another Beginning/Ending: Murghana

Posted on August 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

[Another interminable Beginning…must all beginnings always match up with endings? only if they are infinite on both ‘ends’ (thereby doing away with ends/beginnings, Joyce’s Riverrun, simultaneity of all things, monadically speaking).]

“All human projects have beginnings and ends.”  This statement might be said to constitute a Law, perhaps when ends and beginnings are thought together, the Prime Law, at least of a sort of metaphysics of western theological signposts. The Law appears, at least in retrospect of time/space correlates, as a bony articulated outcropping, governing itself from those eternal mists. However even the most hard edged, austere epistemology (say, Kant) must find a frayed, fuzzy micro rhizal co-inhabitor which can be used to unfold the central structure. And there is where Heidegger and Derrida enter the dance hall and, now at least, get booed for being old-fashioned and Counter Revolutionaries to the various plots cooing to find a way to leave the dance hall and to get out into the Great Open once and for all and leave all that semio-smoke and crypto-fog inside with all the Gauloises, everything fusing together indicating that origins and closures (Hegel) are in for a difficult dialectical ride…but after all loo at all the dialectical opportunities which appear to be leaving the Hall of Object Systems: narco-redoes, techo gadget love, occultist inie outies, and other Mobiating head trips.