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CE Schneider Topical, Polish Nails, Binary Boys December 1, 2014
9:00PM - - -
Price:  5

CE Schneider Topical is Christina Schneider and Zach the co-spiritor of the only band ever, Blanche Blanche Blanche. New tape released last week on the soon to be recently defunct on data plane OSR Tapes

Samuel Boat is hello-fi project of maybe a guy named Samuel Boat. Sweet minimal and hushy, one of those guys that sounds like a nice guy he did a thanksgiving record this week, on tour with CE Schneider T

Polish Nails
Polish Nails are returning as the only band in Atlanta so honored to have them on board makes me feel like were living in a world class music city

Binary Boys
Binary Boys is TV Dinner lite like just eating the hot plastic rap, nu era vintage synthesizer style and surfy ymo

Timeghost, Article Collection, Twins December 7, 2014
9:00PM - - -
Price:  7


collapses boundaries between performance art/electronic music and technology/ biology to pursue uncommon experiences. The sole effort of Adam Morosky, an active contributor to Providence Rhode Island’s Noise periphery for the past 10 years, TIMEGHOST focuses to reach audiences on a visceral level through impromptu speeches, mutated song forms, physical endurance, and synthesizer explorations that sound more like spoken language than replicated musical instruments. This Fall, reputable Providence label Load Records is releasing “Cellular”, the first TIMEGHOST LP, a narrative that encapsulates information technology, systems of power, human biology, and global ecology as a gestating organism unaware of its own body and implications. The themes are served through a medium of pulsating rhythms, haunting melodies, and meditative passages of synthetic sound and site-specific recordings. In concert, the album is performed with sound-reactive light arrays and prosthetic sensors pierced through his skin. Adam Morosky has collaborated with members of This Heat, The Residents, Forcefield, and is a former member of Lazy Magnet. He has performed at The Museum of Art at Rhode Island School of Design and shared festival lineups with Tony Conrad, Herman Nitsch, Lightning Bolt, and Container.

watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERQYtysxXSg&feature=youtu.be

listen: http://www.soundcloud.com/nexykl

blog: http://cvss.blog.com

Article Collection

C. Latina is an electronic musician, video artist, and co-owner of the Private Archive label. Article Collection represents his solo experiments for computer music and improvisational analog electronics. He is slated for a full length tape release on Spanish label Anòmia in late 2014. In the past he has worked with Baritone Saxophonist Davindar Singh and has performed alongside composers and artists such as Mario Diaz de Leon, Frank Bretschneider, Kouhei Matsunaga.


TWINS is the paranoid outsider-pop project of Atlanta-based producer Matt Weiner. Having spent the better part of a decade reveling in a mutant murk that intersects seductive synth-pop with Featureless Ghost and grotesque industrial-dance grooves in his own right as TWINS on LPs issued by Ruralfaune and Clan Destine, Weiner has more than proved his sincerely sinister and auspiciously artful finesse of synth-based music. Operating from his home studio, arrayed with various tools of the trade, Weiner culls his subtle scourges of sound with an unending sense of bold exploration, processing tracks of rhythmic, aural catharsis.

Rat Bastard, Snakehole, Silvia Kastel, CellTherapy December 8, 2014
9:00PM - - -

Rat Bastard

A founding member of the despicable To Live and Shave in LA, Mr. Bastard (Frank Falestra to Mom) has been cracking heads, bursting eardrums, and causing structural damage in shitty clubs for decades, most recently with his sprawling International Noise Conference, which touts: “No droning, no mixing boards, no laptops.”
I had the opportunity to see the Squelchers at last year’s No Future Fest in Chapel Hill, NC, where a burly man with black-rimmed glasses and beanie (Rat Bastard) hurled his static-spewing amplifier into the faces and chests of audience members. You can imagine my intrigue then, at the juxtaposition of such confrontational guitar trash and hook-laden pop-punk for Saturday’s bill, though it makes a bit more sense after some Googling and a visit to the Squelchers site. Pollard and Falestra have actually collaborated before — back in 2003 for Pollard’s Motel of Fools EP. And since the “Laundry Room Squelchers” are basically anyone who can/will tour with Mr. Bastard at the time, the lineup for Saturday will consist solely of Falestra and local guitar/electronics whiz Chris Grier, also a collaborator with TLASILA. Given that this is basically an indie rock showcase, I imagine the Squelchers set will be significantly less violent and involve a more stationary guitar assault. But you never know, heads might roll.
- City Paper Washington DC / by Cole Goins Sep. 26 2008


