The Electronic Concentration Camp
         An overview of the New Mind Control Sciences and devices
         and their reported trials on the citizens of Totalitaria
         It has been many years since journalists, educators, and
         professionals in industry and academia have been writing and
         producing media on the topic of advanced technologies and
         how some of these advancements are going to improve our life
         styles both at home, at work and in our leisure time. This
         sounds all well and good, yet there is more than meets the
         eye at first glance. The United States has enjoyed many
         improvements from everything small right up to our
         automobiles that we drive today. Although there has been
         discrepancies both large and small.

         The passage of time along with education and awareness has
         bestowed attention upon a dangerous situation in regard to
         the use and containment of the more higher and esoteric
         technologies that go beyond the consumer level towards
         industrial and laboratory domains. Here is were the
         utilization, testing, and secretive uncontrolled
         experimentation can, has, and is taking place to the
         chagrin of some and at the whim of others.

         Does anyone think that for one minute the inventive process
         or the tinkering with the unknown has stopped since the
         development of the electric can opener.  I don't think so.
         Just as competitive as a football game can be, we have all
         seen with the passing of time the many Wars that America has
         toiled in, along with those efforts of overpowering the
         adversaries. Yes, big business also applies its competitive
         marketing strategies; but upon a peaceful populace, and they
         are subject to regulatory review and accountability to at
         least some degree that provides for remedy and redress.
         Where the concern grows is with the less understood
         technologies and adverse techniques that go with their
         development. These actions I am referring to is the somewhat
         obscure application of hi-tech level electromagnetic devices
         in the nature of being lethal and non-lethal weapons and
         devices that operate from a distance to do their harm or
         less rarely good. The focus of this is the combined testing
         and experimentation of such machinery along with
         psychological and physiological objectives, which becomes
         the culmination of mind control and electronic harassment as
         opposed to the corridor of legitimate uses for such equipment.

         The functions of the human body has in part been a mystery
         to the medical and science community for centuries as well
         as being unraveled everyday with new discoveries. The brain,
         of all other parts, has been held to be one of the most
         vital and most powerful influences over our functions. When
         the brain and it's accompanying functions are inhibited or
         altered as to it's normal interfaced environment, there will
         be adverse and negative changes that will be perceptive not
         only to the brain itself but to the entire body. This can
         partially develop from our everyday common environment.
         However, what is much more paramount is the influences upon
         the brain and the human body by concealed activities of a
         remote and external nature.

         It is very apparent how the misguided use of this
         technology, which can interact with and disturb basic human
         functioning, is possible. Even in elementary science we all
         know that particles such as electrons do exist in the
         absence of observers.  Obviously things take place in the
         field of science that are invisible to our human perception,
         yet nevertheless occur.  It has been academically noted that
         since the late 1980's researchers in West Germany have
         developed a computer system that uses an opto-electric
         scanner to take a digitized photo of a patient's hand. It
         then compares the hand to thousands of other prints in the
         computers memory and scans for distinctive patterns known to
         be associated with various hereditary disabilities and can
         rate the patient's risk factors.

         Like the scanning of the hand or with todays common x-ray,
         waves or frequencies can interact with the body. To
         understand further, neuro-science has shown that the brain
         itself emits an energy field in relation to the components
         of its neuron and synaptic nerve system. In particular,
         everyone's brain has a distinctive set of
         bioelectric resonating frequencies.  If one where
         to consider extensive studies relating to brain
         activity or processes you may realize the concept that our
         brains have patterns of electrical energy (the firing of the
         neurons) in part made up of linguistic and grammatical
         programs unique to each of us besides other vital brain
         functions. This "electrical" field of the human body is said
         to be it's bioelectric field consisting of electromagnetic
         energy and corresponding gene information that is emitted
         and specific to each individual. This field can also be
         detected remotely by others using capable equipment that
         enables another to identify you apart from someone else. How
         is this done you may ask ?. It has been determined and
         reported (bearing some likeness to a laser beam, which you
         may be somewhat familiar) that directing "pulsed-frequency"
         MASER beams (microwave amplification by stimulated
         radiation) at specific brain centers can initiate the rely
         of necessary feedback to inform the operator as to your
         state of being as well as provide one who is bent on
         depravity and mayhem to also put another person into states
         of confusion, extreme stress, along with hallucinations and
         symptoms and feelings mimicking mental illness.  Microwave
         stimulation of the brain by way of these extremely low
         frequencies (ELF) can also affect "motor control", simulate
         auditory sensations that bypass the ear; evoking one to be
         led to a false sense of his surroundings.  This type of
         neural monitoring which enables encoded signals to be sent
         to the brain provides for a menacing threat in the hands of
         unethical users.

