law notes 3: hard and hot…and sometimes liquid

Posted on March 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

Everything can be Law, in the form of obdurate, obsidian, breathless (literally, both in the sense of being taken away, intoxicated with its folds as well as on the verge of life with death), an impossible density, a monumental cleavage in the apparition/operation of all worldly reckonings, negotiations, and regulations, an opacity which, as a marker, can at least pose as transparency (outbreaks, disruptions) for the socius (in that it is always taken for granite. [sic] ) Like air, but not taken as the stroke between a limited personality (singular, non-generic, the essence of plenitude, the particular animal)–a theologic on one side and the fibrous necessity of the negative, concentration on the hole, the abyssal, rather than the benthic, abysmal debris, the corpus taken from the other, the scientific, and surprisingly the poetic, on the other. No exit paired with no entrance.

“Anonymity as a human (and lyrical condition has as its origin therefore in the transference of a bird’s ‘voice’ –in alien tongues–into human language [….] A bird’s song is a proper name of sorts, an impersonal signature expressing the singular fact of existence ad infinitum. Indeed, the bird sings its tune time and again and again, like an automaton unto death'”
Daniel Tiffiny, Infidel Poetics, Riddles , Nightlife, Substance.

The ontological can only partner with the theologic in a monadic form