Snakehole is an all-girl trio formed in Miami, FL by guitarist and vocalist Autumn Casey, bassist Julie Ghoulie and drummer KC Toimil. Originally formed in 2011 as a punk band they adopted the punk doom metal fused sound incorporating occult themes after a 2 year hiatus. They recently released a 6 track EP with DIY label No Work Records based out of Miami, FL.

Silvia Kastel

Italian noise queen and Ultramarine Records chief Silvia Kastel managed to do the impossible with last year's Love Tape and completely invert the the stifling stereotypes of her scene's experiments. What was once embarrassingly macho became ecstatically feminine; what was once hands-off laboratory work became open-ended sensual expression. The exaggerated moans, growls, and howls of Love, even when surrounded in dissonant electronics, always managed to evoke a grinning Kastel, but the title track from her solo follow-up, the Take It 7", finds her seizing an equally sultry but far more sinister position of power rife with paranoia. The slow industrial burn of the factory-floor percussion keeps pressure on your temples while the trails of her tremolo-sliced, supremely commanding sprechstimme drill in to you slowly and take secrets from your head for the keeping.

Cell Therapy

Slug Christ, Fit of Body, Divine Interface December 11, 2014
9:00PM - - -
Price:  5
Slug Christ
xoxo and Clair
Fit of Body
Divine Interface
Luxery Sedan

Performance Committee Party December 12, 2014
7:30PM - 10:30PM
Price:  special
Join Eyedrum's newly formed performance committee for refreshments, dance on film screenings, music by Allen Welty-Green, and other live dance performance. This is a chance for dancers, choreographers, performers, writers, composers, fillmmakers, and collaborators to network, see the space resources Eyedrum has to offer, and have some fun. Join Eyedrum at the event and receive special discounts on rehearsal spaces, Eyedrum merchandise, music, and events. Ground-floor, wheelchair accessible. Parking in the deck at MLK and Forsyth St. $3. Doors and film at 7:30; performances begin at 8:30.

Pussycat Purrradise / Ladyfest Fundraiser December 13, 2014
8:30PM - - -
Price:  5
As many of you know, the first ever Ladyfest Atlanta will be taking place March 20-22, 2015 and it's going to be the most amazing weekend of your life...........BUT we need your help to make sure it is as fabulou$$$ as possible!!

bring ur friends
bring ur lovers
bring ur pussycats
bring ur parents
bring ur sweet moves

Music by
DJ Bitchcraft
(more to be announced!!!)

COME ON OUT & DANCE YOUR BUTT OFF (or hang outside and smoke cigarettes) FOR A GOOD CAUSE

and if helping out Ladyfest isn't enough of a reason to come, then come for some super special super secret surprises :D :D :D

TIX $5 at the door
100% of the profits go to Ladyfest

Move Lab at Eyedrum December 14, 2014
4:00PM - 5:00PM
Price:  n/a
The Move Lab: A STEAM Community of Learners

The Move Lab project, a Georgia Tech CAT Lab and Eyedrum collaboration, invited artists, technology experts, undergraduates, and high school students, to work together for a full week to produce a multimedia dance and technology performance speaking to issues of technology and culture.

Our goal is to use the Move Lab as a model for future collaborations between artist and technologist. We invite you to see our first performance on Sunday, December 14.

