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All special events for the month of March:

Hold March 5, 2015

Nameless Fire Theater w Keith Prossick Visionarium March 6, 2015
8:00PM - 10:00PM
Price:  $5-$10 Suggested
Nameless Fire Theater w/ Keith Prossick Visionarium

 photo 1534731_10204793217768485_966627737240277946_o 1.jpg

An Atlanta-based collaborative performance group engaging in an array of creative mediums; put on a dark and somewhat occultist performance involving fire, dance, poetry, and puppetry arts. Join Nameless Fire Theater as they tell their interpretation of H.P. Lovecraft's short story "The Nameless City". Special guests for this event include visionary arts from Keith Prossick's Visionarium and Robert Harrison's Flame Sculptures; plus many other surprises! Get ready for a night of fire, art, theater, and music on the rooftop of Eyedrum Gallery! They will be providing plenty of fire and warmth to keep everyone comfortable. Suggested $5-10 donation at the roof entrance to help cover the high cost to bring this amazing show. Learn more about Nameless here:


Monoprint lab March 8, 2015
4:00PM - 8:00PM
Price:  $35 pre-register/$45 drop in
Create texture, layered surfaces, spontaneous, and unexpected marks on paper in Eyedrum’s Experimental Monoprint Workshop. Monoprint is a printmaking technique that produces a unique, one-of-a-kind print by transferring additive and subtractive painting methods to paper. This one-day workshop will cover water-based techniques for at home applications, no press needed!

Experimental printmaking lab...will be led by Lauren Michelle...on March 8th at 4pm..$35 pre-register/$45 walk in...to register send email to eyedrum88labs@gmail.com, or call 404-423-7225.
Lauren Michelle teaches printmaking at GSU..We will be working on glass with paint and mixed media and printing on a variety of paper, cardboard...& more.
Eyedrum is at 88 Forsyth St. SW 30303. Parking on the street is free on Sunday.
After the workshop we will have the opportunity to hang out, talk, and enjoy some libations.


Feast of Dance Films March 14, 2015
8:00PM - - -
Price:  TBA
Screenings of international, national and local award winning and experimental dance films.

Details: TBA

LadyFest March 20, 2015

LadyFest March 21, 2015

LadyFest March 22, 2015

Nick Madden's Closing with Special Guests March 27, 2015
8:00PM - 11:55PM
Price:  $5-$10 Suggested
 photo Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 10.04.00 PM.png
Nick Madden *Art Installation/Performance* 8pm-Midnight
Presentation of an Idea *Music Performance* 8pm-9pm
In Sonitus Lux *Music Performance* 9pm-10pm
Special TBA *Music Performance* 10pm-Midnight


Nick Madden: I’ll Die High
February 21st through March 27th

Eyedrum art and music gallery is proud to present “I’ll Die High,” a solo show of work by the Atlanta artist Nick Madden.

I’ll Die High explores themes of physicality, mechanics, and humor in the face of certain death. Madden’s parents are battling life-threatening diseases: cancer and Alzheimer’s. Madden makes use of a variety of media as he takes us through his experience of slowly losing the parents he knew, either through the physical deterioration of the body, or of the slow breakdown of a mind, and makes us acutely aware of the vulnerability and fleeting nature of life and consciousness. He uses art to make sense of the past and a future, acutely aware of the moment before him. Treating the body as a machine that inevitably breaks down and dies, Madden copes with his parents’ conditions by creating playful and touching kinetic and interactive sculptures that awaken with the audience’s participation. Push, pull, and crank each piece to make it come to life in an examination of the bodily changes that Madden sees in his parents.

Nick Madden is an artist and art teacher from Atlanta. He is a recent Hambidge Fellow and a resident of The Creatives Project. Nick has shown work in galleries across the city. I’ll Die High is Madden’s second solo show. Learn more about Nick Madden here:



Presentation of an Idea

These multi-instrumentalist musicians from The Magic Lantern will be supporting Nick Madden's work in the back of the gallery space 88!

Learn more about Presentation of an Idea here:



In Sonitus Lux

An ever evolving free improv ensemble of musicians, performers and other artists. By design, in a constant state of flux. But always original and eclectic.

A new project from Stickfigure records recording artist Serson Brannen. Best Known for his award winning avant-garde electronic/spoken word project, The Subliminator, he has taken an entirely new and different direction with a very new and very different instrument, The Hang. In Sonitus Lux is an ever evolving free improv ensemble of musicians, performers and other artists. By design, in a constant state of flux but always in the moment, original and eclectic. To attend an In Sonitus Lux performance is to witness the moment of sonic art’s creation.

Learn more about In Sonitus Lux here:






Secret Special Guest TBA *Music Performance* 10pm-Midnight


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