         It does not take long to surmise that any coordinated
         efforts to effect adverse conditions upon another is only a
         matter of possession of the devices and delinquent demeanor.
         Furthermore, it is known that foreign industrial countries
         as well as U.S. entities are constantly developing and
         refining both defensive and offensive weaponry especially
         with the idle time that a peace time status now allows.
         Researchers and Industry people have experienced and reported
         on astonishing capabilities in the field of Electromagnetic
         frequencies (EMF) and Microwave assisted transmissions that
         empower remotely concealed operations which can affect a
         control on human beings as well as mechanical,
         and electronic equipment. Discoveries and acknowledgements
         from this field of advanced electromagnetics has reported
         "signal intelligence networks" that are currently in place
         that further aid the tracking and electronic telemetry of
         individuals and objects. By way of a biofrequency model of
         the human body complete with the mapping of pertinent
         wave-lengths measured in "hertz" and other denominations,
         make the above to be possible.  For example, the threshold
         of hearing is approximately between 20hz to 20,000 hz.
         Measurement by EEG (electroencephalogram) can record the
         small impulses produced by the activity of the brain.
         Characteristic wave patterns can be revealed which indicate
         disease as well as show the mental status of a normal
         waking state (beta waves between 13 to 30hz) or periods of
         deep relaxation (theta waves between 4 to 8hz). These and
         other emanated brain waves can be acted upon beneficially as
         well as adversely by artificial means. EMF contrived
         equipment in various modalities can duplicate and exceed
         modern medical equipment to a high degree.  While In
         conjunction with earth orbiting satellites, monitoring and
         output transmissions are further advantageously directed for
         the purpose of the operators.

         There may be some legitimate security applications to this
         technology and unfortunately it is not lawfully or totally
         contained to only national defense or security. The
         irresponsible use of this technology has lent itself to even
         further encroachment with the development of specific
         apparatus that have no use except to add personal chaos to
         ones life. Borrowing from inventors of the past, researchers
         and deviant experimenters alike have concocted an "anomalies
         machine" which can pinpoint directed energy upon various
         surfaces and objects (as in the likes of ones home). This
         has been used to create simulated and false auditory
         disturbances to the targeted environment. There have been
         countless effects created by this device including;
         vibrations to radiators and heating system; impact noises to
         walls, windows, appliances; light bulbs prematurely burning
         out (recurring hits to filament); replicated house-settling
         noises; piercing click sounds that seem to emanate from any
         available surface; a heavy thumbing sound to floor boards
         that mimic footsteps; mirrors cracking; and the ringing of
         your doorbell. This intruding device became possible from the
         applied principles of magnetics and acoustics, combined with
         a few inventions that have been derived from electrical

         The discoveries in physics have now made possible the ability
         to pass wave frequencies through solid objects while these wave
         forms carry information back and forth to its source for
         interpretation or decoding. In as much as the infrared
         telescope can see in the dark, it has been possible to
         enable the collection of data and images from far away
         places and the capacity to do the same through most any
         solid material such as walls and entire buildings. Thus
         making x-ray vision possible.

