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silent art installation December 1, 2004

Open Improv December 2, 2004

first Thursday of every month

silent art installation continued December 3, 2004

installation for Dec 4 auction

(un)Silent Night: Art Auction Fundraiser December 4, 2004
7:00PM - 1:00AM
Price:  see below
7pm - 11pm:
  • Art auction and music, eyedrum style
    7pm Brian Parks (harpsichord)
    8pm Stan Woodard (ambience)
    9pm Orchid Pool
    10pm Brian Montero (lapsteel)
  • Raising of the mural
    local artist Travis Pack paints a new
    mural, live!
  • Alternative bake sale
    Susan A. Cipcic, Pandra Williams, Satchel Mallon, True Heart Collaborations, Sloane Cornwell, Laura Ellis, Dana Lisa Petersen, Suzanne McQuaide
  • Instant-history portrait studio
    a functioning installation -- $10 specialty portrait
    Richard Gess & Karen Tauches will document you as part of Atlanta’s scene
  • Jon Ciliberto "instant paintings" $10
  • Reflexology with Eva Sotus $10
  • Non-psychic tarot readings by JS van Buskirk of the Office of Small Objects (and of Info Demo fame) $10
  • Tours of the new back space
    we’ve grown!! from 3,000 to 6,000 sq ft.

  • 11pm auction announcement
  • 11pm The Marsh (in the new space)
  • 11:30 Selmanaires (acoustic set)

$10 at the door
F R E E admission for participating artists
and eyedrum members
Memberships available at door

List of particpating artists:
Alejandro Aguilera
Lisa Alembik
Larry Anderson
M B Andrews
Ben Apfelbaum
Anita Arliss
Justin Baldwin
Ian Ballentine
Ben Baumgartner
Pat Borow
Christa Bowden
Laura Bowden
Emily Kate Boyd
Natalie Brandhorst
Robin Brasington
Sharon Brooks
Jenn Brown
Stefani Byrd
Mariah Cagle
Lucas Causey
Jonathan Chaffin
Jeremy Chance
Robert Cheatham
Jon Ciliberto
Susan A. Cipcic
Don Cooper
Woody Cornwell
Eilis Crean
Jules Cozine
Sandra Curtis
Roel D Daves III
Ann Dennington
Terri Dilling
Craig Dongoski
Ben Fain
Laura Boles Faw
Rossy Finol
Jennifer Frangi
Lesa Gabrels
Lynn Gay
Heidi Geldhauser
Eric Gillyard
Eula Ginsburg
Kristen Gorell
Max Grimm
Ayed Hallim
Traycee Hanvy
Jody Harris
Sarah Hatch
Chris Hauck
Grady Haugerud
Diane Hause
Holley Henderson
Lee Hester
Hope Hilton
Patrick Holbrook
Tim Hunter
Christina Ishtar
Christopher Jenkins
Jason Johnson
Marcia Jones
Cecelia Kane
Miriam Karp
Edith Kelman
Leslie Kneisel
Julia Kubica
David Landis
Sarah Landrum
Scott Lawrence
Erin Lawton
Ruth Laxson
Heather Lickliter
Anya Liftig
Donald Locke
Kristine Lohr
Pam Longobardi
Roxanne Lowery
Eric Mack
Jeffrey Maghirang
Katy Malone
John Marin
Markus Maze
Phoebe Maze
Jerome McInnish
Suzanne McQuaide
Jannelle Mimms
Donna Mintz
Kirstin Mitchell
Linda Mitchell
Mary Anne Mitchell
Mandie Turner Mitchell
Shannon Mulkey
Prema Murthy
Jerome Neidlinger
Drew Newman
William J. "Bill" Nixon, Jr
Willie Oliver
Travis Pack
Shannon Palumbo
Sasha-Ingenue Patton
Sigrira Perret-Gentil
Camilla Petersen
Dana Lisa Petersen
Christy Petterson
Allyson Petty
Bruce Phillips
Katie Ridley
Kelly Reese
Rhonda Reno
Allison Rentz
John Roberts
Angie Rogero
Danielle Roney
Judy Rushin
Maria Sarmiento
Bryan Schellinger
Michelle Schuff
Katja C Seltmann
Polly Sherrill
Lisa Shinault
Ramsey Sibaja
Patrice Simmons
Diane Simone
Kevin Sipp
Deanna Sirlin
Charlie Smith
Eva Sotus
Aviva Stern
Martha Stiles
Julie Stuart
Freddie Styles
Bernyce Talley
Reiko Tate
Karen Tauches
Nathan Tavel
Katherine Taylor
Kelly Teasley
Kelly Thames
Perry Trice
Gregor Turk
Jaya Tuschak
Lisa Tuttle
Susan Voelker
Clark Vreeland
Dawn Walker
Heather Stevens Weese
Laurel Wells
Jennifer West
Alex White
Debba White
Martha Whittington
Jere Williams
Pandra Williams
Susie Winton
Meshakai Wolf
Stan Woodard
Ling Zhang

