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All music events for the month of February:

The Burning, coiled... (First Thursday Improv) February 4, 2010
9:00PM - - -
...snakestyle, channeling but not too pragmatic,
more like fragmatic,
notes held up captive,
base of spine exploding in
not-final daze, drifts off straight line:
"Nothing will produce Bad History[sounds!] more
directly nor brutally, than drawing a Line,
in particular a Right Line,
the very Shape of Contempt..."

instead, broken coiling 'round the egg
dent, dead-on
gone daddy-o gone

Eyedrum's long-running Open Improv night occurs on the first Thursday of every month -- our monthly gathering for instrumentalists and improvisers of all stripes. Bring your instrument! Hosted by the indefatigable Robert Cheatham.

WPBA 30, Atlanta's PBS station, did a bit about Eyedrum's Improv Night a couple years ago for their "This Is Atlanta" show. Click for their description and the video itself (Windows Media, 2m40s).

Darren Nelsen Band/Schwarzkommando/Burgess Penguin February 6, 2010
9:00PM - - -
Price:  $7

Improv with an Edge

The Darren Nelsen Band is an instrumental rock/fusion trio comprised of guitar, bass, and drums. Influenced by contemporary composers and guitarists, the band blends and twists genres with attitude. Expect the unexpected, with sounds of jazz, rock, metal, funk, hip-hop, reggae, surf, and rockabilly combined, sometimes all in the same tune! Adventurous and fun, this band keeps the audience on their toes.
Darren Nelsen (guitar), Marc Miller (bass), Micah Boswell (drums).


Schwarzkommando is an Atlanta-based improvisational art-rock trio organized in tribute to the fiction of Thomas Pynchon.  Lyrics from novels such as Gravity’s Rainbow and The Crying of Lot 49 are sung over an “Obliquely Strategized” yet largely improvised array of sounds – from Cream-like psychedelic "blooz" to full-bore face-melting punk rock, from sci-fi space jazz to pure acoustic settings that would make Fairport Convention blush.  Featuring Mike Goldman (Stovall, Henry Porter) on guitar and vocal, Kelly Shane (Enemy From Space, Kenny Howes and the Yeah!) on drums, and Andy Tegethoff (The Eyes, Solution Science Systems) on bass and vocal.  No two sets are ever the same.


Burgess Penguin, a 3-piece improvising ensemble that strives to create vivid soundscapes that sound composed but actually are not. Under the collective influence of jazz, rock, psychedelic, TV and Film soundtrack music and even some prog rock, the 3 musicians interact, second-guess and beat each other creatively silly and strive to never play anything the same way once.


Bob Marley Birthday Celebration February 7, 2010
7:00PM - 11:00PM
Price:  $10 advance, $12 at the door
Come celebrate the life and music of Robert Nesta Marley. This event, sponsored by Jahworld Trading Company in East Point, Georgia, will benefit Atlanta's Mental Health Initiative.

Advance tickets available at:
Jahworld Trading Company
1611 1/2 Whiteway, East Point, GA 30344
in historic downtown East Point

post inc (international noise conference) February 15, 2010
8:00PM - - -
Price:  $7
on the heels of the vastly debaucherously insane yearly international noise conference in miami comes this...20 or so racketous blistering noise acts in 4 hours...yes, we are going to line these suckers along the walls and let them blast it out 10 minutes at a time, all in a row...nasty slabs of sizzling racket nonsense...churning drones, nasty clamor, bubbly tom foolery...all crammed into eyedrum for one night. not for the faint of heart or sensitive of ears, bring earplugs nonetheless and leave your diaper bags at home.
included in the lineup:

-drums like machine guns
-graham moore
-mincemeat or tenspeed
-the suicide magnets
-waters, martin, wood, wind, & fire
-and some doom dudes who don't have a name as of yet.
-Dark Inside the sun
-Mother Earth
-Jason Butcher/Don Hassler
-Cornelius F. Van Strafrin III
-Six Spiders
-Zeb and the Contortionist

Stress Ape, Go Go Ghost, Big and Tall February 20, 2010
9:00PM - - -
Price:  $7

Stress Ape
Chicago/Oakland/their van

Go Go Ghost
Atlanta (members of Club of Rome, El Fossil, Khovicoobah)

Big + Tall

on Stress Ape from the Chicago Reader:
Not quite industrial, not quite noise, not quite Melt-Banana spaz rock and yet closely related to all three, Stress Ape stake out a niche for themselves by acting erratically enough to make potential competitors edge away nervously—yet there’s a crisp, lean quality to their fucking about that suggests Machiavellian premeditation. -- Monica Kendrick

Marshmallow Avenue (afternoon kid's show) February 21, 2010
3:00PM - 5:00PM
Price:  $5

Marshmallow Avenue invites children into a world of singing, fun, learning, and silliness. Comprised of elementary/early childhood music teacher Rebecca Puckett, and local rock guitarist Matt McWilliams, the band plays a mix of original songs and traditional favorites. Marshmallow Avenue songs gather inspiration from Rebecca's experiences in an environment where the age limit was 4, but the imagination was limitless.  The band also brings to life familiar tunes like "I've Been Workin on the Railroad" and "Down by the Bay," reinterpreted with trombone antics, happy harmonies, and new rhymes. Ms. Rebecca and Mr. Matt hope to keep on making new songs, carrying on the inspiration of children's folk artists like Sharon, Lois, and Bram; Pete Seeger; Ella Jenkins; and other influences. The show incorporates kid participation in the songs as well as a number of fun interactive games. Marshmallow Avenue invites children and adults of all ages to enjoy this special show at Eyedrum.


