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Sick Lion, Tann Jones, Fit of body, Pamela_ May 4, 2015
8:00PM - - -
Price:  7


Sick Lion is the strangely shaped music project of Lucas Rambo. He has been creating his own form of Crop Top music since he was a young man smoking newports in the cow fields of Maryland. Ranging from depressive visual ART performance to the sound of Bradley Noel's ghost swimming in a pile of trash.
Searching through the stacks of keyboards, drum machines, and guitars at his home in Baltimore.

Tann Jones (ATL)

Fit of Body (ATL / Harsh Riddims)

Pamela_and her sons (ATL)

***KICK OFF SHOW for Ginko / FIt of Body / Pamela_ and her sons east coast tour****

Who Doesn't Love Dinsey May 6, 2015
8:00PM - 12:00AM
Price:  $7
Sleeping Beauty: Interpretations from the Disney Songbook': Jamison Williams / Nick Boutwell / Charles Pagano; this limited eight-city tour, showcasing a series of trio performances, proudly present extensive musical deconstructive emphasis on the 1959 animated Disney classic, 'Sleeping Beauty', as it sandwiches a bellowing core medley spanning 75 years of Disney songbook classics; in all its historic glory, this experimental/improvisational jazz performance will guarantee a mesmerizing night of structured musical abstraction, pleasantly making acquaintance with the memorable abstraction of its yesterself.
Jamison Williams

Soprano saxophone player specializing in experimental deconstructionism, and extended techniques; currently organizing and operating the Experimental Arts Union of Florida (www.EAUF.org), +SoLo Sound Gallery (www.sologallery.org) and founded the music publishing label, Vantage Bulletin (www.vantagebulletin.com). Resides in Jacksonville, Florida.

"In the tradition of players like Brötzmann and (most famously) Albert Ayler, Williams is a proponent of the extended techniques of the saxophone, spitting out harmonics, weeping ‘multiphonics’, the reed equivalent of a guitarist creating feedback and noise from an amplifier and effects pedals." Dan Brown (Folio Weekly)

Nick Boutwell (accordian)

Accordionist extraordinaire, Nick Boutwell joins us as we explore the wonderful world of Disney on this eight city tour focusing on the pieces from classic animated feature, 'Sleeping Beauty'; his virtuosity, skill, and musical knowledge rounds out the trio to absolute perfection.

Ranging from improvisational, Romani-dance, experimental, classical, avant/jazz, and punk, Boutwell's unique voice and limitless vocabulary provides the charge and balance of a seasoned improvising accompanist and soloist. His contribution is monumental, and valued beyond explanation.

Charles Pagano (percussion)

Charles Pagano is a mostly self-taught drummer and composer with a background in free playing thanks to the Creative Music Studio (www.creativemusicfoundation.org) and the Woodstock, NY scene.

He is currently playing with Steve Gilmore (Phil Woods Quartet), the occasional trio with Tatsuya Nakatani, and Scott Bazar, as well as filling in for Jabo Starks (James Brown) on his house gig at the Red Bar.


Atlanta Based violin duo made up of one half Moth Manos (https://www.facebook.com/mothmanos?fref=ts)
and one half Whispers of Night (https://www.facebook.com/whispersofnight?fref=ts)

Presentation of an Idea
(by Mamaniji Azanyah of Mastery https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ag3scEbqs0o
and Majid Araim of Whispers of Night and The Convergence )


Pedestrian Deposit, Article Collection, Nows,AquaE May 7, 2015
8:00PM - - -
doors at 8, show at 9

Pedestrian Deposit

Started winter 2000 by jonathan borges; joined by shannon a. kennedy in mid-2008.

Early intentions were to create various layers of abstract and structured electronic sound, with no pre-determined relation to each other until mixed -- the final mix creating the piece. this approach failed, and a brief six-month hiatus followed.

