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regular gallery hours October 1, 2004
12:00PM - 5:00PM

regular gallery hours October 2, 2004
12:00PM - 5:00PM

Protesting the Vietnam War, 1966 - 1974 October 2, 2004
8:00PM - - -
Film Love #1
Protesting the Vietnam War, 1966 - 1974


The United States' involvement in the Vietnam War triggered an unprecedented outpouring of artistic dissent. Beginning filmmakers shooting 8mm footage, accomplished documentarians on the front lines and in the streets, and experimental avant-gardists all made important contributions to the largest antiwar movement in U.S. history. In the first "Film Love," a new series of screenings devoted to experimental films, Frequent Small Meals presents a program examining the diverse artistic paths taken by filmmakers protesting the war.

The program is curated and hosted by Andy Ditzler for Frequent Small Meals. Due to the subject matter and occasional graphic content, the program is for mature audiences only.


Selective Service System (Warren Haack, 1970, 13 minutes)
"[Y]oung men either had to serve in a war in which they did not believe, or face the bleak alternatives to service. Some chose prison. Some sought refuge in other countries. This film documents another alternative. There was no attempt to alter the proceedings that took place." -Warren Haack
"One of the most shocking documentary films ever made." - Amos Vogel, Film as a Subversive Art
First Prize, Documentary, Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1971. 16mm, color/sound

Only the Beginning (Newsreel, 1971, 20 minutes)
A film on antiwar protest among U.S. troops. Contains footage of the famous demonstration in which Vietnam veterans threw their medals over the White House fence, and testimony from both veterans and servicemen then still in Vietnam. 16mm, color/sound

Viet-Flakes (Carolee Schneemann, 1966, 11 minutes)
From the pioneer performance artist and filmmaker, an artistic indictment of the war, "composed from an obsessive collection of Vietnam atrocity images I collected from foreign magazines and newspapers over a five-year period." Collage soundtrack by electronic music composer James Tenney. VHS, color/sound

Piece Mandala/End War (Paul Sharits, 1966, 5 minutes)
Make Love Not War. A brief, complexly edited film about lovemaking from one of the seminal avant-gardists of the 1960s. 16mm, color and b&w, sound

No Game (Newsreel, 1968, 17 minutes)
"October 21, 1967, The Pentagon: The Confront the Warmakers protest organized by David Dellinger and Jerry Rubin brought out over 100,000 anti -war demonstrators. Following the Civil Rights tactic of non-violence, the protesters were not prepared for a violent confrontation with the military police and Pentagon Guards armed with tear gas and rifle butts. Shots also include Allen Ginsberg chanting to exorcise the Pentagon." VHS, b&w

Allison (Richard Myers, early 1970s, 7 minutes)
"[A] short, simple film about Allison Krause, one of the four students murdered at Kent State in May 1970 by the Ohio National Guard. It is a memorial film put together out of footage I and other students had shot of Allison Krause (unknowingly) during student demonstrations ... and later freeze-framed. The soundtrack is Allison's father ... Arthur Krause ... reading a poem about Allison written by Peter Davies ... and reading a letter he wrote to Nixon ... and one that was never answered ...." - Richard Myers 16mm, b&w, sound

Time of the Locust (Peter Gessner, 1966, 13 minutes)
"Compiled from American news film, Vietnamese National Liberation Front combat footage, and unreleased material filmed by Japanese Television camera units, this by-now classic film by Peter Gessner provides one of the strongest treatises against the war in Vietnam."
"This motion picture is more powerful than collections of statistics, political rhetoric, and even the cleverest written argument. Its point is simple and dramatic: it exposes the cruel agony of Vietnam." - Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation 16mm, b&w, sound

monthly show on WREK 91.1 FM October 3, 2004
7:00PM - 9:00PM

On the first Sunday of every month, at 7 p.m., Eyedrum does a show on WREK that features nuggets from Eyedrum's archive of live performances.

Remember that, after the show airs, you can always listen to this and any recent Sunday Special via WREK's 7-day archive if you forget to tune in (direct links to Sunday Special streams: lo-fi or hi-fi).

