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All music events for the month of January:

Open Improv: pre-recorded January 3, 2008
9:00PM - - -
Price:  free

We are surrounded now by a halo of sound, of mostly pre-existence sound: cds. television, movies, dvds, telephone answering machines, sound of all sorts hanging in the air, awaiting us. A ghostly, gabbling, squawking, shrieking, murmuring menagerie conveying and confusing both noise and information, settles on us from all corners of the globe.

Bring your portable player for whatever media: boom box, portable cassette player, voice recorder etc.

Persona Non Grata January 4, 2008
9:00PM - 12:00PM
Price:  $7
Bagombo Snuff Box - A wiley duo forging a new genre they call "progressive Awesome"

Don Hassler - A professor with a penchant for bleeps, filter sweeps and low frequency oscillation.

Stan Woodard - Elevator music for the Endtimes. Guitar and drum machine.

Stone Animals - We'll see!

monthly show on WREK 91.1 FM January 6, 2008
7:00PM - 9:00PM

On the first Sunday of every month, at 7 p.m., Eyedrum does a show on WREK (91.1 FM / www.wrek.org) that features nuggets from Eyedrum's archive of live performances.

After the show airs "live", you can listen to it via WREK's 7-day archive if you forget to tune in. Here are the direct links to Sunday Special streams: lo-fi or hi-fi. These streaming links from WREK expire 7 days after the show airs on the radio.

But wait, there's more! We now have a podcast available, for those of you who have discovered podcasting. You can also just download the whole show (right click on "download") although be forewarned that the file is over 50 MB in size. These podcast and download links will NOT expire for months to come -- download and listen!

In a special edition of this show, this month we featured the music of Karlheinz Stockhausen, a pioneer of avant-garde composition who passed away in December. In-studio guests Stuart Gerber and Chris Swartz brought their Stockhausen collections and knowledge and helped put together a great show reviewing the career of this iconic figure in modern music. Towards the end of the show we also played music by Kinan, Zentropy, Laromlab and Speechless.

James Harrar, Adam Reese, Zentropy January 6, 2008
9:00PM - 12:00PM
Price:  $8

James Harrar, Adam Reese

Falling somewhere between free jazz and electric gamelan. James Harrar will be playing a variety of instruments including gamelan, xylophone, kora, and winds. Adam Reese is a composer and improviser interested in, among other things, rational tunings and rhythmic structures found in various traditional African musics. As a composer, he often writes for conventional instruments, trying to focus on specific timbres while maintaining playability in his pieces. As an improviser, he performs mostly on electric bass, but also enjoys playing with the placement of contact mics to accentuate quieter, subtler sounds that often go unheard.



Brand new groove/jam/improv/keys/bass/drums/psyche/jazzy/slippery trio featuring members of Z-Axis, Ghosts Project, etc.


Dan Deacon / Ultimate Reality / Toy Party Attack January 7, 2008

Price:  $10

Dan Deacon has garnered a reputation in the underground as an intense performer and classic showman. The table top full of pedals, a sine wave generator, vocoder and casio blasting through the PA, joined by a makeshift light board with various bulbs and green skull strobe light, make his all out dance-til-you-drop performance a complete experience.

Ultimate Reality is a collaborative performance by Baltimore’s Dan Deacon and Jimmy Joe Roche. It combines an intense musical composition for electronics and drums with a psychedelic montage of Arnold Schwarzenegger films that is projected at a monumental scale. The live energy of the performance has allowed the piece to freely move between art and music venues and grant it a wide audience of appreciation. The touring group also includes Jeremy Hyman (from Ponytail) and Kevin O’Meara (from Video Hippoes) on drums.

Opening will be TOY PARTY ATTACK w/VIDEO BEAN and CHRIS ATTACK (SUITCASES & GOLD PAINTED NAILS. Bean Summer (Formally performed with Coum Transmissions and Throbbing Gristle in Berlin in 79) has been at the very edge of experimental music in America since 1978. This will be Toy Party Attacks first performance in 2008 -- expect pure magic.

cerberus trio January 9, 2008
9:00PM - - -
Price:  $7
Back for another concert at Eyedrum, Cerberus Trio, once again, brings a musically diverse, yet accessible, program to the table. This concert features Table Music by Thierry de May, Simple Addition by Erik Griswold and Third Construction by John Cage. In addition, Cerberus Trio will be joined by Olivia Kieffer (Chix with Stix).
Cerberus Trio draws upon the musical talents of Isaac Anderson, Caleb Herron, and Ellery Trafford.

Speechless, Hart Deer January 11, 2008
9:00PM - - -
Price:  $5


Instrumental rock with a progressive angle. A unique hybrid. Ambitious, cinematic arrangements. Tight ensemble playing. Groove and melody abound. Chops too, but the music comes first. Founded in Atlanta in 2004 Speechless is a unique combination of artists focused on wrapping their audiences up in exciting sounds. Drawing on an extremely diverse array of musical influences and an "anything goes" approach to composing, Speechless brings a unique musical hybrid to the table. They have a style that stretches across the musical spectrum: funk, hard rock, fusion-jazz, classical, metal, world, reggae and more - all are mixed with a healthy dose of excitement... It's the focus and centerpiece of their live sets and new cd "Time Out of Mind". Although the music is as diverse as a multicultural festival, there's something here for everyone. It's easily accessible. Their appeal has been proven across the musical board. One look at the comments their fans have shared shows that they appeal to many types of music fans. Young and old, all over the globe. Groove and melody are the emphasis, along with ambitious, often cinematic arrangements that easily flow. They are a quartet of bass, drums, guitars and keyboards who have played all over the Southeast and, in some cases, even toured the United States as professional musicians. The members of SPEECHLESS have all been long-time participants in the Atlanta music scene.