Kirkwood Ballers Club February 22, 2010
9:00PM - - -
Kirkwood Ballers Club moves to Eyedrum!

Established in 2004, Kirkwood Ballers Club has long been a weekly staple for Atlanta’s more adventurous musicians. Over the course of approximately 5 years KBC has been housed at 6 locations: a private residence in Kirkwood, the old Lenny’s Bar, 11:11 Teahouse, the Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge, the new Lenny’s Bar, and now at Eyedrum.

Kirkwood Ballers Club’s mission is to moderate monthly free-form musical exchanges, ideas and performances between an evolving cast of experimentally-minded Atlanta area artists in an effort to encourage creative live performances and to foster a greater artistic community.

Just come with your instrument/project/performance and sign up at the door for a 15 minute slot. the lineup is first come/first serve. Also, there will be tables available for local artisans to display their crafts for sell, trade or exhibition...

This event is free to everyone. Doors open at 8pm for artists to sign up to perform. The program will get started promptly at 9pm and end at 12am.

Visit www.kirkwoodballersclub.org for further details, guidelines, etc...


Yuri Landman Homeswinger workshop February 24, 2010
6:00PM - 10:00PM
Price:  $140

Pix from the workshop:


The workshop duration: 4 hours (up to 16 instruments are 100% ready after this time space)

The Home Swinger is project is a multi disciplined art event, where-in a group of people assemble their own 12 string electric instrument in a 4 hour workshop, under Landmans guidance, optional combined with a live performance with 10 of the participants playing an fast learned blasting noise drone composition referring to the sound of the early 80s instrumental Sonic Youth/Glenn Branca pieces. YouTube link of the group performance: www.youtube.com/watch?v=akGeXtQxbNs

Yuri Landman (1973) started working for bands in 2006 and constructed unique instruments for Sonic Youth, Half Japanese, Lou Barlow, dEUS (Belgium), The Dodos, Health, Liars, Liam Finn (Crowded House), The Veils, Blood Red Shoes (UK), Enon, Micachu (UK), David Holmes.
Underground movie maker Vincent Moon (ATP) shot a documentary in August 2009, to be published in 2010. The MIM (Musical Instrument Museum) to be opened in 2010 in Phoenix AZ, will feature worlds largest instrument collection and has included the above mentioned instrument as a part of their collection.

More info in this brochure: http://gnosisarts.org/ed_images/BrochureHomeSwinger.pdf

Yuri Landman Homeswinger performance February 25, 2010
9:00PM - - -
Price:  $7

This is the performance culmination of Wednesday's workshop. Yuri will perform on his custom instruments, along with workshop a participants and members of the band Scaffolds.

Yuri will also demonstrate and perform with several of his other unique instruments.

Pix from the workshop:

Yuri Landman (1973) started working for bands in 2006 and constructed unique instruments for Sonic Youth, Half Japanese, Lou Barlow, dEUS (Belgium), The Dodos, Health, Liars, Liam Finn (Crowded House), The Veils, Blood Red Shoes (UK), Enon, Micachu (UK), David Holmes.
Underground movie maker Vincent Moon (ATP) shot a documentary in August 2009, to be published in 2010. The MIM (Musical Instrument Museum) to be opened in 2010 in Phoenix AZ, will feature worlds largest instrument collection and has included the above mentioned instrument as a part of their collection.

Tierra Brutal, NO February 27, 2010
9:00PM - - -
Price:  $5
Tierra Brutal is an instrumental rock band made up of three very different gentlemen with a mutual interest for sonic inquiry. Disparate backgrounds and musical tastes crystallize into a unique amalgamation of punk, psychedelic, ambient, improv, post-whatever... and becomes frozen into a noisy fudgesicle of sound.

- Neal Williams (drumsicle) played in numerous bands before Tierra Brutal, opening up for the likes of Don Caballero, Mono, Secret Machines and more. Tierra Brutal is his most rocking endeavor to date.

- Marshall Marrotte (bassicle) has played in lots of bands you have never heard of (Never?, Monument Valley, Desk Pussy, Zepubicle...) and that's just fine with him. As the elder statesman of the band he can confidently pronounce that "Tierra Brutal makes a damn fine racket."

- Peter Burghardt (guitarsicle) has been making music all over America. When just a teenager his highschool band embedded itself in the Minneapolis music scene, opening for bands such as The Hidden Chord and Sickbay. Later he moved to Chicago where he became an active participant in the Windy City’s experimental rock scene. Currently he lives in Atlanta where keeps it real by shredding with his band mates in Tierra Brutal.


No is made up of Glenn, Jeff & Vonda--three people who have played and toured together for quite some time in different noise rock incarnations in the Southeastern music scene. Miminal post-noise, post-whatever. Just listen.



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