This month we will feature a hodgepodge of music from the artists playing at Eyedrum over the next few weeks.

regular gallery hours October 6, 2004
12:00PM - 5:00PM

Cerberus Shoal / Hubcap City October 6, 2004

Price:  $7
Cerberus Shoal (RC)

Hailing from the seaside oil-tank farm called Ferry Village in South Portland, Maine, Cerberus Shoal have been existing for ten years now. Cerberus Shoal creates a music comprised of parts African, Arabic, Eastern European, Canomerican, Psychedelic, Heady and Hearty. Invariably original Cerberus Shoal forms its music/art on a slate made of six minds in one.

Hubcap City

Hubcap City (from Belgium) will perform the soundtrack for the animated movie Pictures From The Bunker. They will also perform excerpts from their song cycle inspired by Sassy Magazine record reviews.

Open Improv October 7, 2004

First Thursday of every month -- monthly open improv night!

regular gallery hours October 8, 2004
12:00PM - 5:00PM

Mirah / Tara Jane O'Neil / Kiwis Of The S. Pacific October 8, 2004


Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn (her first name pronounced as to rhyme with the former Italian currency) was born on September 17, 1974 at her parents then home on Westview st. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The youngest of three, Mirah grew up mostly in Bala Cynwyd, a suburb of Philadelphia.
In her waning teen years, Mirah moved to Olympia, Washington to attend The Evergreen State College and found herself, four funny years later, with a diploma in her hands and a festoon of flowers about her neck. Continuing to reside in Olympia following graduation, she began making music by default, teaching herself to play guitar and composing 'songs', releasing her first album (Storageland) on Yoyo Recordings in 1997. Proudly joining the roster of other fine artists on the K record label in 1999, she began to experiment with recording, producing some material by herself and also working with her close friend and favorite person to record with ever, Phil Elvrum. Two fantastic albums, You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This (KLP112) and Advisory Committee (KLP135), have since been released by Mirah on K.

Known by herself and her friends to be mostly gay! Mirah is modest and deliberate, preferring privacy to invasion and reconciliation to war. Her middle name means good day or holy day in Hebrew. In the fall of 2001 Mirah moved back to Philadelphia but spends most of her time on the road.

Tara Jane O'Neil

Indie rock stalwart Tara Jane O'Neil first surfaced in 1991 as a member of the short-lived but much-acclaimed Rodan ; concurrent stints in Retsin and the Sonora Pine followed before she made her solo debut in early 2000 with Peregrine.

Kiwis Of The South Pacific

The Kiwis of the South Pacific have much to do with flightless birds and short attention spans. The lyrics are written with Ouija boards and the Chinese Book of Changes (or "I Ching"). The recordings are steamrolled Play-Dough factories, taped with tiny pink microphones placed inside antique vacuum cleaners. The sound they make is of children running through emerald fields, each hand clutching a string and pulling clouds through the sky.

They have existed for years, happy to play shows in Atlanta and make the people dance or levitate. Or simply stare. 2003's Die Slaughterhaus release "Beware of Falling Rock" radiates a vibrancy in powers of ten, with a cascade of lo-fi symphonies and living-room hymns. The song "Kelly" jangles like Elvis Costello, or bounces like The Beatles. The song "Mexico" serenades like The Ronettes, blasting off at the end into The Ramones orchestrating the soundtrack to Space Mountain.

Throughout, we hear the real Kiwis behind these knobs and dials; switching off television sets, conjuring oceans, swinging through the trees, man-handling cellos. These Kiwis are dangerous but charming, for they are 21st century hypnotists.


regular gallery hours October 9, 2004
12:00PM - 5:00PM

Sigrira Perret-Gentil / Camilla Petersen October 9, 2004

Sigrira Perret-Gentil / Camilla Petersen: Skin and Fur, a Small Gallery Exhibition

Photographers Sigrira Perret-Gentil and Camilla A.Petersen have conducted an experiment. They’ve synthesized skin and fur. On Friday, Oct 9, 2004 they present an installation of their combined work in the small Gallery.