monthly show on WREK 91.1 FM December 5, 2004
7:00PM - 8:00PM

On the first Sunday of every month, at 7 p.m., Eyedrum does a show on WREK that features nuggets from Eyedrum's archive of live performances.

Remember that, after the show airs, you can always listen to this and any recent Sunday Special via WREK's 7-day archive if you forget to tune in (direct links to Sunday Special streams: lo-fi or hi-fi).

We'll be playing some highlights of the past year's Open Improv nights (first Thursday of every month). This month's show is cut back to one hour due to a football game, so we aired the first hour of Open Improv material back during the November show -- hope you caught it!

(un) Silent Night art pick-up December 6, 2004
6:00PM - 10:00PM
(un)Silent Night artwork pick-up

Rhonda Wilcox on Buffy - Word+Praxis December 7, 2004
8:00PM - - -
Price:  $4
Rhonda Wilcox, internationally renowned Buffyologist, returns to Eyedrum with an ED-exclusive preview of her new book. She'll read a chapter about one of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's wittiest episodes: "'For Those of Us in Our Audience Who Are Me:' Xander, Laughter, and 'The Zeppo.'" Discussion follows about this episode and any and all Buffy-related topics.

Dr. Wilcox is a professor of English at Gordon College, coeditor of a collection of essays titled Fighting the Forces: What's at Stake in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the coeditor of Slayage: The Online International Journal of Buffy Studies, and the author of The Art of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, forthcoming from I.B. Tauris in 2005.

film / lit event December 7, 2004

Don't miss the "literature" event this evening: "Rhonda Wilcox on Buffy the Vampire Slayer".
Click here for more information.

The Postmodern Animal - Word+Praxis December 8, 2004
8:00PM - - -
A release party for the monograph Animality, published in conjunction with Perforations (www.pd.org/topos/perforations.html).
Animals tell us about how culture positions itself in relation to nature. Part of Animality as a publication and a release party event will explore how cultures represent and jostle animals and so reveals our values. Yet, animals are not simply manipulated in culture; they have a life of their own. The other side of this project explores our points of entry into the animals' sense of world. Several artists and scholars will present brief rifts and various takes on animality alongside art, music, and interactive installations that explore problems of representing the animal.

Targ & Welsh - Word+Praxis December 9, 2004
8:00PM - - -
Price:  $4
the talk is called;
Interiority/Exteriority: Dialectical perspectives in art and philosophy.
(further details about the talk are forthcoming)
& will be offered by
Profs. Rebecca Targ (Department of Art) & Talia Welsh (Department of Philosophy & Religion) University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
as a part of eyedrum's Word & Praxis series.

Nu-South Subterraneans/Lie and Swell December 15, 2004
9:00PM - - -
Price:  $6

Creative Loafing's "Best Local Jazz Band" 2004

With Bill Nitler's baritone sax and Jeff Smith's bass clarinet
blazing over Alex Lambert's convulsive percussions, LIE AND SWELL
out-heaves and skronks any other jazz bands on the block. Like
witnessing the stage energy of Black Flag filtered through three
unassuming and unpretentious players who really know how to play,
Lie and Swell's shows bring the noise, but never forget the
melodies. Offering up the occasional cover of the Butthole
Surfers' "Cherub" in front of a mixed crowd of Atlanta's sauciest
and most irreverent show-goers, the group balances frantic
sophistication against unrivaled tension and release. -- CL