         Studies done with Electromagnetic fields (EMF) and living
         systems have yielded aberrancies that have impeded or
         obstructed natural cell processes and their cycles, both in
         vivo (in the living body) and in vitro (in a test-tube or
         glass slide observation under a microscope). Nervous system
         development and regeneration in low form organisms and
         chromosome deviations in plant life have resulted from EMF
         exposure. Long term microwave and infrared laser targeting
         causes A condition known as "autolysis" which is the adverse 
         softening of the human skin and tissue due to the destruction
         of surface capillaries. This condition is identified by a 
         suitable medical scan such as an MRI or other types of 
         non-evasive scans.

         This biofrequency science has become more of a pertinent
         concern than Democracy itself, yet it is becoming more
         disclosed and understood by professionals who are beginning
         to ascertain to the cautions and exploitations of it's use.

         Taking on the second disturbing factor of this real problem,
         besides the equipment itself, is the aspect of utilization
         and deployment.  The only plight of this strange electronic
         odyssey seems to be that of creating an "electronic
         concentration camp" to be imposed upon innocent members of
         society (chosen to be targeted) by the arbitrary and
         capricious fancy of a few.

         This culture or program involved in such insidious practices
         is far removed from any authentic law enforcement functions.
         This idea of a "camp" becomes descriptive due to the around
         the clock eavesdropping and surveillance that is commonly
         imposed upon a victim. To better understand the problem and
         the delusions of this mock secret war, we can look for a
         moment at the comparison of the Totalitarian-Dictorial
         state. This false sense of societal rule implicates its own
         ruling class and cooperators to be themselves subject of
         individual and collective brainwashing in a world of silent
         conspirators. There is loss of self and much depersonalization
         with a "cold" shoulder of communication and socializing the
         order of the day. An atmosphere of suspicion is one item which
         directly attacks mental freedom. Under conditions of confusion
         and turmoil, this regime of internal robotization occurs while
         the citizenry of Totalataria are not all consciously aware that
         it has taken place. With emptiness and no emotional
         interplay amongst the populace, the Dictator becomes both
         the savior and ever present danger at the same time. In
         equivalence, the schemers and associates who do this
         electronic control and manipulation of emotional states,
         amount to a freakish type of caste system of master and
         slave with nothing in between.

         Without concern or emotion by collaborators, unconsented
         experimentation which has been done intermittently for
         decades, can now add these new assorted gadgets to their
         tool box.  The basis of all this activity seems to be as
         irrational and obscure as the operators themselves. It might
         be seen that some political or financial gain can be usurped
         by design and application of this technology, yet all else
         which is harmfully done is pure insurgency, a proclivity to
         be sadistic, and to implement suffering.  There seems to be
         some speculation as to theories possibly believed by these
         perpetrators that influence them to these tasks.  Feelings
         of being superior by the power at their hands and promises
         of reward in regard to what would normally seem to be vague
         stipulations to the average person. Enacting such
         close-to-detail scrutiny and remote monitoring practices
         by operators tends to shed some information as to the
         sacrifice they make themselves with their own time and lives.
         In exchange of surpassing reasonable and legitimate
         privacy boundaries, they (the operators) put themselves in an
         unclassified segment of existence that would be repugnant to
         even the devil himself.

         Their functioning and behavior while implementing their
         electronic escapades has lent much credibility to them being
         cold zombies, adapt at a bored existence painstakingly
         occupying a void with very little required to keep them
         occupied and detained so long as their eyes always lay on
         someone elses life. If any such human characteristics they
         do have, it stops at the toddler level.