Perret-Gentil examines the surface of cats, Petersen makes intimate self portraits. Up close and out of context, these images are keyholes that explore the sensual complexity of species barriers. Fragmented images map gesture, form, pattern and meaning, and ultimately, the two disparate
subjects become one larger unit.

runs through October 30th

regular gallery hours October 13, 2004
12:00PM - 5:00PM

Info Demo: Irreversible Processes October 14, 2004
8:45PM - - -
Price:  $3

Please join the Bureau for Public Assembly at Eyedrum for the latest installment of INFO DEMO -- it will be SCIENTERRIFIC!!

Our presenters will be three:

1. An actual high school physics teacher, explaining something about THERMODYNAMICS and the scientific concept of Irreversible Processes -

2. INFO DEMO fave Man Martin and the POWER POINT PROJECTOR -

3. MARGOT with more news from the world that really happened even if it seems like it couldn't possibly have done that -

We will also have excellent musical interludes from local musician Allen Welty-Green -

There will be beverages available, and we will have the GUESS WHAT IS IN THE BOXES! Contest.

regular gallery hours October 15, 2004
12:00PM - 5:00PM

regular gallery hours October 16, 2004
12:00PM - 5:00PM

Joyce Rudinsky / rudy.tv October 16, 2004
9:00PM - 11:30PM

NATURAL:SELECTION is a media performance and installation by the art collective rudy.

NATURAL:SELECTION explores the human behaviors of conflict and competition through evolutionary terms. NATURAL:SELECTION creates an immersive environment that provides an experiential piece – the viewers’ experience becomes the central element. The viewer is able to explore and investigate through a variety of perceptions – aural, visual, and spatial.

NATURAL:SELECTION employs video projection, live performance, sound, and live video mixing.

Rudy (www.ru-D.tv) is a media performance collective based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. rudy was formed to create an interdisciplinary approach to art practice that worked within the contemporary convergence of art, entertainment, and information. rudy investigates lived experience in an information-based society.

Performances, Oct. 15 and 16; gallery show Oct. 16-Nov. 13


Bent Frequency October 17, 2004
8:30PM - - -
Price:  $10

Bent Frequency

Bent Frequency presents
Sunday, October 17th, 2004, 8:30pm
At Eyedrum


".one of the brightest ensembles on the [Atlanta] scene." Gramophone (04/04) "BF's concerts have become unmissable events." AJC (12/24/03)

Bent Frequency announces their 2004-2005 season with CENTERING, a reflection on the dynamism that defines arbitrary balance. Like the discordant thread that binds Zen rock gardens and modern sub-atomic String Theory, where even cold rock, with a scaling of perception, explodes in an ever-changing field of vibrating energy, CENTERING encapsulates the slight conceptual shifts that enable us to perceive the intangible and progress beyond the rational. CENTERING is the entropy of silence and the stillness of noise.

Morton Feldman :: The Viola in My Life 1
John Cage :: Ryoanji
Chris Arrell :: Phrase
Kaija Saariaho :: Six Japanese Gardens
Arvo Part :: Passacaglia
Steve Reich :: Pendulum Music

This concert is presented as part of Harmony for Humanity (October 8-17), an international effort to promote peace, tolerance, and cross-cultural understanding through music and dedicated to Daniel Pearl, who gave his life in the pursuit of truth. See

for details.

Frank Gratkowski October 19, 2004
9:00PM - - -
Price:  $5
Saxophone, clarinet innovator Frank Gratkowski blows through town again, this time with a solo show that rivals any jazz improv show you've ever seen, as those who remember his Winter 2000 solo show at Earthshaking Music can attest to. He's played with some of the best including Peter Kowald, Hamid Drake, Han Bennink, Mal Waldron, and Ken Vandermark, and his musical vocabulary seems to improve with every performance. Come and check out this rare treat! http://www.gratkowski.com/

regular gallery hours October 20, 2004
12:00PM - 5:00PM

Fast! Fast! Cash! / GFE October 21, 2004
9:00PM - - -
Price:  $5
Fast! Fast! Cash! is Donna Huanca (Bolivia), and Maria Chavez (Peru). Donna Huanca manipulates electronic machinery in order to create sounds which combine simple waveforms resulting in difficult tortuous modulation. Maria Chavez focuses on electro-acoustic sounds of vinyl and needle on turntables. The result is improvised sound pieces that have a mysterious, fascinating quality, as if something adventurous, heroic, and strangely beautiful has arrived