During the mid-period, it was decided to include anything and everything -- dense urban-noir field recordings; collages; hybrids of analog and digital; noise, music and sound -- all refined and placed under the microscope, until only the most important elements remained. a new style of noise music composition was born, richly influenced by every style and every era of experimental music. as usual, this process was heavily exhausted, and another hiatus followed in 2006.

In 2008, the project extended to a duo, and the present intentions began with the focus on reverse tension; sublimation; hybrids of electro-acoustic / tape music; sound collage / musique concrete; harsh noise; academic, neo-classical, lowercase, and beyond; all richly composed, as usual.

Article Collection

C. Latina is an electronic musician, video artist, and co-owner of the Private Archive label. Article Collection represents his solo experiments for computer music and improvisational analog electronics. He is slated for a full length tape release on Spanish label Anòmia in late 2014. In the past he has worked with Baritone Saxophonist Davindar Singh and has performed alongside composers and artists such as Mario Diaz de Leon, Frank Bretschneider, Kouhei Matsunaga.


Nows utilizes randomized systems, old electronics, field recordings and noise to make dense but delicate sounds.


Primitive and crude electronics with a strong Death Industrial influence.

Cube, Twins, Anticipation, Amulet May 13, 2015
9:00PM - - -




Invent Room Pop 49 May 15, 2015
10:00PM - - -
Price:  free

This is the 49th installment of Invent Room Pop. Six musicians are invited to play in duos and trios determined at random, with names drawn out of a hat. Inspect the archives at inventroompop.bandcamp.com.

Ann-Marie Lowman - keyboards
Stephany Lorena - guitar
Curtis Stephens - keys
Michael Hollis - guitar
Matt Goethe - guitar
Ian Cone - electronics

Bitchin Bajas, Itasca, Brainworlds, Saira Raza May 19, 2015
9:00PM - - -
Price:  7

Bitchin Bajas

Bitchin Bajas began in 2010 as a solo side project for Cooper Crain, guitarist of Chicago Krautrock revivalists Cave. The early sounds of Bitchin Bajas were equally psychedelic but decidedly less aggressive than Crain's primary band, opting for more textural exploration than rhythmic force. The project quickly became prolific in its release of music, starting with the Tones & Zones full-length in 2010 and trickling out split singles, EPs, cassette-only releases, and the like among more actualized full-lengths every year that followed. The solo project was expanded to a duo with the inclusion of Mahjongg's Dan Quinlivan, adding more synth and guitar textures to Crain's web of spectral sound. —Fred Thomas, AllMusic


Kayla Cohen, a.k.a. Itasca, is a folk guitarist and songwriter from New York State. She has released several small press CD-rs and cassettes over the past five years, and began recording as Itasca after a move to Los Angeles in 2012. She records at home, taking inspiration from the fringes of LA's open space and natural land.


As Brainworlds, Atlanta based guitarist Mason Brown works to envelop the listener in sheets of meditative sound and delve deep into the subconscious to explore the hidden relationships between the micro and the macro. Devoid of the constraints of time and gravity, the music of Brainworlds floats in the metaphysical realm where mind and universe coalesce.

Saira Raza

Saira is an Atlanta-based multi-instrumentalist. She is a former member of the band Waking Astronomer.

First Flight embodies an eclectic variety of musical influences - including Bollywood, folk music, and spiritual jazz. Conceptually, it explores the spiritual path of the hero's journey, using fictitious religious traditions imagined by Frank Herbert and Octavia Butler.

Zach Webb May 29, 2015
8:00PM - - -

Percussionist Zachary Webb is currently pursuing doctoral studies at the University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of music. Although a native of Alabama, his passion for percussion has allowed him to perform all over the North and Southeast with groups such as Bent Frequency, The Hartt Graduate Percussion Group, and The Hartt School’s honors chamber music ensemble Performance 20/20. An advocate for new music, his interests range from contemporary works for marimba and vibraphone to groundbreaking performance art pieces, such as Giorgio Battistelli’s Il Libro Celibe. As an educator, Zach has taught courses at The Hartt School and Georgia State University, as well as private lessons in the Atlanta school district.

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