Welcome to the new Eyedrum page of CD-R recordings and to some of Atlanta's most adventurous musicians. For the most part, these are recordings which have originated at the Eyedrum Music and Art Gallery with an occasional assist from other labels such as Public Domain's FORT!/da? series.

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Live at EyeDrum, vol. 1

First Eyedrum compilation recorded in 1999, featuring: Andrew Quinn, Pardner, Airport Bar, Morgan Guberman and Aurora Josephson, Charlie Parker, Pam Howe, Nation of Wislov, Konx, Voight-Kampff, The Durians.

Great introduction to the range of musicians doin' the do at Trinity Ave.



Live at EyeDrum, vol. 2

Second compilation has a somewhat different flavor from the first; try it you'll like it!

Jon Rose, Ramadamafia, davey William/Abbey Rader, Transmitting Duo, Fields-Houle-Roebke, Antique Erotica, Copa Vance, Stull, Theo Bleckmann/John Hollenbeck, Rotoma, Gold Sparkle Duo, DQE, Heavy Medical hardware



Live at Eyedrum, vol. 3

Hubcap City, Expositions of Fredom Now, Pam Howe, Baghouse, Kid Boom Boom, Th Gold Sparkle Band, Thimball Circus, Jeff McLeod, Chirs Lee, Ficciones, the Lapse, Davey Williams and Wally Shoup, Twittering Machine, Casper Hauser, Tourettes Latrec, Brian & Chris.

massive compilation! just released august 2001




First of a projected series of improvs at Eyedrum, similar in spirit to Company Week in england. Mostly different personnel every month plus the stalwart Eyedrum crew:

Randy Castello, guitar, electronics; J eff Smith, bass clarinet; Bill Nittler, Baritone sax; Stan Woodard, guitar; Rob Cheatham, alto and soprano sax; Tim Theall, electronics; Keith Leslie, drums; Ronnog and Steve Seaberg, acrobatics and vocals; Pita, vocals; Patrick Foley, guitar; Richard Gess, guitar




Same as above, plus or minus a few ... collect them all!!

Jeff Rackley, synthesizer; Woody Wiliams, drums; Randy Castello, guitar, electronics; J eff Smith, bass clarinet; Stan Woodard, guitar; Rob Cheatham, alto and soprano sax; Tim Theall, electronics; The Teds, drums and tenor saxPatrick Foley, guitar; Richard Gess, guitar




featuring Hormuz Minina, vocals; Kevin Haller, guitar synth; Frank schultz. guitar; Jeff Smith; bass clarinet; Stan Woodard, guitar; Rob Cheatham, alto and soprano sax; Tim theall, elctronics; Richard Gess, drums; Randy Castello, vocals.




John Bowman, drums; Rob Cheatham, alto/tenor/soprano saxes; Kevin Haller, guitar synth; Jeff Smith bass clarinet; Stan Woodard, guitar, vocals; Hormuz Minina, vocals; Tim Theall and friend, electronics; Richard Gess, drums; Steve Clazone, soprano sax.





John Bowman, drums; Bill Nittler, bari sax; Kevin Haller, guitar synth; jeff Smith, bass clarinet; Stan woodard, guitar, vocals; Roger Ruzow, trumpet; Steve Calzone, soprano, sax




keith lesley-piano; richard gess-guitar; kevin haller-guitar synth, octopans; allan chastain-guitar; jeff smith-bass clarinet; richie flippen-upsidedown guitar; john bowman-drums; andy ditzler-drums, piano; robert cheatham-alto/soprano sax, piano vocals; steve calzone-alto/soprano, pec. effects;hormuz minina-vocals.



hormuz minina-cell phones, vocals; kevin haller-guitar synth; dead air transmissions-synths/drums machines; john bowman-drums; stan woodard-guitar; keith lesley-pianp; roger ruzow-trumpet; matthew proctor-drums, guitar; alwx lambert-drums; ed pias- indian perc; robert cheatham-alto, electronics

august 2, 2001



richard gess-guitar;frank schultz-processed guitar; joe tsambirds-guitar; robert cheatham-alto sax,perc,piano, vocals; steve calzone-alto,sopranp sax; lisa alembik, nisa asokan, sloane robinson-vocals.




A new series of improvisations and concepualities formed after the eyedrum move to their new space.

tim theall-electonics;brian sykes-drum box,synth; frank schultz-guitar; kevin haller-guitar synth;robert cheatham-alto,tenor,electronics,vocals; adam smith-tenor sax; sam garofalo-alto san;jeff smith bass clarinet; bill nittler-bari sax; steve calzone-sax/effects; alex lambert-drums; stan woodard-kalimba,voice,piano; john bowman.



Sonic explorations from artist and videographer/film maker Oliver smith: :"Vostok is Russian for 'east' and was the name of the first manned Soviet space capsule. This CD was inspired by teh secretive nature of the Soviet space program during the 50s and the 60s. Everything was hidden -- or nearly hidden. Mishaps in particular were covered up. Still, western eyes and ears watched and listened. Recordings were made of cosmonaut communications. Most of the time these calls were routine. At other times there was serious trouble. Anumber of these transmissions were used on this disc. Other sources include shortwave radio signals, computer sounds/voices, synthesizers and other sound generators."


