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open improv March 1, 2007
9:00PM - - -
Price:  free
show theme 'Whatever' (quodlibet)

"The coming being is whatever being.[...] The common translation of
[the Latin term quodlibet] as 'whatever' in the sense
of 'it does not matter which, indifferently'
is certainly correct, but in its form the Latin
says exactly the opposite; Quodlibet ens is not
'being, it does not matter which.' but rather
'being such that it always matters.'"
G. Agamben, The Coming Community

Play whatever--but it's always mattering.

WPBA 30, Atlanta's PBS station, did a bit about Eyedrum's Improv Night a couple years ago for their "This Is Atlanta" show. Click for their description and the video itself (Windows Media, 2m40s).

Other Poets Gathering March 2, 2007
7:00PM - 12:00AM
Price:  $5
Below is a tentative list of readers and time. This is likely to change.


Atlanta Poets Group
Jesse Loren
Sasha Steenson
Seth Young
Dana Petersen
Nick Carbo
Shin Yu Pai
Annie Finch
Cynthia Hogue
Michael Tod Edgerton
Lori Emerson
Peter Gizzi
Brigitte Byrd
James Sanders


Alice Notley
Tracey Gagné
Mark Prejsnar
Megan Volpert
Bill Lavender
Jena Osman
Camille Martin
Randy Prunty
Mairead Byrne
Evie Schockley
Lee Ann Brown
William Allegrezza
Kay Murphy


Christian Bök
Susan Schultz
Joseph Makkos
John Lowther
Laura Mullen
Rae Armantrout
Amy King
Bruce Covey
Ken Rumble
Jed Rasula
Brad Elliott
Gregory Betts
Elizabeth Willis
Carolyn Hembree
Alka Roy

NO GALLERY HOURS today March 2, 2007

We're getting ready for the next round of exhibits.

Nicholas Kuwik opening reception March 3, 2007
6:00PM - 8:00PM
Price:  free
Please join us for the Small Gallery opening reception of Nicholas Kuwik's exhibition "Eyes R Older Than Rocks."

"It begins with the paper. Racks of paper dripping and drying with multicolored layers of washes upon washes of watercolor and gouache. Both sides of the paper are treated with my abstract experiments in color and shape. Watching the watercolor change, evaporate, dehydrate into something beautifully random. Creating a visual library, in the stacks of hundreds of sheets of double-sided paper, stained with my love of color."

The exhibit runs through March 24th.

Opening reception: Carol John March 3, 2007
7:00PM - 11:00PM
Price:  free
Opening reception.

Carol John
Smoking Sticks

Gallery 2 presents a solo show by Carol John, winner of the 2006 Eyedrum National Juried Show.

Till April 14th.

NO REGULAR GALLERY HOURS today March 3, 2007

Please join us for the opening receptions tonight:
Small Gallery 6-8PM (Nichola Kuwik)
Gallery 2 7-11PM (Carol John)

And tomorrow in Gallery 1 we'll be hosting our very first Sunday opening reception (LOST! Photos) from 4-6PM.

regular gallery hours March 4, 2007
1:00PM - 6:00PM
Price:  free

LOST! photographs March 4, 2007
4:00PM - 6:00PM
Price:  FREE
an art show of found photographs curated by shana wood and karen tauches; runs March 4th through April 14th

monthly show on WREK 91.1 FM March 4, 2007
7:00PM - 9:00PM

On the first Sunday of every month, at 7 p.m., Eyedrum does a show on WREK (91.1 FM / www.wrek.org) that features nuggets from Eyedrum's archive of live performances.

After the show airs "live", you can listen to it via WREK's 7-day archive if you forget to tune in (direct links to Sunday Special streams: lo-fi or hi-fi).

But wait, there's more! We now have a podcast available, for those of you who have discovered podcasting. You can also just download the whole show (right click on "download") although be forewarned that the file is over 50 MB in size.

This month we started with some recordings of Social Junk (played 19-Feb), Hinds / Palmer / Stagner (playing 23-Mar) and Frank Gratkowski (playing 11-Mar). Then we went into some righteous noise for the 404 Noise festival coming up in Friday March 16th -- we played Black Meat, Tree Creatures, Mugu Guymen, Magicicada, Navicon Torture Technologies aka NTT, Jarboe, and finally a selection from the Found Music compilation.

Then in the second hour we went into a 30 minute segment about Rising Appalachia, with an interview interspersed with music from the local group including some tracks from their new CD coming out at a release party on Sunday March 18th.

