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25 Antlers, Le Trash Can, Suffer Bomb Damage, Kooi September 1, 2015
8:00PM - - -
Price:  7
doors at 8, show at 9

25 Antlers
25 antlers is the duo of matthew reis (developer, wasteland jazz ensemble, teeth collection, etc) and katalina remusat (illegal alien). remusat uses an old dj mixer and her own take on no input mixer which is then fed thru matthews electronics for further manipulations. pure harsh noise.

Le Trash Can
stick n' poke electronics.
all sounds by manuel armida/cindy o'connors

Suffer Bomb Damage
Suffer Bomb Damage blast radio static, extended technique bass, feedback and synth lines all at once. The quartet features the proprietor of +... Stephen Fenton, Synthesesia co-organizer Ian Cone, Destroy All Music co-creator Tony Gordon and mastermind of fuguguffu and Psych-Out Curtis Stephens.

Meredith Kooi
Meredith Kooi (b. 1985, Chicago) is a visual and performance artist, editor, arts writer, and curator based in Atlanta, GA. She is a Hambidge Fellow and a recipient of Atlanta's Office of Cultural Affairs 2014 - 2015 Emerging Artist Award. Her recent performance and installation work has been presented by venues across Atlanta including Eyedrum, The Goat Farm Arts Center, MINT Gallery, and The High Museum of Art.
Since 2011 she has been the editor for the Chicago-based experimental radio broadcast platform Radius, which received a Propeller Fund award for its 2014 series GRIDS. With Radius, she has curated playlists featured on WFMU's Free Music Archive (NYC) and Kunstradio (Vienna), commissioned artists' works for two series: GRIDS and RANGE, been a visiting artist at ACRE Residency, and was an artist-in-residence at Elsewhere.

Orion Crook Closing September 5, 2015

Fieldwork:Open Trial Day September 8, 2015
7:00PM - 9:00PM
Price:  Free
Do you feel like you are creating work in a vacuum? Do you want real, honest feedback after a show instead of just "good job?" Have you heard about Fieldwork, and not known what it was?

Fieldwork is a safe space where you can learn what your audience saw, felt, and heard when they were experiencing your works in process. Join us to see how Fieldwork works and participate in the critique yourself!

For the free trial, bring an artwork that's in development. You'll show it and get response in a facilitated, directed conversation with a format that artists all over the world have found extremely helpful.

If you love it, you can sign up for the full session.

CORE in partnership with the Emory University Department of Theater and Dance present FIELDWORK

Weekly workshops run Mondays, October 5-November 30, 2015, 7-9 pm

It's a 9-WEEK SESSION, with a culminating showcase at EMORY on SUN, Dec. 6th, 2015

Workshops are held at CORE Studios, 139 Sycamore Street. Decatur, GA 30030

Fieldwork is for Creators:
Solo Performing Artists, Visual Artists, Writers, Composers, Choreographers, Playwrights, Multidisciplinary Artists, Poets, Vocalists and more!

Facilitated by: Performers and Dance Makers Rose Shields and Kristin O'Neal
A free workshop. Artists in all media and forms are invited to bring a project in the works ti get feedback using the process of The Field New York.

Mid-South Sculpture Alliance September 10, 2015
9:00AM - 6:00PM

Contraband Cinema presents September 12, 2015

Price:  ??

Live VJ / Multi-room experience

Hold September 13, 2015
12:00PM - 12:00AM

Quintron's Weather Warlock, Old King Cole Younger September 15, 2015
6:30PM - - -
Price:  10
Buy tickets here

Weather Warlock

Weather Warlock is a heavy drone band which uses sun, wind, rain, and temperature to control a monster analog synth designed by Quintronics in New Orleans, LA. and at the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation in Florida.


