific accuracy, these memories intrude, rise up like ghosts and permeate every fiber of one’s being. – Black Spring

A vision> I was in the Walmart grocery store section and looked up and passing like some weird ship was a mountain man, heavy set tall, long gray beard shoulder length gray hair but wearing a short purple dress about 10 inches above the knee and wearing a white blouse with huge breasts false i guess very large bra however jsut silently sashing past the tomatoes and avocados. I paused thinking did i see what i just thought i saw around the corner i go and no commotion, no large mountain man in drag   what tha’??!!! every space holds its cracks and gaps no matter how unperturbed the surface may be…

There was something else he meant to say but now forgotten, the clash of gaps, the muzzyness mustiness of memories…sometimes like thin gruel to make a life but you make it with waht you got.