Gruppe Freie Elektronisch

Ana Balka - violin, guitar
Jeff Bradley - double bass
Scott Burland - pedal steel, keyboards, electronics
Rob Cheatham - saxophones, keyboards
Bob Hulihan - electronics, guitar, theremin, etc.
T. Milt Jones - percussion, etc.

Presented by Euphonics Productions


regular gallery hours October 22, 2004
12:00PM - 5:00PM

Films by Robbie Land October 22, 2004
8:00PM - 9:00PM
Price:  $5

Atlanta-based artist Robbie Land has worked in motion picture film for the past fifteen years. He works solo, collecting images and sounds and then rephotographing them using various methods to achieve a desired thought or emotion. Robbie's work has screened in numerous venues, film festivals and site specific locations throughout Europe and the United States.

Tonight's program includes the premiere of Robbie Land's latest film, Georgialand. This event is part of the Atlanta Celebrates Photography series. The films will be screened in 16mm.


Oil Derric, 6 minutes 2002
Elaine Drive, 6 minutes 2004
The Biddie Camps, 5 minutes 2004
Fall Creek Road, 4 minutes 2004
Airport Inn, 5 minutes 2004
Carolyn Got Kicked, 6 minutes 2001
Georgialand, 5 minutes 2004

regular gallery hours October 23, 2004
12:00PM - 5:00PM

regular gallery hours October 27, 2004
12:00PM - 5:00PM

Film + Video Night -Open Screening October 27, 2004
8:30PM - 12:00AM
Price:  $3
WHEN: Wednesday, October 27, 8:30 p.m.
WHERE: Eyedrum (like we said)
WHAT: Our first open video screening in, uh, quite a while
HOW MUCH: $3 at the door for all (auteurs and audience…compared to your average festival fee, it’s cheap!)

The best of this year's unsolicited submisssions will be screened--8 short video/film works by Natascha Ampusant of Kansas City, Michelle Fried of Pensacola, and Bernie Roddy of Denton, TX. After this we'll have an intermission and then an open screening...

YOUR JOB: Bring us your DVD/VHS video/film projects. Preferably under ten minutes, but if you have something longer, talk to us (libgess@emory.edu). Eyedrum’s traditional emphasis has been on the non-narrative side, but tonight we’re ready for whatever you’ve got to show us. Students, old masters, and every level in-between are welcome to share new work, old work, work in progress.

OUR JOB: mix up your video/film work with the very best of the unsolicited video submissions we’ve received in the last few months. We’ll provide projector, screen, playlist PR, the usual Eyedrum cash bar, somewhat comfortable seating, and respect for your work (this is not a slam. Slams are power trips for the hosts and humiliation fests for the artists. Never at Eyedrum).

THE RULES: send us a note (address above) announcing your intention to participate. Walk-ins ok up to the intermission on screening night, but walk-ins won’t be screened until the rest of the work has been shown. We can do VHS and DVD but we discourage (to minimize interruptions) work that can only be viewed from its host computer platform—so relax, burn it to DVD, and tell us how much better it looks in your Mac. ED will not be pre-screening submissions from this call, and so is not responsible for esthetic quality or for content that may offend any or all viewers. Be nice and don’t slip us any time bombs—they just make you look bad. Especially when you claim innocence.

This program sponsored in part by the City of Atlanta Bureau of Cultural Affairs

Calvin Thomas @ Word+Praxis October 28, 2004
8:00PM - - -
Racing Forms and the Exhibition(ist) (mis)Match: Male Bodies and Visual Culture

Word & Praxis presents Dr. Calvin Thomas of GA State University giving a talk called "Racing Forms and the Exhibition(ist) (mis)Match: Male Bodies and Visual Culture."