Creative Loafing's "Best Instrumentalist Blow-for-blow" 2004

Master of trumpets ROGER RUZOW can blow with the best of them.
As a part-time member of NYC-based Atlanta expatriates Gold
Sparkle Band, and founder of his own Nu-South Subterraneans,
Ruzow is a principle player among Atlanta's jazz and improv
communities. Teaching music to elementary school students during
the day and gigging at night, Ruzow has performed alongside
everyone from Eric Bachman's Crooked Fingers to too many locals
to cite. -- CL

TBD December 16, 2004


ES + james Hegarty/Rich O'donnell December 17, 2004
8:30PM - - -
Sound Objects
Percussionist Rich O'Donnell joins electronic musician James Hegarty for a concert of sonic atmospheres and improvisation. O'Donnell's widely acclaimed "see-saw" drumming and original invented instruments will be featured. Hegarty will perform computer processed instruments through a multiple speaker array of originally constructed speakers. Live projected video will also be featured.

visit http://www.NoiseReductionSociety.com/SoundObjects.html for images and music.

C o n c e r t 1 7. 1 2. 0 4--nachtmusik

play a vibration in the rhythm of the universe
play a vibration in the rhythm of dreaming
play a vibration in the rhythm of dreaming, slowly transform it into the rhythm of the universe
repeat this as often as you can

As one of Stockhausen's most misunderstood texts, nachtmusik (from 1968's Aus den Sieben Tagen), represents for the performer(s) a rather demanding task. To find a method in which to represent the idea of a fundamental rhythm extent in the universe, and a corresponding notion of the rhythm of a dream. Similarly, it poses the deeper question of how the universe can at all be dissected or contained as a single artefact of representation. In fact, the best model of the universe is the universe itself, so Stockhausen is perhaps (in an almost Zen fashion) mapping out a direction for the realization of this piece (in sound) as one that is constantly driven as a self-referential model (iterative or fractal-like). E S has approached such a task through a manner of self-quotation (of other works of Stockhausen), combined with intuitive improvisation. What is inherent in the text of nachtmusik is an approach of considered articulation of form (and therefore texture). As a vacillation between states of dreaming and the universe, nachtmusik is very much a work of Stockhausen as an overseer to the direction of the potential piece, but (ostensively) not the composer of its sounds. Stockhausen's ideas about the nature of music and particularly the intuitive nature of musical experience and performance, point toward a performer(s) requiring the ability to draw completely on years of his/her musical training, and immediately relinquishing it within the instant of musical creation so that all that is transmitted are sounds or vibrations parsed as pure inspiration devoid of human intentions, predilections or preconceived ideas.

about the artists+


As a piano-percussion duo, E S is a partnership between Michael Fowler (piano_keyboards_programming), and Stuart Gerber (percussion_laptop_electronics). The music explored by E S is forged through a mutual interest in computer technology, improvisation and electro-acoustic music. The duo has been described by its mentor-figure, Karlheinz Stockhausen, as "musicians of the highest calibre," and have performed and premiered the composer's music on three continents. Both musicians have worked individually, and as a duo, with many of the most respected composers of the latter 20th century--Milton Babbitt, Stockhausen, George Crumb, Steve Reich, and Fred Rzewski--and have received wide acclaim in the international press. E S has most recently begun to explore improvisation and the role of Stockhausen’s intuitive music scores (particularly the monumental Aus den Sieben Tagen) as a viable nexus to the interface of computer technology, improvisation and graphic music.

mdf >michael fowler, a.k.a. mdf, is a classically trained musican who explores all forms of contemporary acoustic and electro-acoustic music. He has presented solo piano concerts featuring 20th century classical art music in Japan, the US and Australia, as well as exploring concerts that feature real-time computer technologies that combine electronic improvisation and digital multimedia systems. His most recent interests involve, architecture, music performance and the computer program Pure Data. Through the Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory (SIAL), located at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Australia), he will begin Post-Doctorate research in 2006 that will investigate methodologies involved in the translation of traditional Japanese garden spaces into potential architectural models, sound installations, and representative sculpture.