Also featuring Hart Deer

Roger Ruzow Presents: Random Reconstructionism January 13, 2008
7:00PM - - -
Price:  5
Atlanta 4th Ward Improvisational Ensemble performs Random Reconstructionist Policy-o-matic:(A non-Tribute to Southern Civic Planning)
The concept is to be a configuration of the players performing in different ensembles which are selected randomly. The selection process consists of an alpha-numeric combination selected by a random individual which will correspond to to an alphanumeric combination the performer is holding....
Roger Ruzow -Trumpet
Ben Gettys -BAss
  Jamie Shepard  percussion
Bill Nittler _saxes
  Rob Mallard SAX
Colin Bragg guitar                                                    Robert Cheatham Sax
   Jeff Crompton Sax

CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER!! Stockhausen Tribute January 19, 2008
8:00PM - - -
Price:  5
will be re-scheduled

Karlheinz Stockhausen was a pioneer of avant-garde composition who passed away in December following a career in music that spanned 50+ years.

Broken Symmetry will perform original music inspired by Stockhausen, as well as interpret one of his pieces, "unlimited" from the 7 Days Box set. They will also perform a piece featuring short wave samples, downloaded from Stockhausen's web site, made available for others to create with. Instrumentation will include synths, samples, tape manipulation, sax, gong, radio, spoken word, etc.

Stuart Gerber plays two solo pieces
KOMET (c. 15 min) for percussion and electronics, and VIBRA-ELUFA (c.
7 min) for vibraphone solo.

We devoted the most January Eyedrum podcast to a review of Stockhausen's career. You can download that show to your mp3 player (or listen online) by clicking here.

Isia Cooper, Gary Eddy, Andre, Puppets, Graham etc January 20, 2008
9:00PM - - -
a predominately local slew of guitar based singer/songwriters who break traditional molds with their unique crafts.

Isia Cooper endows the listener with sweetly bizarre songs, her lilting vocals the perfect accessory to her crafty guitar picking.

Gary Eddy plays the ukelele very well and will surely bring a smile with his clever lyrics and wistful melodies.

Andre is another guitar player who writes great songs and sings them oh so very well.

Graham is from Rome and writes amazing lyrics to accompany his off-kilter brand of guitar playing..so good.

Nicky Click/ DaLyrical/ Rita J January 22, 2008
9:00PM - - -
Nicky Clickw/
Special Guests:
Rita J --

Nicky Click

New sophmore album "I'm on my cell phone" out on hot Olympia label Crunks Not Dead! New four song split seven inch with Scream Club vs. Nicky Click out onCrunks Not Dead! Nicky Click is a producer songwritter and video artist based out of Durham, NH. The Nicky Click is the physical manifestation of one woman who focused on capturing, preserving, and making into song, the experiences and feelings of those who passed through her world. She has been described as a sexy, fun, dreamy, mysterious queer. Her inventive style of electro-synth pop is much more than meets the eye. Upon closer inspection the songs unravel into simple stories based around feminist ideals, mixed with simple emotions and queer politics.

Laromlab w/ Ship at Sea January 26, 2008
9:00PM - - -
Price:  7

Once upon a time there was a boy sitting in a greasy spoon on the north side of Chicago dreaming about the possibilites of making everyone in the world dance! He dreamt of doing this only with what he knew; ancient video game systems and computers! What would he name his project? He thought for days and days and while still sitting in that same window he crossed his eyes and looked up at the street corner sign in front of him. To the world the street sign read Balmoral but to him it was LAROMLAB!

These classic sound blips of old school video game systems, such as the Atari and Commodore 64, create a macrocosm of music which arouses one's senses to the state of nostalgia.


with Ship at Sea

This is the sum and total of our efforts to make music as Ship at Sea. This is not what you have been trained to expect of music. Practice is not part of our method, structure is not part of the plan, a plan is not part of the plan. All objects and mammals in the house are in danger of becoming instruments. Entire songs are based upon mistakes, and other mistakes join and become something unintended. These songs came not from within, but from around us, from the past, from our future hopes. Ideas float all around, we are trying to gather them, they are as plentiful as fireflies as dark falls on a summer night. But they are not easy to see, or hear, or feel if you dont know how to perceive them. Close the mind to what is espoused to be proper musical form, hear emotion as sound, see sound as color, feel melodies as stories- make up your own mind. These sounds are as much the listeners as the players, it is up to you. We didnt create these, they just existed, were plucked, are ready to be shared.
myspace.com/Ship at Sea

Atlanta Composers Group January 28, 2008
8:00PM - - -
Price:  Free. Donations accepted.

The Atlanta Composers Group presents the electronic music of nine local composers. Enjoy the music, meet the composers, take home a free CD.

Featuring music by:

• Toby Chappell
• Mark Gresham
• Mike Murray
• Adam Scott Neal
• Darren Nelsen
• Jason Passmore
• Brian Skutle
• Mitchell Turner
• Kerwin Young

Following up from the success of its 2007 "Turned On" concert, the Atlanta Composers Group presents "Unseen Forces" a new electronic music program featuring the works of nine local artists.

Not only is admission to the concert FREE, those attending will also be given a FREE CD at the show which will include works from the "Unseen Forces" and "Turned On" concerts as an additional "Thanks" for being there.

Click here for more info...

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