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September 23, 2011 Friday

8:00PM - 10:00PM
Price:  $5
The new eyedrum space is not ready yet so it will be held be held at Poem88 in the White Provisions building (map at http://www.poem88.net)
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8 pm

Sept. 23 Friday will be Rick Phillips on the state of the UFO Phenomena now.

Oct Paul Boshear on the new continental craze for for Speculative Realism and OOO
(object oriented Ontology)

Nov. Neil Fried leads a presentation and discussion on globalism and community

Dec/jan. (maybe) John Johnston from Emory on Artificial Intelligence

Eyedrum presents: Thresholds!
A new presentation series
hosted by Robert Cheatham
@ poem88

The synonyms for ‘threshold’ say as much as we need to know: brink, dawn, door, doorstep, doorway, edge, entrance, gate, inception, origin, point of departure, sill, start, starting point, verge, portal and probably many more that we could present.

These presentations are all about portals, possible openings (note the plural) into different forms, times and spaces. And, although it may seem a bit of hubris on our part, into the new, that which may be on the other side of the door sill. Granted, the term ‘new’ has been leveraged into banality by thousands of consumer ads; it may be time to degrease it and knock the rust off. The one thing that modernism has done is bequeath a patina of ‘been there, done that,’ a patronizing sense of familiarity with the world. It may be that the mechanisms of modernism have turned from excavating to backfilling. Even the very idea of ‘thresholds’ has been set on a wobbling axis by those who believe there is not, and cannot be anything radically new under the sun, and those who wish to bring back a sense of enchantment, of stepping through a portal, into a different world. (Let us just note in passing that the premier contemporary philosopher of the threshold Giorgio Agamben, is not so sanguine about the possibilities of threshold events, in that ‘states of exception,’ ‘zones of indifference,’ ‘bare life’ and a general orientation toward human/inhuman thresholds lead to what some would claim as fascinating and others as fearful repercussions. But then, a threshold by its nature is also a zone of indeterminacy.)

Whether dream world or drudge world, prison world or paradise world, our technologies are ever on the way to seemingly making both come true simultaneously. These presentations over the next six months will, with any luck, at least open thoughts to possibilities. We open the series with Rick Phillips and the UFO phenomena.
‘The particularly peculiar UFO phenomena'
presentation by Rick Phillips
Sept 23 Poem 88

Can there be any three letters that inspire such shaking of the head or a quickening of the pulse as ‘UFO’? The UFO has to be one of the most visualized (while still largely invisible!) objects in the contemporary landscape, especially after five decades of cinematic explorations. Is there any single item on the cultural agenda that inspires more snarkery and ridicule on the one hand, and on the other hand such unselfish-devotion by amateurs to try to unravel the quixotic aspects of the UFO? (And I include in this, the urgency which some apparently feel, who wish to hoax UFO sightings) Is there less to the phenomena or much more to it, than meets the eye? Mr. Phillips asserts that not only is there more than meets the eye but that the phenomena has been morphing into many other forms, aspects, many more sightings being reported every year, and more theories to account for what they are. This should be a hair-raising ride through the mind field of contemporary mythos, where nothing is certain but that huge morphing bright light outside your window at three in the morning.
Rick Phillips, Market Researcher and Analyst in real life, deep into the alternative and esoteric in mental life. UFO blogger since 2007 with many followers, inspired by 1991 close up UFO sighting, brings full range of analytical skills in looking at the TOTAL UFO phenomena - with opinions you simply do not hear in the LameStream Media.
Articles by Phillips often find their way onto The Anomalist, The Debris Field and other fine anomalous websites. Additionally, Phillips talks about a `Phillips Phenomenology' system that is similar to the works of Sartre and Husserl - that `came' into his mind in the early 1970's while in altered consciousness states. Phillips was also interviewed recently by L.A. Marzulli for his highly followed webcast, as well as the UK show `Now That's Weird'.

Phillips's websites include www.theheavystuff.com and http://ufodisclosurecountdownclock.blogspot.com .

8 p.m. Friday, Sep. 23 @Poem88: White Provision Building1100 Howell Mill Road
Suite A03 Atlanta GA 30318 • www.poem88.net • $5 donation

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