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August 9, 2013 Friday

Paige Adair - The Feather Bird
6:00PM - 9:30PM
At Eyedrum Downtown
115 MLK Jr. Dr. SE
Ste. 225
Atlanta, 30303

Paige Adair is an artist living and working in Atlanta, GA. This is her first solo show in Atlanta and the first solo show presented by Eyedrum at the new location.


Her Artist Statement:
I am interested in the structure of narratives. Narratives have the power to transform any character, setting or action. I gravitate towards this act of transformation in storytelling. The moment when the damsel is transformed into an animal, when the protagonist is on a quest, or when the antagonist harms another are points of departure for my work. I like to isolate and examine these moments and the way the spread and alter received wisdoms. Illustrated animals, taxidermy specimens, and renaissance paintings are all source material used to build my fragmented narratives. The worlds I develop tend to be a dark, complex but humorous place.

This body of work is based on three Grimm’s fairy tales with a common theme of transformation and supernatural acts of birds. Bits and pieces of the tales are pulled apart as if they were artifacts from the tales. A set of interiors explore the role of the femininity in relation to ownership and spaces. I compare the regulatory masculinity of architecture with the welcoming femininity of interiors. Dark undertones are laced with feathers and girly details to create a portal to view fantasy worlds that parallel our own.

More at www.paigeadairartist.com.


Gallery hours are 9:30 - 5:30 Monday through Friday and 1-5 on Saturday and Sunday. An artist talk will be held on Sunday August 25th, 2013 at 2 pm, and The Feather Bird closing will be a film screening on September 6th 2013 at 8pm.

Also On This Day:

Landing, Twins, Magicicada, Brainworlds
9:00PM - - -
Price:  7
Eyedrum Downtown
@Fuse Arts Center
115 MLK Jr. Dr.
ATL, 30303
between Pryor and Peachtree St.

Landing was started in 1998 and includes Aaron Snow, Adrienne Snow and Daron Gardner. They have released eight critically acclaimed full lengths and a slew of EP's and 7" singles on labels including K Records, Geographic North, Strange Attractors Audio House, Ba Da Bing!, Music Fellowship, and These Are Not Records. Landing's music has been described as "inhabiting that amorphous space where time itself expands and contracts according to a delay pedal setting, and dream pop blurs into dream proper"- 8.0 Pitchfork. Inspired by first wave shoegaze, space rock, psych, krautrock, post-punk, post-rock, ambient, drone, and experimental musics, Landing forges these influences into "some of the best avant-prog and lo-fi space rock around" - 5 star review Mojo.
Landing has toured extensively across the USA, playing with bands including Windy & Carl, Kinski, Dirty Projectors, White Rainbow, Hood, A Place to Bury Strangers, The Twilight Sad, Bardo Pond, Sonic Boom, Paik, and many more. As veterans of the space-rock, shoegaze, psychedelic music scene, Landing has been played two Terrastocks and the Brainwaves festival.

Landing Website
Video 1
Video 2
Pitchfork Review
Tinymix Tapes Review


An unknown future lies on the Other Side of time. Action is your power, the vehicle through which you can arrive there. If the present seems hopeless you must explore this otherway, the only way out. No one else can help you, you will find it yourself. The out of time way is the way of peace of mind. Pave the present with a pass-way to a better future, the different future, the future that is out of time. In this zone you are another side of yourself. This is not to be feared. Engage all sides of yourself to succeed on the other side: the future is the only ” time to move on.”

twins soundcloud

Magicicada : brood Ⅱ w.Ryan Gregory on Violin & Daniel Bailey on bass clarinet

As many people as possible should experience his single-mindedly self-willed experimental-ambient sounds." - laut.de (Germany)

"..a variegated, brisk and well crafted, a teapot of deviated psychedelia, rancid electronica and sounds coming from forgotten offshoots of Ed Wood's "Plan 9 from outer space", all of the above floating in a broth of Biota and Zoviet France with exhausted batteries.." - Touching Extremes (Italy)

"The field recordings, otherworldy sounds and drones, and cinematic terrain take this into a kind of Sun City Girls meets Sunroof! territory. Quite dreamy and beautiful." –-Crucialblast.net

"Strange, unsettling, but oddly optimistic, it's the musical equivalent of a Bruce Conner sculpture." -Pop Matters

"With an organic approach to creation, these eastern and folk influenced experimental works rival some of the strangest electronic ambient out there - from drifting soundscapes to meditative trances." -Just Add Noise

magicicada soundcloud

magicicada home


From Aquarius Records:
"Here's a nice pairing, featuring Expo 70, who needs no introduction to the aQ readership, and Brainworlds, an Atlanta based guitarist whose work at least here rivals that of Expo 70. Both of these long tracks are recordings from a night of cosmic meditation in 2010 at the seminal performance space Eyedrum in Atlanta. Brainworlds' deep guitar tones float weightlessly in a shimmering expanse from his hypnotic loops and evocative cosmic solo work outs that come across like some lost Ash Ra Tempel jam getting remixed by Troum at their most stratospheric. Really stunning work, and this would have been great to see live given the reverberant acoustics of Eyedrum. ... Classic drugged-out space drone bliss from both Brainworlds and Expo 70. We're pretty sure this is a 60 minute tape; it's damn long regardless... but it's limited too, just 100 copies released from the Hooker Vision imprint run in part by Rachel Evans of Motion Sickness of Time Travel"

Listen to Brainworlds Here !!

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