"Quintron found solace in the creation of a new invention: the 7ft-tall Weather Warlock, a synthesizer that reads the outside temperature, wind, sunlight and rain, and reinterprets it as droning, oscillating "music".
"I wanted its sounds to be mostly beautiful," says Q, who sculpted the sound palette partly for his own therapeutic purposes. "When I first built it, it was screeching horror, white noise static, sharp-edged oscillations. I slowly worked it into what I wanted it to be: harmonious sounds. But I do still have some ugly ones - lightning would be one of those. And sometimes before sunset it emits some atonal surprising things."
A global temperature sensor controls a grinding bass note that continuously cycles through a phase that moves faster in the heat, slower in the cold. The anemometer measures wind speed via spinning cups that send out a digital pulse like you hear in submarine movies. A periscope aimed at the sky hosts a UV sensor: "It's specially calibrated to remain silent and only emit sound when in the flux between light and dark - only at sunrise and sunset, except on that rare storm."
Precipitation and rain are represented by a set of brass probes set just a millimeter apart. "When a raindrop falls between the two probes it connects them together, and makes a sound that's determined by the chemical makeup of the rain; some days the rain is more metallic and more conductive," he explains.
His new Weather Warlock went through three incarnations. In 2011, Quintron first installed it as the "Singing House" within the Music Box project, wherein New York artist Swoon asked a dozen artists to build separate structures that could each be played as musical instruments. Quintron then conducted internationally acclaimed musicians playing all of the musical structures at once.
The second prototype, Weather Witch, was an attempt to "productize" the invention for sale by Jack White's Third Man Records. "It turned out not to be a good idea; customer support would have made it not feasible," says Quintron, who gave up after a year of struggle. He did gain valuable knowledge from the experience, as well as some wild memories. "One weekend we were at Third Man ... Neil Young was recording an album there and we watched. He checked out the invention. At one point he picked up a light sensor. He immediately did something really musical with," Quintron laughs, "Some people can make music with anything they touch. He picked it up and a little song emerged."
For many reasons, Quintron considers the Weather Warlock his most meaningful creation. "I would never pretend that this is a cure for anything; I was healed by having a purpose and a job and an obsession to replace touring. But the Weather Warlock's sounds were very soothing, for me. It sounds cheesy, but it helped the pain fade into the background."
In another nod to the Weather Warlock's therapeutic properties, Quintron created the online live streaming radio station Weather for the Blind, where listeners can hear the weather in New Orleans 24 hours a day. "Some blind people suffer from Circadian Rhythm Disorder, where their sleep patterns are messed up partly because they can't experience time properly, or weather," says Quintron, who stresses that he's not an expert.
Nonetheless, he can only hope that his Weather Warlock might provide something more to people than just interesting music - the way it has for him."

- The Guardian

All Your Mom's Friends Freak Show September 16, 2015
8:00PM - - -
Price:  7
*doors at 8, show at 9*

hosted by Samm Severin
The Internet's Sweetheart and Atlanta's Favorite Party Comic


The Simple Pleasure (Philadelphia)

NU Depth (Athens)

live painting by Felipe Calvacanti

several local comics and more

Mid-South Sculpture Conference registration September 17, 2015
2:00PM - 4:30PM
3:30=5:30 Student Open Image - projected images with a 5-minute presentation, 86 Forsyth Street
6-8 p.m. - 88 Forsyth and roof
8-10 pm.. - sculptor networking social, 86 Forsyth Street (D.J.)

MidSouth Sculpture Opening September 17, 2015
6:00PM - 8:30PM

Writers Exchange September 17, 2015

Y'allywood Film Festival September 18, 2015
3:00PM - 12:00AM

Invent Room Pop 53 September 18, 2015
10:10PM - - -
Price:  free

PARKing Day September 18, 2015

Y'allywood Film Festival September 19, 2015
9:00PM - 12:00AM
On the Roof!

hold September 20, 2015
12:00PM - 12:00AM

The Nakatani Gong Orchestra September 20, 2015
8:00PM - - -
Price:  10

The Nakatani Gong Orchestra

The unconventional, uncontrollable, and unpredictable qualities of gong sounds are percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani�s passion. Having played bowed gongs for over fifteen years, he has toured and performed all over the U.S. and internationally with his array of instruments, many of which he created himself. While on tour, Mr. Nakatani enjoys collaborating with local musicians from the cities he visits.

