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All special events for the month of December:

Meet Flora Maria Garcia December 3, 2007
7:00PM - 9:00PM
Come out and meet Ms. Garcia, the new head of the Metro Atlanta Arts & Culture Coalition (M.A.A.C.C.)

FIlm Love 53: Openings December 9, 2007
7:00PM - 8:30PM
Price:  $5
Roger Ruzow and Frequent Small Meals present
Film Love #53
OPENINGS: Music and Experimental Film

still from Opening by Madison Brookshire

A gathering of Atlanta’s finest improvisational musicians perform to silent experimental films.

The Atlanta Fourth Ward Improvisational Ensemble, led by Roger Ruzow, will perform newly created live soundtracks to short experimental films by local, national and international filmmakers. The film imagery ranges from abstract, hand-drawn animation to video “circuit-bending” to the grandeur of Madison Brookshire’s landscape film Opening.

We have to leave the space by 8:30, so the show will start directly at 7.

Musicians: Roger Ruzow, Jeff Crompton, Ben Gettys, Ben Davis, Chris Case, Keith Leslie, Rob Mallard


 00082 65 20 82840256 LOliver Smith (Atlanta, GA)
videoFeed (2007), digital video, 6 minutes
Colorful imagery from circuit-bent video hardware.

 00082 65 20 82840256 LPeter Snowdon (Brussels, Belgium)
tree stain man (hommage to stan) (2007), super-8mm and digital video (screened on DVD), 4 minutes WORLD PREMIERE
"An experimental round dance in three movements, composed using footage of trees taken in Oxford in spring 2001. My first ever roll of Kodachrome 40. A homage to the life-in-work of Stan Brakhage."

 00082 65 20 82840256 LChris Lynn (Washington, DC)
London 4 – Clouds and the Docklands(2006), digital video, 6 minutes
London 5 – Unknown Year(2007), super-8mm (screened on DVD), 4 minutes
Two portraits of the city. The grain and color of the super-8 film image contrasts with the digital video clarity of a rainy London day.

 00082 65 20 82840256 LHugo Ball Room (San Francisco, CA)
Suite for Face (excerpts)10 minutes, digital video
Video clips "processed from scenes in feature films in which an actor or actress emotes wordlessly, using facial expressions and posture to represent the evolution of a feeling, a realization, or a breakdown. The videos are intended to provide a context for improvising musicians to interpret in solo or small-group settings."

 00082 65 20 82840256 LMaryam Kashani (Austin, TX)
things lovely and dangerous still: a silent film for trumpet and drums (2006),16mm, 12 minutes
A portrait in 16mm film, made by a filmmaker/DJ, and inspired by the poetry of June Jordan

 00082 65 20 82840256 LCaroline Koebel (Buffalo, NY)
Sea Lion (2007), 16mm, 3 minutes
”This hand processed Super 8 film marvels at the beauty of the movement of the sea lion. It reflects the fascination of the filmmaker’s two-year-old son with this animal new to his world.”

 00082 65 20 82840256 LCaroline Koebel (Buffalo, NY)
hole or space (2006), 16mm, 3 minutes
“Pricks, gaps, dots, openings, hole or space takes its cue from contortionists of the early screen in spiraling out from conceptions of the body as whole. The film uses early cinema and avant-garde classics as its compositional notes.”

 00082 65 20 82840256 LMadison Brookshire (Los Angeles, CA)
Opening (2007), 16mm, 25 minutes
This aptly titled work is a quiet but grand record of the contemporary American landscape.

Robbie Land (Atlanta, GA)
Greencameraless (2007), 16mm, 6 minutes WORLD PREMIERE
A recent work by the Atlanta film artist shows an inner landscape - a portrait in green, visual layers created by working directly on the filmstrip without a camera.

Openings is a Film Love event, programmed and hosted by Andy Ditzler for Frequent Small Meals. Film Love exists to provide access to great but rarely seen films, and to explore the history of experimental filmmaking. It was voted Atlanta’s Best Film Series by the critics of Creative Loafing in 2006. More information on Frequent Small Meals music, film, and art events can be found at www.frequentsmallmeals.com

The Hent Project December 12, 2007

The HENT project's second showing. the collaborate arts organization features hip hop, modern, contemporary and classical dance, spoken word, drama, cinematography, r&b, poetry, short stories, rap, local bands and visual art. expose yourself to an evening covering the whole arts spectrum. visit us at thehentproject.com. come seize capture.

Twinhead presents "Your Holiday Office Party" December 13, 2007
9:00PM - 12:00AM
Price:  $10
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Join Twinhead as they celebrate everything sublime/nightmarish about Holiday Office parties! Enjoy clips of your favorite office-themed movies! How about a competitive round of cubical waste paper basketball?! Ever feel like beating that monitor with a crowbar?! Or how about sending your parents a photo copy of a body part on company letterhead?! Win ridiculous raffle prizes ranging from The Office Space Kit (which includes a "Jump to Conclusions" mat and a TPS Report) to a mug unapologetically exclaiming to everyone that you're the WOLRD'S GREATEST SECRETARY-- filled with Ricola and packets of Splenda!

All this, plus the sexiest Atlanta bands to ever wear a 3-piece suit: CLUB AWESOME and SORRY NO FERRARI!!