The last half hour of the show had tracks by Bosco Stravinisky, Praise The Twilight Sparrow (both performing March 17th), the Flaming Lips (related performance event March 30th), MV+EE and the Bummer Road and finally Laurence Revey (March 22nd).

Info Demo 2.7 March 8, 2007
9:00PM - - -
Price:  $5
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the Tower of Pisa-

Info Demo 2.7

"Things Fall Apart"

The center cannot hold. The sun burns itself up. Communication breaks down (it's always the same). We're dying from the day we're born. The "Big Dig" drops multi-ton chunks of concrete on people's heads. A liberated Iraq dissolves into chaos. Romance (lord knows) goes down the tubes, while gay partnerships corrode the pristine institution of marriage. Please walk softly until the souffle comes out of the oven. And what the hell is that grinding noise in the motor on this, the day after my warranty expired?

The Info Demons (Terra Elan "TNT" McVoy, and Christopher "Crowbar" Stevens) welcome you to experience entertaining, informative presentations on the consuming question of collapse.

regular gallery hours March 9, 2007
3:00PM - 8:00PM
Price:  free

ARTperforms March 9, 2007
9:00PM - - -
Price:  $5 suggested donation
2nd show in this new quarterly performance art series. Featuring Cecelia Kane, Allison Rentz, Jennie Castillo, Karen Tauches and more.

regular gallery hours March 10, 2007
1:00PM - 6:00PM
Price:  free

Hematovore, Jaggery, My Siamese Self March 10, 2007
9:00PM - - -

Tha Dirty Souf's instru-metal guitarmy! Hailing from the deepest, darkest jungles of the Bama Bible Belt, this 3-guitar slinging quintet breathes a vibrant breath of fresh air through the realm of instrumental metal, bridging the gaps between numerous subgenres while rocking the collective panty to the collective ankle. Leaving no musical stone unturned, their imaginative arrangements are densely packed with ideas...an encyclopedia of riffs ranging from the intricately complex to the irresistibly anthemic. Startlingly catchy but never coming off soft, Hematovore turns even the most jaded music fans' heads--Metalheads, hardcore purists, gutter punks, and indie rockers alike--Hematovore invites them all to the table, pats them on the back...and destroys them.

My Siamese Self
My Siamese Self is a three-piece punk band from Atlanta. My Siamese Self sounds like My Siamese Self, but has been complimented with comparisons to Joy Division, Television, and The Clash. Lead singer and guitarist Deb Davis has been in a ton of bands (The Gamma Clones, Jane West and the Lone Star Impalas) but is currently also in another great Georgia band called Hope for AGoldensummer. Drummer Kat Riederich was also in Jane West and the Lone Star Impalas, as well as other bands with cool names like Wig Barn and Pisghetti. Stacey Singer plays bass and sings backup and used to be the lead singer of the Atlanta trashgrass band Shitty Red Drum Kit.

jaggery is a brooklyn-based musical collective whose songs and sounds left jack rabid of big takeover magazine searching for words: "not really jazz, not pop, not ethereal rock. . . this is not like anything else youve heard. . ." was his reaction to the groups self-released "in lethe" ep (2004), a collection of five genre-defying compositions that alluded to the bands potential as a force in the new york city underground and alternative music scenes. boston-via-london transplant and songstress mali sastri fronts ~ it is her dexterous vocals (one of the most beautiful voices in modern music, says oedipus, formerly of wbcn and infinity broadcasting) instinctive piano playing, and innovative, absorbing songwriting that lie at the heart of the jaggery sound. as likely to bring to mind elizabeth fraser of the cocteau twins as diamanda galas, mali's ability to bridge the delicate with the fierce is both a signature of her voice and of jaggery's repertoire ~ from haunting lullabies to furious, mixed-meter rants; tightly-woven, classicaly-tinged compositions in odd-time signatures to catharsis-inducing, barn-burning mini-epics (often-times within the same song). she is flanked by a rotating lineup of musicians and instrumentation that create an exotic musical mobile and a kind of avant-garde acoustic electronica around what are often highly personal song tales. the sound is rich, organic, engrossing, emotional ~ both delicate and fierce, enchanting and disturbing, dark and triumphant ~ definitely not easy listening ~

regular gallery hours March 11, 2007
1:00PM - 6:00PM
Price:  free

LOST! photographs March 11, 2007
4:00PM - 6:00PM
Price:  FREE
a performative Librarian will allow the touching of found photographs. tea will be served.