Mr. Nakatani has launched the Nakatani Gong Orchestra (N.G.O.) in 2011 a bold, new project born of his several years of experience as a solo percussionist. As a solo performer, both of his hands are occupied by bow or mallet, limiting him to just two gongs. But imagine the wall of sound of ten hands playing ten gongs�that�s the sonic power of N.G.O.

The music of N.G.O. is a metallic temple of deep harmonies. A performance features five people on five gong kits, usually 14 gongs onstage, with Mr. Nakatani as the ensemble's conductor. All stands, bows and mallets are assembled or hand-made by Mr. Nakatani as an important phase of the composing process of N.G.O. and its music. The gongs are bowed and softly struck by mallets to produce sounds that defy musical categorization. Underpinning the ensemble is a 21 to 50 inch gong which creates extreme low-frequencies that cross-vibrate with the tones of the other gongs of varying sizes. The result is a sound which emanates from the deepest frequency pool and is felt in the very depths of the body.

Born and raised in Osaka, Japan, Mr. Nakatani currently resides in Easton, Pennsylvania. He has released over sixty CD recordings in the U.S. and Europe. Since the late 1990s, he has performed primarily as a solo percussionist across the U.S. and overseas and has taught master classes at universities as well as holding workshops and lectures. His N.G.O. performs nationwide.

The Atlanta Gong Orchestra will be:
Adam Babar
Chelsea Dunn
Caleb Heron
Adam Scott Neal
Curtis Stephens
Meredith Kooi
Tony Gordon
Ellen McGrail
Alec Livaditis
Chris Gravely
Lowell Fuchs

Craow, Soft Target, Twins, Article Collection September 24, 2015
9:00PM - - -
Price:  7

Soft Target


Article Collection

Best of Atlanta September 25, 2015

Graphic Scores Concert 2 September 26, 2015

Price:  donations
Scores by Cody Brookshire, Regis, and the Chicago Train System

Andrew Weathers Ensemble, D4tls, Nathaniel Kiser September 28, 2015
8:00PM - - -
Price:  7
Doors at 8, show at 9

Andrew Weathers Ensemble

My name is Andrew Weathers, I’m a composer and improviser from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I was born in 1988 to parents from North Carolina and Texas. For a while I lived in Greensboro, NC, where I received a BM in Music Composition from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Now I live in Oakland, CA, where I studied Electronic Music at Mills College. I play guitar and banjo with occasional electronic augmentation.
My music blurs composition, improvisation, and appropriation, taking key elements from folk, experimental, and punk traditions. I’m interested in using a minimal amount of source material and I’m interested in repeating myself. Art is a vehicle for social change, a means to create the world we want from what we have. I think the world at large could learn a lot from the DIY music community. I’m interested in the internet connecting us, but using it to make real world connections.
I perform solo and head up a group called Andrew Weathers Ensemble. I also regularly perform and record as a part of Parties, Kirtan Choir, and Tethers. I’ve collaborated with Christopher Willits, Bicameral Mind, Andrew Marino, Squadda B, Tatsuya Nakatani, Lukas Ligeti, Laurent Estoppey, Tanner Menard, Brian John Mitchell, and Hal McGee, live and on record. I’ve studied with Fred Frith, Roscoe Mitchell, Eugene Chadbourne, Mark Engebretson, and Alejandro Rutty.

Duet for Theremin & Lapsteel

The name of this Atlanta duo implies a proper classical recital, a rigid formality.
But Scott Burland (theremin) and Frank Schultz (lap steel) don't do scripted, improvising not so much distinct sounds as evolving eddies of sound, vapors of tones that develop and transform gracefully.
Hypnotic pulses and dreamy drones weave together to form a kaleidoscope of sounds and moods, ambient clouds and swooning collages that are as much about texture as they are timbre, like a long-lost soundtrack to a deep-sea documentary.
-P. Wall

Nathaniel Kiser

Rin Larping

Rin Larping is the solo project of Lindsay Smith. She focuses on guitar and bass clarinet. Her past collaborators include Lance Higdon, Andrew Weathers and David Kirby.

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