Doors @ 9pm
Admission: $10

Ceramic sound sculpture December 18, 2007
8:00PM - - -
Price:  $5
Ceramic instruments designed and constructed by Kimberly Shelton will be played along with traditional instruments.

This will be the first public appearance of a series of musical instruments made by Kimberly Shelton. She is graduating from Georgia State University with a BFA in ceramics. Her instruments are constructed from clay and manipulated with other materials.

It is encouraged that everyone brings their own sound making devices, non-traditional instruments are persuaded but all types of instruments will do. Other performances will be incorporated. Anyone interested in spoken word or A cappella is welcome. We will create a collaboration of sounds

Kathleen Delaney CD release December 19, 2007
9:00PM - - -
Price:  $8

Anaturale bumps queer-positive hip hop delivered on the gritty Anticon tip. Whether riffing on gender roles and the prefix "trans-" during "Transmission" or the meta-implications of a hook during "Never Even Meant," Anaturale charges hard. - The Independent, Durham, NC dirty south queer trans-positive hip hop on the m-i-c Anaturale is an up and coming gender queer mc and beat producer from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Representing the queer south, Anaturale delivers emotional and poetic lyrics that explore queer and transgender politics and humorously delve into experiences of growing up queer in the South. Anaturale began performing in 2000 as a spoken word artist and drag king performer and was one of the founding members of the Daddy Kings, a drag king troupe that hailed from Asheville, NC. Since then, A has shifted all focus into music and has an upcoming album soon to be released on Crunks Not Dead Records. Anaturale collabs with some great folks... Whitney F. Skillcorn hypes A on the stage and Jil Christensen of Charlie makes fucking amazing beats. Album coming out sometime this fall. look out!
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Ok, so the name Athens Boys Choir can be a bit deceiving but you can’t blame a Transsexual man living in the Deep South for having a sense of humor about the whole ordeal. So Katz, the Choir’s now solo member, travels the country speaking “the good word” throwing down hard hitting spoken-word that deals with issues of Gender, Politics, Love, Sex, and everything in-between. Katz’s spoken-word is raw, unapologetic, witty, and soulful. As Out Magazine wrote in 2006, “Katz avoids falling into the common spoken-word trap…and instead uses engaging wordplay, razor-sharp wit, and hip-hop rhythms.” He has had the honor of sharing the stage with such artists as Ani Difranco, Indigo Girls, Bitch, The Butchies, Danielle Howle, and Michelle Malone. He has also opened for poets of HBO’s Def Poetry Jam on more than one occasion. Being a out Transsexual, Katz’s spoken-word often becomes a platform for education and activism, but all work and no play makes for one intense performance so he lets loose with sarcasm, pop culture references, and video’s featuring Barbara Streisand as Yentl and sassy footwork by the stars of the 1979 hit “Roller Boogie”. Athens Boys Choir has been touring nationally since 2003, performing for audiences that are becoming more diverse everyday. You don’t have to be a spoken-word enthusiast to enjoy the lyrical stylings of the Athens Boys Choir. Katz has the unusual skill of opening even the most skeptical minds to the world of performance poetry. With three CD's already out and a fourth due for release on March 27, 2007, Katz/The Athens Boys Choir has established himself as a force in the spoken-word/queer/pop culture/homo-hop movement; you choose how it moves you.

kathleen delaney is a High Femme who performs Queer Hard-Core Porn Spoken Word, full-time slave, definite DIVA, whose provocative performances ignite, shock, challenge, and eroticize Butch/Femme, Queer, and BDSM dynamics! kathleen has been performing her special brand of Queer Southern Kink & Porn for several years in the Atlanta area. She has toured both coasts, sharing the stage with such acts as Margaret Cho, Shar Rednour, Amber Dawn, Athens Boys Choir, Michelle Tea, Ian Harvie, Meliza Banales, Amy Ray, Scott Turner Schofield, Bitch, and S. Bear Bergman. kathleen has graced the stages of Margaret Cho's Sensuous Woman, Cliterati, Homo-A-Gogo, Mother Tongue, Down 'n Dirty, K'vetsh, Ladyfest South, and was an organizer for Atlanta's Mondohomo Dirty South 2007. kathleen's chapbook "Fierce" was published in 2005, and is a steamy collection of her most Erotic work. Her first CD, "Stiletto," is slated for release December 19th, 2007, along with a second collection of new poetry entitled "POTENT." kathleen is currently organizing & booking BODY HEAT: FEMME PORN TOUR 2008, a sizzlingly-hot lineup featuring kathleen, Amber Dawn, Jen Cross, Meliza Banales, & Celestina Pearl!

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"If you don't get a hard-on in your head or in your pants from being witness to kathleen's unapologetically slutty poetry, you're a retard who needs your ass kicked." - Ian Harvie | Butch, Trannie Comedian

"Amazing!" - Margaret Cho

"kathleen delaney's words will leave you with a need to speed home and create a little fantasy of your own." - Katz, Athens Boys Choir

"Dare I compare kathleen delaney's work to the ocean? Inviting and dangerous, it carries you along with a quiet, crushing force. Also, it gets you wet." - Scott Turner Schofield

"kathleen is a Dame aflame, rad, fierce, and courageous sex defender!" -Karen G., Cliterati

"kathleen delaney is an Erotic Poet whose raucous and enlightening poetry flaunts, provokes, and challenges sexual boundaries and celebrates sexual freedom!" - Casco Bay Books, Portland, ME.

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