Frank Gratkowski March 11, 2007
8:30PM - - -
Price:  $5
Anyone who missed amazing saxophone/clarinetist Frank Gratkowski's last solo performance at Eyedrum should be relieved to know that he's coming back to Atlanta this spring. Trust us: it'll be the best $5 you'll ever spend!

Frank has played with Peter Kowald, Ken Vandermark, Muhal Richard Abrams, Peter Brötzmann, and many others. He can swing like Sidney Bechet and astound like Evan Parker. If you're a fan of free jazz or just jazz period, don't miss this.

Check out some of his music on his site!
Frank Gratkowski

Neil Michael Hagerty and the Howling Hex March 12, 2007
9:00PM - - -
Price:  $7
Howling Hex is the most recent project of Neil Michael Hagerty (of Royal Trux , Weird War, Pussy Galore). Since disbanding Royal Trux, Mr. Hagerty has continued to push his experi-mental brand of good ol' rock n' roll even further beyond traditional conventions. Nightclub Version of the Eternal - the fourth Howling Hex release in two years – defy boundaries even further, with a truly unique rock ensemble with baritone guitar, percussion and electric guitar.

reserved March 13, 2007
7:00PM - 9:00PM
Art Comm meeting

PinkEye Indie Queer Movie Salon March 14, 2007
8:00PM - - -
Price:  $7

Wednesday March 14th

PinkEye Indie Queer Movie Salon hosts Robert Coddington presents: 'Star Booty' and the Lost Treasures of Atlanta!
An evening of video documenting how Atlanta natives moved to New York City and conquered the wild 80s club scene, including legendary icons like RuPaul, Larry Tee, Lady Bunny, and tranny O.G. punkrocker Jayne County -- who will be here in person to DJ!

To sign up for email announcements, submit a film for consideration, or get more info, go to:



or send email to PinkEyeFlix@yahoo.com

regular gallery hours March 16, 2007
3:00PM - 8:00PM
Price:  free

404 Noise Fest March 16, 2007
5:00PM - - -
Price:  tba

a full evening of aural debauchary. local noise labels NCC, Blossoming Noise, & Sounds From The Pocket will be representing.

404 Noise

The Living Jarboe



Navicon Torture Technologies

Black Meat




Mugu Guymen



Tree Creature

Self Inflicted


Nymphs Or Satyrs

regular gallery hours March 17, 2007
1:00PM - 6:00PM
Price:  free

Eclectica ala Eyedrum - see description... March 17, 2007
9:00PM - - -
Price:  7
Bosco Stravinsky
Praise the Twilight Sparrow
Stop By Fear
Yukari Yucca

Doing what Eyedrum does best - an evening of aural eclectica ranging from moody to geeky, jazzy to folky, poppy to spacey, and all points in between. Artists appearing are (in alphabetical order) -

Bosco Stravinsky
From his bio: "...not content with pursuing a normal productive life the Stravinsky-thing presented as a singing bassist in such forgotten audio atrocities as The Visitors, The Guts, Falling Rock, Surface Tension, Children of Noise, and the inimitable Suburban Baroque. Then there was The Land. Swampy psychedelic sludge from the caverns of their minds. Then one day the words "you obviously don't share my vision" were uttered. The flames of a thousand hells burst forth from his tiny nostrils as he struggled for meaning in a world far beyond the Rock and Roll Laundromat at 21st and Blair. Could it possibly be true? Ask the people on Libra Drive in Tempe, Arizona. Try to find a decent plate of hummus on the streets of Louisville, Kentucky. Stay at home and make yourself a sandwich. Fall down on your knees and wipe your pants off when you stand back up. Walk softly on the scorched earth of your existence as the past fades into casseroles of confusion. Feed your hungry mind."


Praise the Twilight Sparrow
Raw bone, emotional and dreamy, reminiscent of moonlit sourthern woods or days gone by in silent fury and speechless awe, PTS defends a minimalistic approach and a firm rooting in folk music twisted as mad love or untold dreams. Founded by Pascal Hallibert (of Dutch indie combo Templo Diez), PTS is a project based in Bordeaux, France, Amsterdam, NL, and LA, USA with an ever-changing lineup, depending on the songs , the seasons and the general state of their friendship. On tour, PTS relies on its 6-piece French/Dutch core team and a sound reminiscent of tradition and danger.


