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(It doesn’t seem that there is much farming going on in MS at all these days. I understand that even cotton is giving way. Around Philadelphia it seems like the only thing seriously grown are pine trees and I mean lots of them. although I’ve heard that even prices for pine pulp is depressed these days.)

I’ve always been struck, as if by a lightning bolt, by a severe case of melancholia even just crossing over the state line. RS has requested more info about philly/MS…but it seems hopeless when eyes are clouded by then rather than now.  …can’t sink into sepia moments for obvious reasons (it’s incapacitating) and can’t move beyond for obvious reasons. (Giving a mere list of daily activities may suit some but is inadequate for me. for now. The fault is mine. The result of  ‘going south’.)
can’t pick cotton can’t wear cotton shirts.