Posted on November 13, 2009 in The All Installation Art


( ” the heretical doctrine of the redemption of even the radically evil as well as the good; it promises a fulfillment without sacrifices.” )

Inexorable and reversible. The inescapability associated with fate and the linearity inexorably connected with technology would not seem to make a good match and even to be at odds. Everyone would perhaps like to do away with the melancholy of fatefulness and the never-going-back of inexorable life (which always seems to have only one end). Much better to concentrate on the care and tending of our machines which seem to back up on a dime, undo the done, and seem to want to save us even while they are killing us. The interesting question is this: what happens when you mix the two modes or they meet in the middle: the abject melodrama of the inanimate and the newly-found technical messianic reversibility (from death to life) of the animate? This is perhaps the ONLY question for art – or anything else – now.