Stop by Fear is a musical consortium: our music is a quintessential marriage of experimental, jazz and the avant- garde.
The group has just completed a new CD entitled, "Momentum into Nothingness" and it was released in May, 2006.
Momentum into Nothingness has been reviewed by "Signal to Noise", "Wind and Wire", "Ambient Navigator", "Vital Weekly" and several other musical outlets and on-line magazines. The group currently, is L.A. Jenkins on guitar and Chris Murray on drums, sampler and electronics


The Yukari Yucca Project is a brand new hybrid of multi media and culture.

Excerpts from bio:

"I was born in Japan and was involved with theatre in Tokyo. After graduation from university
I decided to find more education in America. My five years experience in United States made me realize
how different our culture and common sense is..."

"My most recent performance includes two Japanese kid's songs which are known 98% of children
in Japan. They are performed with the beautiful instrument 'shamisen' (Japanese traditional

"My show continues to evolve and improve with every new story. Different styles of using media,
such as shadow performances that can interact with characters on screen by using rear projection
of video, help to maintain visual interest as the story progresses. Interaction with audience members
also keeps show enjoyable to all involved."


regular gallery hours March 18, 2007
1:00PM - 6:00PM
Price:  free

LOST! photographs March 18, 2007
4:00PM - 6:00PM
Price:  FREE
a performative Librarian will allow the touching of found photographs. tea will be served.

Rising Appalachia CD release March 18, 2007
8:00PM - 12:00PM
Price:  suggested donation $8

Rising Appalachia CD Release Party!

Music is becoming our tool...not just for aural pleasure, not just for hobby-but now as a means to connect with something beyond ourselves. It is taking its own personality, carrying us all along on the journey down the damp and strange alley ways and cryptic coded pathways... to poetic observations, social change, lyrical nonsense, political rage, symphonic coercing, ferocious bantering, cycles and train tracks, primal will, fresh air intoxicants, harmony and alliteration, noise and something sweeter than I can ever touch. -post-apocalyptic folk fusion soul mending...perhaps?

We are celebrating the release of our new album which will be a further step away from all that we are steeped in tradition but a further step into our own psyche...It changes you, this magic road of sound. It touches you and then asks you to respond. ... Our attempt at a response is on its way. Please wait patiently, and be ready.
some of the upcoming tracks:

"We like a good bit of hootanany and hoedowns that tickle the gizzards way down to their sultry inner depths...little bit of good boot stompin' fiddle banjo/tunes passed down along the way...what tunes we can carry on long journeys we do- and travel frequently in old dusty backpacks and vagabond hammocks, throwing out a hitch hickers thumb as often as possible..." -Leah.

Freak-Folk-Soul from the South...

Sisters Leah and Chloe Smith grew up in the bosom of the Southern Appalachian music renaissance. Born to a fiddlin’ mother and a folk-sculptor father, they were raised with old-time mountain melodies as their lullabies. But, having also grown up amidst the underground hip hop and spoken word movements of the urban South, the group has heavy influences in indie folk, vintage jazz, political hip hop, and roots music from around the world.

Rising Appalachia’s eerie banjo originals, gritty lyrics and effortless sister harmonies are compared to that of Ani Difranco, Gillian Welch and even Bjork. With their dynamic percussionist Forrest Kelly, the group now adds a unique drumming style to create a driving and hypnotic groove that is simply addictive. Playing a djembe, dumbek, boudrhan, kickdrum, snare, spoons, jawharp, washboard, and even the bones, the group Rising Appalachia offers a fresh, raw approach to a beautiful old tradition.


White Mice, Black Helicopter, Small Framed Boy March 20, 2007
9:00AM - - -
White Mice(Load Records/Blossoming Noise)

somehow as bombastic as it is sludgey and menacing...noisey rock and roll racket for appreciators of doom, gloom, and mindbending theatrics.

Black Helicopter(Ecstatic Peace)

no nonsense punchy rock and roll. they've toured with Mission of Burma and Sonic Youth alike and the pairings couldn't be more fitting. yes, it's that damn good.

Small Framed Boy

a kick in the eyeball, a melted brain sandwich, this band is equal parts an allusion to kraut, noise, and psychedelia but don't be fooled...nothing contrived here..sfb is all it's own, a veritible powerhouse and oh so wonderful.

Language Harm: palimpsests/texts over time March 21, 2007
8:00PM - - -
Price:  $5
palimpsests/texts over time: layer your texts and grab your watch---
the APG promises to thrill with wondrous linguistic stunts---superimposing, erasing, breaking, bonding, and rebuilding texts---before your very eyes!