This project was made possible by the GVU/IPaT Research and Engagement grants program.

The project was developed by Kayla DesPortes, Monet Spells, and Betsy DiSalvo from the Georgia Tech Culture and Technology Lab (CAT Lab) and Onur Topal-Sumer, Morgan Carlisle, and Al Matthews from Eyedrum.

Wade Matthews & Jill Burton, David Kirby December 15, 2014
8:00PM - - -
Price:  7

Wade Matthews & Jill Burton (duo)

Wade Matthews

In 1989, after completing his doctorate at Columbia University in New York, French-born American musician Wade Matthews moved to Madrid and became active on the international improv scene. Drawing on his work at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center (His doctoral dissertation was on improvisation guided by electronic sounds) he approached the bass clarinet and alto flute as “acoustic synthesizers,” rethinking their sonic possibilities, phrasing, and relation to breath in a musical language based on real-time creation. When faster processors made laptop synthesis viable, Matthews gradually abandoned the woodwinds and returned to his first love, tweaking a virtual synthesizer to allow very rapid control of sound parameters for solo playing and dialog with others. In 2007, he founded INTERMEDIA 28 with photographer Adam Lubroth and guitarist Julio Camarena. There, he began to combine field recordings with electronic synthesis in a 2-computer setup that has since become his main instrument.

Matthews has presented his work on five continents, including performances at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the National Center for the Arts in Mexico City, the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, the Reina Sofía Museum of Contemporary Art in Madrid, The Stone, in New York; Fylkingen, in Stockholm, and concerts and festivals in London, Paris, Berlin, San Francisco, Montevideo, Barcelona, Beirut, Cape Verde, Lisbon, Dublin, Oslo, etc. Besides his concerts, Matthews is interested in sharing ideas about music and his activity as a lecturer and visiting professor has taken him to the Paris Conservatory, the University of California, San Diego; the California Art Institute, Columbia University, the Universidad de las Americas in Puebla, Mexico; the American University of Beirut, Limerick University in Ireland, and many, many others.

Jill Burton

Born in 1952, extended vocalist/holistic/sound/movement/performance artist JILL BURTON was a professional ballerina, modern dancer, dance teacher and accompanist, and free improvisor in Gainesville FL during the 1970s. In 1978, she traveled to San Francisco where she met for the first time her life-long collaborators Davey Williams and LaDonna Smith, and connected for the first time to a larger, world-wide community of free improvisors. She lived in Manhattan's East Village from 1981-1991 where she was very active as part of the downtown experimental music/dance/performance art scene; including co-founding, w/Rain Worthington, the band HIZOHI which also included Jane Scarpantoni, Yuval Gabay, and Kumiko Kimoto; and three years in David First's microtonal orchestra The Flatland Oscillators. She has been privileged to work with and learn from artists of the Peking Opera, the Noh Theater, and Alaska Native Tlingit storytellers. She spent more than 15 years studying and practicing bodywork, hands-on healing, energy-work, and sound-healing modalities, and is perhaps unique in applying these practices and philosophies as an extended vocalist and movement artist working in the field of the art of free improvisation. She currently tours the US several times a year doing solo and collaborative performances and giving workshops and presentations.

David Kirby

In some ways, an oddly retro recording, 68 minutes of, essentially, tape collage of the mash-up kind that recalls not so much the mix 'n' match aesthetics of downtown NYC in the 80s but more (at least for me) an aural equivalent of a certain kind of telecast that used to run on Manhattan Cable where some inspired fellow would meld swatches of film stock in rapid-fire fashion, linking things more or less thematically--explosions, dinosaurs, punches, kisses, whatever--in a manner that, at its best, beca,me almost rapturous.