         Instigating this personal interference against one's human
         rights can begin covertly and subtly in the beginning and soon
         over time escalate to overt activity that is now gradually
         engineered to make you aware that you are a targeted victim of
         threatening provocations. Having experienced these EMF
         violations against my fundamental human rights and through 
         contact with other victims, the education learned points 
         directly to a real and present ongoing danger of illegal 
         activities that exploits every technique and device written
         about herein.
         Victims have acknowledged similar assaults that all seem to
         include eavesdropping into their homes via audio intercepting
         devices and spying into their living spaces with EMF video or
         thermal imaging. This imparts privacy deprivation to the
         selected individual. The advanced stage of the technology 
         even allows for viewing through multiple walls, the ability 
         to view whatever you are watching on your television, along 
         with the fine focus to observe what one is reading or writing 
         in their own home and all in vivid color. Their methods 
         against individuals involve their preference to get close 
         to your residence and setting up their remote shop. Common 
         to personal interference actions have included harassing 
         noise campaigns and ultrasonic sound directed at victims
         for their experimental gratification. The more unfortunate
         acts of these violations have been to induce involuntary 
         spasms, tingling sensations in the skin and muscles, voices 
         and horn sounds by-passed to the brain, electronic wake-up 
         signals and chemical harassment or contamination of 
         belongings leading to skin exposure. The general atmosphere 
         under which they operateleaves hardly any civility for the 
         miscellaneous and standard procedures invoked such as phone 
         surveillance, fake wrong number calls, the mimicking of 
         automobile doors closing, and false knocks at your front 
         door, all helping to lend to your despondency.

         The  congruency of  reports  by  victims  has  revealed  the
         existance  of  tailored  psychological   campaigns   devised
         against  them which initiate annoying sound  emissions  that
         coincide  with key words and phrases that are spoken  or  in
         their  thinking  (sub-vocalized).   This  is  the  intrusive
         aspect of being able to decipher your thoughts.  The idea of
         plain  old personal privacy may seem to be changing  rapidly
         unless  civil and ethical concerns are raised  by  the  mass
         public and acted upon sufficiently.

         Fear and mystery are the elements of oppression used by these
         cowards who seem joyous to bring despair to others while 
         hiding behind the shadow of concealment. Anyone to take a 
         delight in such tyranny would certainly fall into the 
         category of dementia and lunacy.

         There are still more involved processes that are utilized
         in unconsented experimentation and perhaps there maybe some
         gaps of knowledge that are somewhat complex that explains
         the cohesion of machine and the human body. One such
         biological method that is accorded the possible ability of 
         aiding in the interface and operation of this technology
         is known as "remote viewing" among the parascientific 
         community. Although this concept has some skeptical concerns,
         it is said to enhance the bodys natural sixth sense in 
         relation to perceptivity. Some people can be trained to 
         function on this higher level through meditation while
         listening to music or sound tapes at the theta level of
         about 4 to 8hz. It is estimated that we all have this dormant
         trait in us which remains mainly undeveloped. The premise with
         remote viewing is that one can extend their visionary reach 
         to a distant place or setting.

         Imagine the improvements in medicine and healing methods that
         may be gained if the positive implications of this electronic
         knowledge was emphasized and studied. Years of painstaking
         research might very well be saved in the search for a cure 
         or remedy for the many diseases that remain unsolved.

         With the concern about the excessive secrecy of these
         electronic endeavors and the present harm from their
         misguided use, it is paramount to bring disclosure and
         oversight of such operations to a proper forum such as
         public involved committees, or at least in conjunction with
         our elected representatives in an impartial role. Otherwise
         we are looking at further infringements to our liberties
         right here in the United States and elsewhere.

         Be it noted that this information is not to imply that all
         members of any Government agency, Intelligence services or
         operatives are responsible for or involved in the activities
         as described and this is not to imply that their is no venue
         to conduct legitimate security or defense research. The
         activities and subjects which this article is concerned
         relates to lawless and sinister actions that brings calamity
         to a civilized society.


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The objectives of this report are fourfold: (i) to provide Members of 
the European Parliament with a guide to recent advances in the 
technology of political control; (ii) to identify, analyse and describe
the current state of the art of the most salient developments; (iii) to 
present members with an account of current trends, both in Europe and 
Worldwide; and (iv) to develop policy recommendations covering regulatory 
strategies for their management and future control. 


This section takes into account the multi-functionality of much of this 
technology and its role in yielding an extension of the scope, 
efficiency and growth of policing power. It identifies the continuum 
of control which stretches from modem law enforcement to advanced state 
suppression, the difference being the level of democratic accountability
in the manner in which such technologies are applied.