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July 8, 2008 Tuesday

Vialka, Handsome Sweatr, Hot Pink Mony Sht,Mr Ntrl
10:00PM - - -
Price:  $7


The dynamic duo of Marylise Frecheville and Eric Boros have been lugging their nomadic turbo folk sound and modus vivendi all over the planet since the turn of the century, originally as the rhythm section of the performance striptease jazz-punk trio NNY, and since 2002 as Vialka. They have resided in Switzerland, Slovenia, Canada, and are currently calling a remote village in France their home between tours. Deriving its influences from traditional and modern underground music from around the globe, Vialka's music is based on the frenetic interaction between Marylise's syncopated drumming and singing and Eric's orchestral guitar playing - and is delivered with ecstatic energy, humor, lust for life, and a sophisticated musical language and subliminal connection all their own.

After releasing their first two albums "Tonight I Show You Fuck" (2002) and "Republic Of The Bored & Boring" (2003) on the mysterious Manufracture label, they founded the "VIA" nonprofit cooperative for the production and promotion of working artists (officially the Vialka Association 1901) and henceforth began releasing their own material: "Everywhere And Nowhere" (2004), a video documenting their work together over the first five years; "Curiosities Of Popular Customs" (2005), their first full-length recording; a split disc with the Israeli "klezmercore" combo Kruzenshtern I Parohod (2006 - co-released with Auris Media in Israel); and their latest album "Plus Vite Que La Musique" (2007) - their second recording with Bob Drake.

Vialka is not just a musical project, but a social scientific experiment, attempting to meet, communicate and work with extraordinary and little known musicians and artists from everywhere and nowhere - with particular interest in polluted dictatorships, bleak colonies, and monarchic democracies. They have toured extensively in over forty-five countries (100+ concerts per year) across Europe, Africa, North America and Asia, and have collaborated with Italian saxophonist Jacopo Andreini, Macedonian artist collective OPA, French cinematographer Laurent Varlet, Swiss cinematographer Sébastien Riond, French eco-designer Cédric Carles, members of the Chinese punk band SDL, the legendary former-CAN singer Damo Suzuki, and New Zealand drummer Kieran Monaghan.

Eric Boros (Erik Boroš) began his musical career as a school fanfare trumpetist at a early age. Since then he has performed numerous times in many different nation states around the world, and has participated in a plethora of phonographic recordings - despite having crumpled his trumpet long ago in a fit of rage. Self-taught composer and improviser, he plays baritone and standard acoustic and electric guitars, jaw harp, and is notorious for his dissonant vocal crooning and caterwauling. Although he claims to live without electricity or any modern appliances (other than his solar-powered shortwave radio and guitar amplification devices), he is an atavistic electrician, and has used this unskill to construct electronic gadgets to generate accompaniment frequencies to his symphonic pieces. Boros is reputed to be living in seclusion on an island (or is it a mountain?), but travels regularly by kayak, bicycle, train, and various other forms of public transportation for Vialka repetitions and tours. He is a proud parent, breath-air-ian, book reader, practicing pacifist, and tea-drinker.

Marylise Frecheville was put on stage when she was three years old and became addicted to it. It is a matter of intestinal regulation you see. After classical training in dancing, drama and piano, she joined her first "rebel-without-a-cause" teenage garage band in 1993, playing keyboards, singing out-of-tune, and eventually beating the skins. After delving in Art-Nouveau architecture, psychedelic sketching, running after rabbits, and boozing until brain failure, she returned to the stage; constantly pushing insanity and constipation further away. Frecheville suffers from an acutely selective memory, but this this has yet (to her recollection at least) to prevent her from being extremely prolific: composing music, writing lyrics, rehearsing, improvising, and performing her lurid dances, intricate drum beats, and bewitching serenades with Vialka on a near daily basis. Marylise is also a proud parent, enjoys cooking with cream, is an avid walker, and is known for her keen sense of logic and critical thought.

Opening up will be HANDSOME SWEATER, from Lawrence, Kansas, HOT PINK MONEY SHOT from Athens, and the one and only MR. NATURAL, who's blend of organic acoustics and noisy yumminess will make you quiver in your seat.

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