stu > percussionist stuart gerber has been a fixture (as well as instigator) in the Atlanta new-music scene since 2001. In addition to his collaborations with Michael Fowler in E S, he is also a founding member and co-artistic director of Bent Frequency, "…one of the brightest ensembles on the [Atlanta] music scene" (Gramophone, April 2004). Gerber has been heard in solo, duo (with E S), and orchestral performances in the US and abroad, and has worked with some of this century’s most important composers including Kaija Saariaho, Tania Leon, and Karlheinz Stockhausen. In July 2005 he will record two works for the Stockhausen-Complete edition (under the composers supervision), and will be the percussionist for the annual Stockhausen courses in Kuerten, Germany. In additional to the traditional, notation-based music interpretation, his current work has been utilizing electronic devices to augment his percussion arsenal in intuitive improvisations.

Hope ...Golden Summer / A Fir-Ju Well / Magcicada December 18, 2004
9:00PM - - -
Price:  $7
Athens' Hope for a Golden Summer creates beautiful, dynamic sounds by way of multi-instrumentation and soaring vocals. Plus the surreal Americana of A Fir-Ju Well and Magicada. Extra special guests include acrobatic poetry from The Seabergs, fire swinging, cider, and tofu dogs!

Hepatitis (D) Youth, What's Yr Damage?, & Byron Hs December 22, 2004
9:00PM - - -
Price:  $5
CANCELLED. Sorry. Their van broke down.

Hepatitis (D) Youth is a multiple member (usually between 7 and 10) noise free jazz ensemble based out of Tampa, FL. Some wild-ass shit! Whooohoo!

What's Yr Damage? is a three-piece from Orlando, FL that uses oddly tuned guitars to complement a tight rhythm section.

Byron House is a two piece "sonic attack on teenage ears." Reminiscent of very early Half Japanese or King Bros. Pretty damn raw. And then there's the deranged part...

Check out MP3s from all these bands at http://www.cephiastreat.com/news1.html.

New Year's Eve party December 31, 2004

Price:  $5
Asa Nisi Masa
Club Awesome
The Liverhearts

Stop by, hang out, listen to bands, and ring in the New Year with your slacker friends at Eyedrum!


The two members of Asa Nisi Masa have had so many brushes with fame they have a sore spot. Made up of two guys who currently form one-half of Atlanta's
Ocelet, they have in the past played with musical acts that are really too famous to be conscionable. (We won't go into details here, but really, you'd be sickened.) Asa Nisi Masa is Satchel Mallon, on homemade drums made from PVC pipe and catskin, and the former Brian Harris (who has now decided that he would like to be called Brian McAwesome) on fancy furniture bass and vocals. They're really quite good. It's interesting to note, as well - although this doesn't speak to how they actually sound, and maybe it's only really funny if you've already heard them before and know how good they are, and
maybe even mentioning it is a detriment to them, and if it is I apologize, but anyway - Brian McAwesome really likes Cheap Trick. I mean, REALLY likes them. As in, Tom Petersson is an INSPIRATION...I just thought it was interesting, that's all.


Club Awesome plays rock and roll songs about dolphins, robots, girls, high school, nanotechnology, bb guns, evolution and partying. They have a song called "White Tiger." The songs of Club Awesome imagine a beautiful world where robots dance with kittens, ball lightning is harnessed as a safe and viable alternative energy source, and girlfriends don't get mad cause you stayed out late drinking with your friends. Club Awesome puts out a suggestion box for every show (this is true), so that audience members can give them song lyric suggestions and on-the-spot tips on how to be more awesome. Club Awesome is Rick Kemp, Errol Crane, Blair Gainous and Lance Warner on vocals, guitar, keyboard, bass and drums. Rick wanted us to write that everyone had "Awesome" for their last name, like for the Ramones, but Errol thought that was stupid so we didn't.

"I just wanted to say that Club Awesome is my favorite band in Atlanta right now."
- Mikey from the band Slushco, and host of "The World Won't Listen" on 88.5 FM

"I saw your band and I liked it so THERE!"
- Millie from 88.5 FM

"Who ever thought that 'Club Awesome' would be the hottest spot in town?"
-perplexed anonymous note from suggestion box


See their website at www.theliverhearts.com .

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