Sitting Bull Fire/elasTique Trio

two new groups from Roger Ruzow (also of Gold Sparkle fame) in quintet and trio formats:

Sitting Bull Fire is: Roger Ruzow, trumpet; John Bowman, drums; Kebbi Williams, tenor; Peter Hickey, bass; Jeremy Wilms, guitar.

recorded July / August 2001



Skuke 'n Scamper

electronica from faff.. Hot and cool at the same time. be sure to check out his new process stuff. snick snapper sna...



The Found Sounds / Live at Club WREK!

Let the Revolution begin! Mighty and righteous improv rock from this trio. and we do mean mighty.

features Randy Castello, guitar and vocals; Rob Parham guitar, and Justin Hughs, drums. recorded live at Club WREK, Feb. 2001



Mississippi Drum 'n Bugle Corp/se. Ghost.

A departure for this mysterious duo. drum/guitar/drum loops played live on shuffle mode. The back woods never looked so scarey!

feartures hit singles: scooba, backlit, nanewa, chrome bumper, prismatic, electric mills, rose hill, pachuta and shubuta, and ghost

back off dude I'm tell' ya now jest you back off now ya hear??!!



Brahvar Large Ensemble / Gravity Suite in 7 parts,

featuring: John Bowman, drums; Robert Cheatham, alto, soprano sax and voice; Chris Case, alto sax; Kathleen Dempsey, violin; Bryan fielden, drums; Richard Gess, guitar; Peter Hickey, upright bass, Keith Lesley, drums, synthesizer; Rob Mallard, tenor sax; Roger Ruzow, trumpet; Tim Theall, electronics; Jeff Smith, bass clarinet; Gary Vosbein, trombone, Stan Woodard. recorded December 2000.

Set your controls for the heart of the sun, Eugene.



First Brahvar Ensemble CD, ABSOLUTE SUBSTANCE

recording done at Railroad Earth Studio, mostly same personnel. Incandescent. From the inside cover: "one foot then another sans infinity sanding sounds off the old block revving it up smoking rubber treads dendrite confusion hanging in air minute flecks wrestling with chunksof overdue time - it's washing the seas overhead flashing on spining specks 'n chunks leaving several modes of space reaching through cracks braving on waving strands and chants I mean chance...one foot then another then another, wraith of Absolute Substance."



Brahvar Large ensemble. Speciate th' do.

God only knows what that means but this large and getting larger free orchestra is back again. hang out and hang on.

featuring John Bowman, drums; Robert Cheatham, alto and tenor saxes; Richard Gess, drums; Kevin Haller, guitar synth; Roger Ruzow, trumpet; Kebbi Williams, tenor sax



First Konx CD, Torsion

featuring former members of Tinnitus:

Robert Cheatham, sax and electronics; Richard Gess, drums and guitar; Bryan Fielden, drums.

Recorded 1999.

A good way to practice burning things.

a FORT!/da? Thing




KONX / conjunxtion

Second CD from this Atlanta group, released in April 2001. featuring Robert Cheatham, alto and soprano sax, electronics; Richard Gess, bass and guitar; Bryan Fielden, drums; with Monika Weiss vocals on cut one and Jeff McLeod, guitar on cuts 5-10.

Recorded January 2000.

Unholy unions of electronica and free jazz. Yikes!

A FORT!/da? Thing


KONX / other than here...

Third CD from KONK. A trio effort featuring Robert Cheatham on tenor and alto saxes, Richard Gess on drums and Tony Gordon on bass. Slightly more, er, mellow than previous efforts. extra duo tracks from late night session with trombonist gary Vosbein. cool and chillin'



SHear. remember.

Sort of a trip-hop band i reckon, some electronic stuff. some singing.

nice, meloncholic. sad. ep length more or less.

Monica Weiss, vocals, piano; Robert Cheatham, alto sax and electronic programming; Neil Fried and john Cheatham some guitars.

recorded at Chelsea studios, recording engineer, Neil Fried.

a FORT!/da? Thing


Brahvar Large Ensemble / GOBBET

It's back and it's larger than ever. Recorded live at the Starbar and just released.

graphic score included.

Richard Gess, drums; Stan Woodard, guitar; Roger Ruzow, trumper; Michael Applebaum, trumpet, Chris Case, alto sax; Robert Cheatham, tenor/alto sax; John Bowman, drums; Ed Pias, indian percussion; Peter Hickey, bass; Bill Nittler, bartitone sax; Jeff Smith, bass clarinet.


more madness from the land of eyedrum! second in the new series of improv releases from the eyedrum sessions


Like threads to an alien environment

eyedrum hosts "Switch" March 26 through April 10, 1999

"switch", a dense, multifarious audio- visual situation where thirty plus artists works will overlap and combine, generating unpredictable synaesthetic effects. Plots will appear, shaimmer, threaten and evaporate. Its a protean scheme, a layout of objects, ephemeral incidents and situations which have a thematic link: alternative lighting. Strobe, candles,blacklight, projections, flashlight, dayglo, phosphorescence: anything but white light on a white wall. Sound Installations will weave an aural web in and amongst the visual environment.

soundtrack for installation. collaborative work by david daniels, marshall avet, robert cheatham