Laurence Revey, Envie March 22, 2007
9:00PM - - -
Swiss music artist Laurence Revey utilizes Electro-pop with a organic eclectic feel, singing in German, French and English. Her recent self-titled CD was produced by Arto Lindsay and Melvin Gibbs, and features among other surprises, a Serge Gainsbourg song.

Laurence Revey

Led by harpist/ pianist Renee Nelson (frequent Jarboe collaborator) and multi-instrumentalist Michael Overstreet, Envie provides an eclectic mix of ethereal drones and icy, organic pop.


regular gallery hours March 23, 2007
3:00PM - 8:00PM
Price:  free

shakin' ray levis March 23, 2007
9:00PM - - -
Price:  $7
Shaking Ray Levis:
Dennis Palmer: synths and vocals
Bob Stagner: drums
Killick: H'arpeggione

A.S.A.P. Wings is the first album from the trio of Killick Erik Hinds, Dennis Palmer and Bob Stagner, a.k.a. the Shaking Ray Levis. The music is a juggernaut, a whale of a hoot. Post-post-modern revivalism at its ornery and most unabashed best. Chattanooga's finest meet the Appalachian Trance Metal. Open up yr wind-ers, open up yr doors...

The Shaking Ray Levis is an ongoing collaboration of musicians with a
common interest in improvisation. The project was conceived and led by the Chattanooga-based team of Dennis J. Palmer and Bob Stagner. The latest incarnation of the group is a trio with Killick Erik Hinds of Athens, Georgia. They use storytelling, synthesizers, samplers, percussion, and Killick's one-of-a-kind H'arpeggione to achieve their
distinctive sound. They are the first American group to have recorded for Incus Records, the record label of late British free improvisational guitarist Derek Bailey. Additionally, they have performed and recorded with John Zorn, David Greenberger, Fred Frith, Min Tanaka, Amy Denio, Ken Vandermark, Peter Kowald, Susan Alcorn, Larry Ochs, Habib Koité, Chris Cutler, Susie Allen, and Derek Bailey,
as well as with many other critically acclaimed artists.

The Shaking Ray Levis have performed internationally on the BBC, at Quebec's International Festival de Musique Actuelle, Newfoundland's Sound Symposium, London's Company Week, and Denver's ReThink Conference. Dennis Palmer has the distinction of being invited to play at Company Week in 1988 and the final one in 1994. Furthermore, their educational outreach program has been presented in many public schools and malls throughout the U.S. The group has been awarded grants by the British Arts Council, Meet the Composer, and several regional organizations. Incus released the Duo's first and second CD's, False Prophets or Dang Good Guessers in 1993 and Short in the U.K. in 1997 with drummer Roger Turner and keyboardist Steve Beresford. Although they are on many compilations, their first and only vinyl release is a quintet with Borbetomagus, a release which features Palmer's artwork on a limited edition picture disc. Their 1997 CD Boss Witch features collaborations with J.D. Parran, Davey Williams, Frank Pahl, Mary Richards, and Steve Beresford. 2003, a year in which two wildly different and critically acclaimed discs were released, was a very productive year indeed for the SRL boys. Mssrs. Palmer and Stagner can be heard on Shaking Ray Records' Live at Lamar's, a 1999 recording of a live performance with improv guru Derek Bailey. Also in 2003, Palmer & Stagner teamed up with NPR correspondent and Duplex Planet publisher David Greenberger, with a more than a little help from Kenny Palmer and Frank Pahl, on PelPel's Mayor of the Tennessee River. 2007 brings the release of the Shaking Ray's first album as a trio with Killick, a joint Solponticello/Shaking Ray release.

Killick of Athens, Georgia is a tireless advocate for improvised and the other kind of music. He plays quartertone electric guitar, Big Red harp guitar, and his devil cello: the H'arpeggione, an upright acoustic instrument with 12 sympathetic strings. Killick focuses on the raw sound of his strings in all their microtonal glory; his style blends primitive folk, heavy metal, and sacred musics from around the world into a distinct voice. Killick has played with countless improvisers and performs regularly around the country, to the delight of millions. He runs Solponticello Records, looks good in black (the new salmon), and is obsessed with old-school arcade games. He is the fellow who put out a solo acoustic H'arpeggione version of Slayer's Reign In Blood.

regular gallery hours March 24, 2007
1:00PM - 6:00PM
Price:  free

Atlanta Film Colloquium March 24, 2007
8:00PM - - -
Price:  $3
The Atlanta Film Colloquium presents:


