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It seems appropriate to start a blog to try to get Public Domain, Inc.’s new publication series some visibility., so here goes.

You can go here to find out about upcoming releases, and material relating to the contents of the publications themselves and various other miscellanea.

To see the first three releases (more planned and info on those later) you can go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page (and visit some of the other features at the site if you wish).

From the inaugural release page:

Strictly speaking, Freud’s observation in Beyond The Pleasure Principle, of the child’s tossing of objects (shouting, Freud thought, ‘FORT!’ or gone in German) and subsequent reeling back in (‘da’, or there), becomes problematized at the beginning of the twenty first century. One does not need Freud to know that objects (and subjects) thrown out may or may not find their way back — and if they do come back it is often in the guise of a haunting (if it makes you feel better, you may call it an ‘effect’). This playful sending out and receiving back, or not, or in a burnished form, marks a new, apparently gravity-free stage of history, where even the fundaments may return eventually, even continually, perhaps heralding (as a purported non-appearance) some form of the Eternal Return, much feared/beloved by Nietzsche. But if so, all appears in that tight nexus that Benjamin examined in the aura, a simultaneous mixture of the very distant within the very near, a glamour which refuses to go away and perhaps bewitches to a greater extent than ever before but hidden, exerting subterranean pulls within the flows of our machines.

But what is ‘writing’ if not the pulsations of these powerful flows and folds of temporality and spatiality, writing forming the liminality and false intimacy of a Mobius strip, forever stitching along the border of inside and outside, nearest and furthest, object and subject, and all the other metaphysical dyads that have whirled through the human mind probably from the beginning of the time when there began to be such a thing as the human mind.

There, in that problematic — fascinating, fabulous, dead yet undying –stroke between, there is where this new/old venture resides, the skototropic surplus mass that can never be fully moved past the stroke . . . and yet never fully assimilated.

There, write there.


stay tuned, more to come.