It begins wonderfully enough, bird and insect sounds augmented by a whirling, vaguely metallic noise, liked oiled steel plates sliding atop one another. After several minutes, that gives way to...well, a whole smorgasbord of things. Credits list four tape recorders (sounds like turntables as well) and I'm wondering, given what I saw Kirby capable of accomplishing last fall at AMPLIFY:stones, whether this might be a live performance; I wouldn't be totally surprised, though the depth achieved, one way or another, is very impressive. Describing it is difficult, not the least because of it shifting substance, snatches of near-recognizable music of various genres (hip hop represented with some prominence but "Beautiful Dreamer" also stops in) butting shoulders and knees against a kind of swirling electronics that summons, to my mind, Pierre Henry, even Terry Riley at his most abstract.

Personally, I don't have long patience with this mode of attack, at least these days. It's interesting that it almost achieves a kind of white noise aspect by evening out the playing field so that one sound more or less equates to another, but that "almost" doesn't negate the nagging identifying tendency one has as you try to mentally find patterns, look for logical or dream-logical associations, etc. Kirby may well have employed some system or structural design or he may have free associated, but while any given three minute segment retains a goodly amount of intrigue, as a whole, it's an overwhelming, sheer mass of data that ends up leaving bruises but few other lingering impressions or thoughts, though the maelstrom that occupies the final ten or so minutes is cohesive and quite beautiful. An oddly mixed bag, then.

- Brian Olewnick, Just Outside

Matchess, Gel Set, Pyramid Club, Pamela & Her Sons December 16, 2014
9:00PM - - -
Price:  7


“Bewitching” is the only word we could come up with to describe “Seraphastra” when we first heard it in 2013. Originally released on an extremely limited cassette by the Digitalis label, the album makes a welcome debut to the vinyl format. Matchess is the solo project of Whitney Johnson, singer & keyboardist for Chicago band Verma, whose banshee-like wail & synth squall can be heard over the band’s more recent Trouble In Mind releases “Coltan” & “Sunrunner ” but Johnson’s work as Matchess is a different beast all together. Foregoing her band’s skyward arching krautrock jams for a more subtle, ‘Radiophonic’ approach, “Seraphastra”s alien drones & rhythmic pulse are grounded in the mystic & cosmic efflivium of modern spiritual synth music.

Gel Set

"The minimal and darkly funny one-woman Gel Set leaves an happily danceable impression with tracks like “The Perfect Place To Dump A Body” (“That one there, he’s a hottie, / I just want to dump his body”) and “Can’t Stop Hating U...”

Pyramid Club

Simple majority of the DKA army

Pamela And Her Sons

Solo electronic project of musician and video artist Alee Hosher

Sonic Adventures December 17, 2014
8:00PM - - -

Writers Exchange December 18, 2014
7:30PM - 10:30PM
Price:  free
This event occurs in the Warhorse Cafe at The Goat Farm Arts Center, 1200 Foster Street, Atlanta 30318. From Howell Mill Road, take Huff Road west (away from downtown Atlanta), then take the first left, which is Foster Street. Entrances to the Goat Farm are on the right, after the driveway for the Howard School.

Come share your literary output aloud for 10 minutes and get feedback for 5 minutes. Lost? Call 678-642-0612 or 404-578-4430.

Invent Room Pop 44 December 19, 2014
10:10PM - - -
Price:  free
At Beep Beep Gallery
696 Charles Allen Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30308

This is the 44th installment of Invent Room Pop. Six musicians are invited to play in duos and trios determined at random, with names drawn out of a hat. Inspect the archives at inventroompop.bandcamp.com.

RESPITE December 20, 2014
8:00PM - - -
#7 in eyedrum's yearly series involving quiet moods, warm sonic sundries and deliciously cozy aural climes.

in no particular order:


expect low lights, warm beverages, and general lethargy as we gather to enjoy each other in respite from the hectic holidays and cold (maybe) weather, and as we celebrate the end of another fantastic year.

Hold December 29, 2014
9:00AM - 9:00PM

Hold December 30, 2014
9:00AM - 9:00PM

Hold December 31, 2014
9:00AM - 9:00PM

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