Atlanta Film Colloquium 3: Dead of Winter - Saturday March 24th marks the third AFC film party that explores the various dramatic aspects of the frozen season. Seven cold films, none over 7 minutes followed by hot music and the return of the AFC's Winter Sangria. Doors open at 8pm - Films screen at 9pm


Small Gallery show closes March 24, 2007

regular gallery hours March 25, 2007
1:00PM - 6:00PM
Price:  free

reserved March 25, 2007
3:00PM - 6:00PM

LOST! photographs March 25, 2007
4:00PM - 6:00PM
Price:  free
a performative Librarian will allow the touching of found photographs. tea will be served. Click here for more info about exhibition.

Joshua Fried March 25, 2007
8:00PM - - -
Price:  $7
Experimental music composer/performance artist Joshua Fried is known for turning technology on its head, challenging its assumptions, while using machines to accentuate the raw human qualities of live events that are unique to the moment. His work partakes equally of minimalism and the rhythmic experimentation of Nancarrow and his followers, as well as contemporary performance art, dance rhythm and sound processing techniques.

Joshua Fried

Ryfylke/Isia Cooper/Duet for Theremin & Lap Steel March 27, 2007
9:00PM - - -
Price:  tba

RYFYLKE [Oslo, Norway] consisting of STIAN SKAGEN and STEN OVE TOFT stands out as one of the most interesting and sophisticated sound artists in Norway up to date. Ryfylke’s
intriuging sonic world is a result of two highly different approaches to music composing. On the onehand side you’ll find TOFT working with field-recordings of environments and objects together with other analog ‘found-sounds’. These sounds he then carefully deconstruct and construct through electronic manipulations. The result of these behaviors ends up in an ocean of drones, building it up to maelstrom’s of brutal swirls and layers of noise walls. On the other side SKAGEN’s way of habit is of electronic nature. He works with digital feedback, raw data files and numeric codes. This basematerial is then shattered into cascades of pulses and a sparkling multiplicity of atonal glitches. A Ryfylke performance is a physical interaction where the listener is challanged to experience a room in constant movement.

Isia Cooper enchants with haunting and minimal compositions for voice and guitar. Her performances are quiet and lovely while defying the oft-stigmatized genre of singer/songwriter through the use of space and looseness within her craft. beautiful!

Duet For Theremin and Lap Steel, whose name describes its instrumentation in exactly the way it does not give you the full spectrum of what sonic sundries they impart, open with rich textures, swooning collages, and hypnotic pulses, like a warm bath in the aural abyss.

LOST! photographs March 28, 2007
6:00PM - 8:00PM
Price:  FREE
a performative Librarian will allow the touching of found photographs. tea will be served. Click here for more info about exhibition.

Steel drum ensemble March 29, 2007
9:00PM - - -
Price:  donation

regular gallery hours March 30, 2007
3:00PM - 8:00PM
Price:  free

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots March 30, 2007
8:00PM - - -
Price:  $7
Holly Mann theater/dance presents a performance event set to the score of the Flaming Lips' album "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots." "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" is the story of a person traveling though life as a robot. Yoshimi is his, and all robots, only hope. She alone has the ability to beat the
robots allowing them to become more than machines. The album is a statement on the desensitization of society. The robot like nature is overcome when people begin to connect. "Yoshimi" is filled with beautiful yet comedic soundscapes that depict the development of human emotion.

regular gallery hours March 31, 2007
1:00PM - 6:00PM
Price:  free

Sarah Dixon Small Gallery Opening Reception March 31, 2007
6:00PM - 8:00PM
Price:  Free
Marionettes: New Paintings by Sarah Dixon.

Sarah Dixon's new body of work explores female identity through the images of fashion models in the media depicted as puppet-dolls being manipulated by actual strings, as if they are, in fact, marionettes.

Through April 21st.

Yoshimii Battles the Pink Robots March 31, 2007
8:00PM - - -
Price:  $7
Holly Mann theater/dance presents a performance event set to the score of the Flaming Lips' album "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots." "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" is the story of a person traveling though life as a robot. Yoshimi is his, and all robots, only hope. She alone has the ability to beat the
robots allowing them to become more than machines. The album is a statement on the desensitization of society. The robot like nature is overcome when people begin to connect. "Yoshimi" is filled with beautiful yet comedic soundscapes that depict the development of human emotion.

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