Fastners Pasquill: new FORT!/da?

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A new book available from FORT!/da?.
A diificult to characterize offering from Mr. Derek Pasquill (but stylistically let’s call it Benjaminian in at least it’s pulling of quotes to illuminate a somewhat hidden center) but entries organized encyclopedically

Herewith a few pages:

Fastners Pasquill

An A to Z of the Islamic Prosthesis framed by diverse material

‘Why is it all so important to you, Apthorpe?’

‘My dear fellow, it’s taken me years to collect.’

‘Yes, but what’s in it?’

‘That, old man, is not an easy question to answer in one word.’

Evelyn Waugh, Men at Arms


A1: ‘Azm – Islam’s civilizing mission

B1: Baldwin’s Effect – culture genetics

B2: Balthasar’s Feast – nocturnorama

B3: Bamboccianti – divine truths probed through indirect means

B4: Bathing – based on reality

B5: Battlefield – shaping

B6: Belly Laugh – laughter, Enlightenment stage

B7: Berserkr – ecstatic battle fury

B8: Biffed – attack, element of surprise

B9: Blasphemous Lingering – upward striving

B10: Brazil – nausea, ontic greed

B11: Breenbergh – fuses figures and landscape into a smooth unity

B12: Bricklaying – concerted but unregimented enterprise

B13: Brocken – Coleridge, upward striving

B14: Buffo – animeme bites man

B15: Bum Bil Bee – repeating act, ashes to ashes

B16: Bumbles – unimaginable rise of Islamism

B17: Bumptious Buckeen – Queneau