The talk is in part about representations of the male body, and it includes some visual stuff, stills of some book covers, and clips from Janet Jackson videos and the Oliver Stone football movie "Any Given Sunday." It comprises the first chapter in Dr. Thomas' next book, "Adventures in Abjection."

regular gallery hours October 29, 2004
12:00PM - 5:00PM

The Problem of Happiness October 29, 2004
9:00PM - - -
Price:  $5
The Problem of Happiness is an hour long, three-screen feature film accompanied by an original score, performed live, by a seven piece band. The band is a contemporary eclectic ensemble with instruments ranging from orchestral instruments, percussion and electrical guitars to digital sound.

The Problem of Happiness is the first project created by Siren Persona whose goal is to create a culturally conscience, visually intriguing and musically inspiring multimedia experience that broadens the capacity of all the art forms through their convergence, while creating a piece that asks profound questions concerning the role of media and its influence, both culturally and politically. Using a multifaceted construction of the elements the projects explores the intricacies of the modern society and the growing influence of mediated reality, shaping our perspectives and desires; shaping the way we live our lives.

regular gallery hours October 30, 2004
12:00PM - 5:00PM

Destroy All Music 20th Anniversary festival! October 30, 2004
7:00PM - 11:00PM
Price:  $15

Noise, Jazz, Avant Garde, Improv, Industrial, Experimental, and No Wave -- Destroy All Music is a weekly radio show on Atlanta's WREK 91.1 FM (Wednesday 8pm-9pm) which has been exposing listeners to unconventional sounds since 1984.

Eight local and national atists come together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of WREK's landmark radio show.

Check out this past weekend's two-hour Sunday Special radio show in WREK's mp3 archive (128 kbps or 24 kbps, show starts three minutes in) for a sampling of the artists appearing.

Performing artists:


[Their first Atlanta appearance in 15 years!]

"Balls on the line improvisation with enough energy to flatten buildings.” - Byron Coley, Forced Exposure Magazine

If you don't think of jazz as a full-contact sport, you've obviously never spent any time in a room with the music of this durable upstate New York trio. "Punishing" doesn't even begin to describe the loud, assaultive — and often earthily beautiful — sound the members coax from guitar and two saxophones, instruments that here seldom uphold their conventional identities, thanks to innovative use of tone splitting, harmonic distortion and out-and-out brute force. Initially formed at the tail end of the '70s — concurrent with, but not actually part of, New York's no wave scene — Borbetomagus imbued its free-squealing with a vividly blue-collar style, evident in both the members' biker-ish appearance and the sheer brawn with which Don Dietrich, Donald Miller and Jim Sauter handle their various "axes." Improvising vertically rather than horizontally, there's no release, only tension heaped upon tension. The three members scrape at each other's sore spots and howl with raw fury when the scraping gets too close to the bone. – Trouser Press

[First ever Atlanta appearance!]

For the last 25 years, The Haters have provided somewhat of a chaotic balance in the world of Noise by giving function and amplification to inanimate objects and also by providing the best soundtrack possible to the process of decay. Their live performances are riotously chaotic affairs, often ending in an orgy of destruction as both performers and audience are swept up in the cathartic bliss of wild abandon and the joys of being an agent of decay. The Haters are responsible for the video and live sound of Survival Research Laboratories between 1992 and 1999.

Most recent performance: 7/8/2004 San Francisco
GX Jupitter-Larsen first premiered his new apparatus at the first annual San Francisco Bay Area Harsh Noise Festival. GX had taken an old record player and replaced the cartridge and arm with an amplified toy shovel. Instead of playing records, the shovel would drag against the bare turntable. Emil Beaulieau that night named it The Spinner Spade. Plumes of smoke expelled from the speakers on stage as The Spinner Spade discharged a very loud full-speculum noise. This 20 minute performance was entitled "The Haters 25th Anniversary Show." (#315)

[First ever Atlanta appearance!]

