June 15, 2016

one stop shop

June 15, 2016

Is it true that the extent of our world is defined by our gestures? That the…

down the middle

May 21, 2016

Why continue? He seemed irreparably damaged by the thing that pours from all the esurfaces of…

Accidental: Time Wars

March 31, 2016

I have written else where of the ‘time wars’ but in a slightly narrativized/genre induced setting….

…in plain sight

March 15, 2016

Gradually. the yard is being covered with small whte flowers, all on stems about 3 inches…


February 25, 2016

  This town loves flowers with a passion, even/especially indestructable silk ones, love indentured to death’s…

third man out

February 11, 2016

(He remembered, after reading it, Freud’s comment about melancholics: they very often speak in the third…


February 4, 2016

He could catch the wisp out of the corner of the eye, where the boojums lived…


January 26, 2016

He had been reading…slowly surely–a book of essays  ruminating on the similarities (and presumably differences) between…

Thornton Dial dead

January 26, 2016

damn I ws sorry to hear that…his work often revealed  the gravitas of an american anselm…