Known as the Godfather of American Noise and closely related to the wonderfully noisy RRRecords, if you aren’t familiar with the Emil experience, his weapon of mass destruction is a four armed turntable named after its creator, the Minutoli. Yep, four arms, at least a few of which are locked into fixed positions (as in they don’t glide toward the center of the record), thus allowing for lots and lots of on-the-spot lock grooves (as in the same 1.8 seconds of music over and over again, and again). If you’ve seen him on videos or live, you’ll notice that each of the arms is a different type…there’s a real classy, high-end looking one, and one made out of white plastic, like you’d see on My First Record Player. Most likely a variety of different needles in them too, and I think each arm goes to its own channel in a mixing deck. Add to this a pink shirt, a tie, a cardigan, and prepare to take a trip to Mr. Beaulieau’s Neighborhood, OK boys and girls?

[First ever Atlanta appearance!]

Colley will perform live and set up an installation.

While he may have permanently dropped his industrialist moniker Crawl Unit and his label (Povertech) is on hold, Joe Colley continues to impress with his ominous compositions of mistreated electronics, tonally pleasing feedback mantras, and abrasive physicality. Often alluding to less specific metaphors of urban decay or social collapse, Colley's aesthetic choices are just as strong as work by John Duncan or Francisco Lopez. – Aquarius Records

[First ever Atlanta appearance!]

Harry Pussy and Jandek mind-melded and got into a knife fight with some locals from the wrong side of the Lakota reservation and one of them drowned. Mouthus was the outcome.

"Mouthus is Brian Sullivan and Nate Nelson of Brooklyn and they absolutely destroy. Super great feedback and overload squall w/ a hep no-wave edge. The label touts them as a brain-gouged cross between Jandek and Fushitsusha but our ears catch something more of a Rudolph Grey-jamming-with-Sightings vibe." - Thurston Moore

[14th or 15th Atlanta appearance]

Atlanta-based trio concerned with using sound to astral project giant sea serpents and making sure that the Bush administration knows how upset they are. Funny, different, loud, serious, repetitive, quiet – Zandosis will set itself on fire just to prove how little you know about commitment to action. Or not.

"Les Rallizes Denudes plus Kaoru Abe and a weather damaged reel of ?-inch tape. Merzbow, Nihilist Spasm Band, Blowhole and Gorgoroth are not so much analogues as they are (lost) reference points. The ancient easterners used to believe that when they ate animals, they took on their spirit, their properties. Zandosis does that very thing by ingurgitating the zeitgeist of Cages "1st Construction in Metal," Merzbow’s "Rainbow Electronics," and the writings of Emile Cioran. Like Cioran---and Suzuki, even---Zandosis are adept at unclothing despair and laying bare its humor. If the music is supposed to take you somewhere, then its to a Cambodian whorehouse where the porch folk sit all day and watch townies get mauled by rabid dogs. Think on this; add some teriyaki, sake and warm Budweiser and you’ll know where they’re comin’ from. Highly recommended." - Copper Green, 2004.

[Second, maybe third, Atlanta appearance]

Live performance and installation.

Last time out, Fenton made a Banana dessert complete with video projection and prerecorded soundtrack. Since then, he’s been to England to perform.

[Uh, say 10th show in Atlanta, maybe less]

Live shows by this young duo involve anything from burning hair of the dog, word-association mind games, amplified bug zappers, fetal position mumblings, and other typically cultish actions. No two shows are ever the same though, and their performances blur the lines between band & performance art & fetish video. So this is what the suburbs do to people?


private event October 31, 2004

Reserved for private event

Eyedrum is available as a rental for YOUR event, as long as we don't already have something scheduled for that date. If interested, ask us for more info.

go to Found Mag event instead October 31, 2004

We're sure you'll be beat your chest and wailing over the prospect of an event at Eyedrum that you can't get into. But wait! There's a solution! Found Magazine (www.foundmagazine.com) is doing a national tour and is passing through Atlanta tonight. We wanted to book them at Eyedrum but couldn't due to conflict. So they're over at Ashton's in Decatur instead (314 East Howard Ave). Check it out ...

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